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This German marketplace focuses on providing a good space for merchants so they can sell their products throughout the country. Likewise, it’s a page that also offers thousands of products and varied categories for the German clientele to choose from. This page is Yatego Germany, which we will know in-depth.
But even more importantly, we will learn about their shipping policies, their costs and package arrival times. In addition to other important information that every Yatego customer would like to know.

What is Yatego?

Yatego defines itself as a cyber-mall where a large number of merchants can sell their products. In this way, sellers have their small virtual stores hosted on this website. While consumers can buy within the website by simply registering and searching for the products they want.
This initiative was formed in 2003 in Germany, so it has been on the web since that date. Which is pretty impressive. With a good reputation, a variety of articles and options, it’s a website that represents a great facility for the German market when it comes to online shopping. Since the platform offers a good way to make these purchases.
By simply adding the products to the shopping cart, customers can proceed to checkout and wait for their items to be shipped. In this way, it’s very easy for the German public to sell, buy and market products nationwide.

How can I track my parcel from Yatego?

To track your Yatego order or know the status of your package, you have to communicate specifically with the retailer. That is, the supplier of the product you have purchased. In this way, the shipment number is provided by the retailer. This information should reach your email or in the messages section in at least 3 days maximum.
If the traced information has not yet reached you, this may mean that the seller hasn’t processed the sale. So we recommend that you contact him directly to solve this problem. On the other hand, if it has provided you with a Yatego tracking number, but you can’t locate your product with the selected company it may be because the logistics company may not have processed your package yet.
In the same way, we recommend you to try to be patient, and if this continues to persist for the next three days, it’s best to consult the transporter. The easiest way to track your package would be to use the Ship24 platform.

Does Yatego only deliver in Germany?

This totally depends on the shipping conditions that the supplier has. In this way we can assure you that some sellers do Yatego international shipping. while others are only dedicated to national shipments in Germany. Therefore, it’s something that you should check before making your purchase in the "Delivery Conditions".
This information can be found on the right side of the product page. Or you can also get it on the supplier's store page. So make sure if you’re planning to ship Yatego to countries other than Germany. And if you've already bought and discovered that your supplier doesn't ship internationally, don't worry. Make an agreement with the seller. There is nothing that a conversation can’t help.

How long does it take to receive my Yatego package?

The Yatego shipping time for packages also depends on the provider. Each retailer has its delivery times. Some take longer than others, while others always prioritize shipping as quickly as possible. Similarly, you can find out this information directly on the product page.
Just below the price, you’ll know the estimated delivery time for the region where you live. On the other hand, you should take into account that, if you have bought several items from several sellers on Yatego, it is possible that you’ll receive a separate delivery in different periods. Since Yatego doesn’t centralize the packages, but all are sent from the different points where the retailers are located.
Likewise, delivery times may vary depending on the company selected by the seller. Finally, if you have noticed that the maximum delivery time proposed by the seller has expired, don’t hesitate to contact him or contact Yatego customer service to resolve this problem.

Are Yatego shipping fees expensive?

Yatego shipping fees are set individually by each Yatego retailer. In other words, sellers must rely on the product range, its specifications, and the product's destination to establish the estimated delivery cost. Likewise, this amount can be found on the product page. It’s just below the asking price. 
You can also know the shipping costs of the retailer by accessing their virtual store or in the delivery conditions of the item. Therefore, whether these costs are expensive or not is entirely up to the seller. It’s quite difficult to determine considering the wide variety of categories and different products that are in Yatego, so make sure you know well the shipping costs and other additional costs by the suppliers of the products you want to buy on this website, besides contacting the suppliers after the purchase.

How to contact Yatego?

If you have any questions about an item or delivery process, we recommend that you select the option to "Contact the dealer" by clicking on the link to the right of the product you want. This also applies if you want to obtain information after having processed the purchase of the item.
On the other hand, if you haven’t received your item on the scheduled date and the supplier hasn’t contacted you, we recommend that you obtain the contact form with the subject of "Complaint". In this way, you’ll communicate with the Yatego customer service in a much easier way. Likewise, you have the following contact methods if you haven’t gotten a response with the previous methods:

So, if you have any questions regarding Yatego services, don't be afraid to contact this store. Use the customer service contact methods we’ve given you and you’ll resolve any issues.

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