Latvijas Pasts tracking

Latvijas Pasts tracking

What is Latvijas Pasts?

Latvijas Pasts is a public company fully controlled by the Latvian government and is responsible for the control and proper functioning of most of the country's postal services. Its headquarters are located in the city of Riga, which was created on January 2, 1992, after the country gained its independence.
Among a wide variety of postal services, Latvijas Pasts tracking service is highly respected and admired by other postal companies in the region. Due to the good quality of its virtual tracking system, Latvijas Pasts has decided to renew and improve most of its services in recent years. 
However, Latvia's postal history dates back to many years before its independence. In fact, before independence, postal services were managed and operated by private companies that later became part of the public administration of the Latvian government. During its establishment, Latvijas Pasts was registered as a non-profit joint-stock company, and later on, it aimed to dominate a large part of Latvia's postal market. 
The first postal services to arrive in the country were from the 13th century, specifically in 1580, when the country was an integrated part of a vast territory that was controlled by the former Russian Czar's empire. Over time, the postal services underwent different processes of renewal and modernization. By 1965, when the former Soviet Union was at its height, one of the most important and modern post offices in the region was built in Riga. With the arrival of independence in 1992, the post office, and all postal services went through a process of complete renovation. The old post office in Riga is rebuilt as the headquarters of Latvijas Pasts. 
In 2014, Latvijas Pasts was part of one of the most important political and economic processes in the country. By that year, the Latvian government says it will change its official currency, the lats, to the official currency of the European Union, the euro. For this transition, Latvijas Pasts decided to provide its banking and money transfer services so that users could make the transition correctly. During more than 3 months, more than 300 post offices of the company were used for this process.
After Latvia entered the European Union, Latvijas Pasts began to experience significant changes that have benefited the company economically. In fact, with the integration of the Euro as a local currency, Latvijas Pasts has become an exemplary and respected company throughout the region, due to the excellent quality of its services. 

How do I track my Latvijas Pasts parcel?

Users can use Latvijas Pasts tracking service through a modern virtual system that can be found on its official website. The system has the peculiarity of allowing the tracking of packages in any part of the country. 
However, Latvijas Pasts international tracking system can only provide real-time data for certain countries, such as Germany, United States, Spain, France, Japan, Russia, and nationally. 
The Latvijas Pasts tracking number can only be purchased once the user has completed all the corresponding payment procedures. It is also very important that users complete all delivery procedures, and that postal orders are approved by the company. 

Does Latvijas Pasts deliver internationally?

All the postal services offered by Latvijas Pasts can be carried out not only in the national territory but also to international destinations. Because Latvia is an active and respected member of the European Union, many domestic companies, such as Latvijas Pasts, develop close relations that are important to their interests. For this reason, all the Latvijas Pasts delivery services to most European countries are run reliably and efficiently.
Latvijas Pasts has excellent relations with all the countries that make up the Balkan Peninsula. The best postal services are executed safely and efficiently, and with the best prices in the national market. Besides, Latvijas Pasts can receive, send, and deliver postal orders from more than 193 countries around the world.

How long does it take to Latvijas Pasts to deliver?

Depending on the destination, delivery times can change significantly. For domestic deliveries and deliveries to countries on the Balkan Peninsula, Latvijas Pasts shipping time is excellent. With the use of standard postal services, the approximate delivery time, for the entire national territory, is 2 to 3 working days. With the use of EMS postal services, the approximate time is 24 hours. For countries in the Balkan Peninsula, it takes approximately 1 or 2 working days.
However, it is different internationally:

  • For deliveries to countries in Europe, such as the United Kingdom, delivery times vary between 12 to 15 working days.
  • For countries in other continents, such as the United States or Brazil, the approximate delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks.
  • To countries in Asia, it takes 3 to 4 weeks.
  • For deliveries to countries in Africa, the approximate time is between 14 to 16 working days.

It is important to mention that Latvijas Pasts guarantees that with the use of the EMS service, postal orders can arrive within 3 to 4 working days, regardless of the country of destination.

Is Latvijas Pasts expensive?

Latvijas Pasts shipping costs can vary due to several factors, such as weight, destination, and type of transportation. For domestic deliveries, the approximate price is 4 dollars. With the use of EMS service, the average price is 6 dollars.

  • For deliveries to Balkan countries, the approximate price of the tariff is 10 dollars.
  • To European countries, such as France or the United Kingdom, the average price is 19 dollars.
  • For countries on the African continent, it is 32 dollars.
  • For countries in other continents, such as the United States, China, or Brazil, the average cost is 40 dollars.

How can I contact Latvijas Pasts?

On the official website, customers can get all the Latvijas Pasts contact details, like official phone numbers and emails. Also, the website offers the opportunity to locate each of the company's post offices, through a GPS.
Besides, the clients can not only fill out forms for queries, complaints, or suggestions but also request the Latvijas Pasts EMS tracking service, which can be used through the information phone number.

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