Liechtenstein Post tracking

Liechtenstein Post tracking

If you have ever had to ship with Liechtenstein Post, but you had a question you could not solve, and you could not send your shipment, you can forget that. Because below we will give you all the necessary information about the Liechtenstein Post parcel delivery system and their tracking service.
So do not stop reading below, because you will know everything you need to learn about the Liechtenstein Post tracking. And any information related to this company you need to know and much more.

What is the Liechtenstein Post?

Liechtenstein Post is a postal service of the Principality of Liechtenstein established in 2000. Currently, they claim to be a modern service company in the shipping market. With a sustainable and innovative vision, they handle postal mail, parcel, courier, logistics, finance, and digital services in Liechtenstein.
As a replacement for the former dominant logistics company, this company was born to modernize shipping and parcel services in the principality. Since then, they are always at the forefront of offering solutions to their clients with great enthusiasm.
Besides, among its work culture, the priority of this company is entrepreneurship, and reliability for its clients. In this way, they have managed to be a respected and appreciated company among their customers.

How can I track my package from the Liechtenstein Post?

The Liechtenstein Post tracking system is quite simple to use. Just like any other tracking system you may have known, you have to go to the company's official website in the "Shipping Tracking" section.
There, you will have the options of mail tracking, and the shipping service providers you have selected, in case of international shipments.
To track packages in the principality, all you have to do is write your Liechtenstein Post tracking number in the blank space. With this, you can start an online tracking of your package, or if you have made a shipment with this courier service, check if the recipient has received the package.
Below, you will see the option to choose a service provider, with postal services such as Die Post, TNT, and GLS. This section is for packages sent to or from other countries. So, by selecting an option, the page will redirect to the official websites of these companies. On which, you can track the shipment and know the Liechtenstein Post shipping time of your package.
Finally, at the bottom of the page, you will have some options for tracking letters and packages for Austria and Germany. These will direct you to the services of the Austrian post office, Deutsche Post and DHL Germany. Which are part of the Liechtenstein Post parcel delivery services.

How much does it cost to ship with Liechtenstein Post?

Liechtenstein Post shipping price depends on many factors, as with any logistics company. Therefore, we will divide this section into prices for shipments in Liechtenstein, and prices for international parcels.
First, shipments in the principality vary depending on the type of package. That is why envelopes and documents up to 250g can cost between 0.53 to 5.30 Swiss francs, while the parcel service ranges from 2 to 6.30 Swiss francs, for packages from 1g to 1000g. Also, the additional grams are charged at a special price.
Second, they have international shipments within Europe in economy class from 1.40 to 3.60 Swiss francs. While the express service for priority shipments ranges from 1.50 to 25 Swiss francs, depending on the weight of the package.
So, shipments to other countries outside the European Union can have Liechtenstein Post shipping fees between 1.50 to 42 Swiss francs. Of course, depending on the destination, shipping method, and weight of the package.
Do not forget that international prices do not cover import taxes, customs duties, or other additional charges. So you should know the inspection fees, and other prices that apply in your country or the destination country of the package. Also, all of these processes can interfere with the Liechtenstein Post shipping time.

Does Liechtenstein Post deliver internationally?

Of course, Liechtenstein Post service ships throughout the European Union and other countries. They use connections with post offices in other countries, such as Switzerland and Germany, to get your parcels to where you want. And you can also receive packages from other places, with this logistics service is very easy for any kind of person.

How long to receive my package with the Liechtenstein Post?

The Liechtenstein Post shipping time is something that depends on the priority of the shipping method you have selected. In this way, shipments made within the principality should not have any problems. So, you should be receiving your package between 2 to 5 business days.
While the packages received in countries of the European Union, or anywhere else in the world, may have to wait for 5 to 30 business days. All this depending on the shipping method, priority, and customs matters related to the destination countries. In the same way, you can be sure that you can use the Liechtenstein Post tracking to know where your package is.

How do I contact Liechtenstein Post?

Do you need more info? Then do not hesitate to contact Liechtenstein Post customer service directly. You can be sure that the best professionals will assist you. They will be at your disposal to receive any type of questions, complaints, and suggestions about the Liechtenstein Post tracking number.
Then, you can use the email to contact them, through Or you can fill out the Advice and Contact form found on the website. Likewise, the company's website is available to answer any questions about the Liechtenstein Post parcel delivery. Because it has several sections in which you will find important information.
You can also contact them through their exclusive telephone number for customers in Liechtenstein: +423 399 44 44. And, finally, you can go to any of the offices located in the principality during working hours. So you can use your Liechtenstein Post tracking number to get information about your parcel at their offices.

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