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What is TVC Mall?

Technology has advanced very quickly in the past years. For this reason, it is a little bit hard to be always pending where to get the latest technology. However, you do not have to worry anymore because there is an online store where you can find all the technological accessories that you need.
This fantastic online store is TVC Mall that was created in 2008. Since that year, we can find a TVC Mall online with a huge catalog of accessories for your electronic devices. Their evolution from that year until now has been very surprising because they have increased their amount of users registered by over 1.500.000.
Their 12 years of experience have made them create a speedy, efficient, and intelligent process for all their users can buy their products without any problem. To make these promises a reality, TVC Mall counts on more than 500 cooperative suppliers like Lemonda Smart, Love Mei, Enkay, Amorus, and more.
Without any doubt, we can say that TVC Mall is one of the online stores with the biggest catalog of electronic accessories. It does not matter if you are looking for an ecologic case for your cellphone or a smartwatch because you are going to find exactly what you want in this online shop.

Is TVC Mall legit?

If you are the kind of person that enjoys buying online, you probably are very careful at the time to buy in an online shop. After all, the probabilities that you can be a victim of a con exist.
For this reason, it is understandable that you would like to take precautions before starting to buy in an online store. With TVC Mall, you do not have to worry because they are a legit company dedicated to providing to all their users the highest quality of accessories.
Like all companies on the internet, TVC Mall has its problems, and some users are not entirely satisfied with the platform. However, even though they have bad reviews on some platforms, they also keep a valuation of over 4 points.

Where is TVC Mall located?

Another information that we need to know before buying in any online shop is its localization. The TVC Mall location is in China. It is a very convenient localization because China is a very productive country specializing in development technology.
In this way, the production of all the accessories of TVC Mall has the quality that represents China. But, sometimes only know the name of the country is not enough. Most of the curious users would like to know the specific place where this company is. For this reason, we want to provide that information for that kind of user. TVC Mall is specifically located in the Longgang district of Shenzhen, Guangdong.

How can I track my TVC Mall parcel?

One of the most important factors, when you buy from a sales platform like TVC Mall, is the tracking service that the company can offer. The TVC Mall tracking is not too different from the tracking services of other companies. 
When you purchase on their website, they will send you some digital TVC Mall coupon sometimes, but most importantly, you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number. Then, according to the stage of your parcel, you will be able to find in the tracking section the different places where your packages are, just by logging in to the TVC Mall Website.
If you have not made payment for your purchase, you can track your services from the section of My orders. But, if you paid it all, you can go to the section “Shipped”. In this section, you are going to see the different statuses of this tracking service, and also the simplicity of the process. We have to remember that the tracking number is the key to know the status of your parcels.
The tracking service of TVC Mall is going to help you to eventually take a look at the status of the different accessories that you buy in this online shop. With TVC Mall, to buy the accessories of your electronic devices without fear is possible.

Does TVC Mall deliver worldwide?

The fact that TVC Mall is a company that is located in China does not mean that they only make deliveries to this country. Otherwise, TVC Mall has worldwide coverage when we talk about deliver accessories for electronic devices.
Within the parts of the world that TVC Mall delivers its products, we can mention Southeast Asia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and others. Practically, it does not matter the part of the world you are in because TVC Mall can deliver the product you want. For this reason, you only have to check their catalogs and make your purchase without care about where you are.

How long does it take for TVC Mall to deliver?

The delivery time will depend almost exclusively on the package's destination and the company that makes the delivery. The minimum time is two days, and the maximum time is 45 days. Among the different companies that work with TVC Mall, the delivery company that has the shortest delivery time is FEDEX.

Are TVC Mall shipping prices expensive?

In the same way as the shipping time, the shipping prices will depend on the kind of delivery company and the destination. However, the shipping prices are not high in most shipping companies that work with TVC Mall. Indeed, you also can count on a TVC Mall free shipping for some products and some destinations. You only have to check which products and companies offer this service.

How can I contact TVC Mall?

Logically, everyone wants to know the TVC Mall phone number because it is the easiest way to contact this company's staff and solve your doubts. For this reason, we want to provide you these numbers. The main contact number is 0086 28416521, you can also contact them on their WhatsApp number 0033 615139178. In this way.

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