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Truegether offers its customers maximum convenience by bringing together a host of retailers who handle excellent quality products in categories that include Fashion, Home & Garden Automobiles, Electronic Equipment, Health & Beauty, Games, among others.
Customers will always have the possibility of accessing original and excellent quality products at low costs.

What is Truegether?

Truegether Marketplace is an e-commerce platform that was founded in 2012. TrueGether defines itself as a social marketplace because this platform works without charge, to allow buyers to access the lowest prices on products of proven quality and durability.
TrueGether works every day to offer sellers an open space where they can achieve greater levels of visibility for their products and thus expand their sales.
TrueGether is also characterized by the use of marketing tools and artificial intelligence that has a positive impact on the promotion of its thousands of items. The main objective will always be to maximize sales.

Is Truegether reliable?

On this platform, users are encouraged to use common sense and to be cautious about vendor profiles before making a purchase. A prior investigation of the customer's reputation and a comparison of the prices of the item they wish to purchase will help them stay free of scams.
Each vendor within the platform has a public social profile, on which the customer can perform a Truegether review; to obtain information about their performance and customer satisfaction with their services.
However, the customer must have the guarantee that each purchase will be protected by payment methods, which include Paypal, Amazon and credit and debit cards.
In this regard, it is of utmost importance that the customer knows that TrueGether does not intervene in the customer's disbursement process, nor does it collect or process funds. Buyer protection is guaranteed by their payment processor: credit or debit cards, Paypal or Amazon.
If you have paid for a product and it has not been sent to you, TrueGether recommends that you contact the seller. Sellers will cooperate in a very good spirit to resolve any issues. It is recommended that the customer offer them the flexibility to solve any issues in the shortest possible time.
In the event that the customer is not satisfied, they can file a dispute with the payment processor to recover their investment. Each of the payment processors offered by TrueGether guarantees the buyer protection programs.

How do  I track my Truegether order?

Once the customer has processed their payment, the status should be reflected as "Paid" on your page next to the product description. Only then will the seller start the shipping process, as indicated by the customer within this section.
In order for you as a customer to be able to track my Truegether order, the seller will send you an email with a Truegether tracking number; which you can keep up to date on the progress of the shipment.
TrueGether also recommends that its sellers mark the item as "shipped" in the "sold list" on your profile page. For high-value items, the shipment has to be sent with a "signature required" by the time of delivery.
The customer will have the option to classify the experience with its seller, in the social profile. This helps other customers to be clearer about the reputation of vendors, rating them as reliable or not.

Is Truegether delivery fast?

TrueGether website sellers typically ship the item within 1-3 days after the transaction, for those listings that are not selected for "Pickup Only.
Items that are marked, “For pickup only", imply a previous agreement between the seller and the buyer to make the delivery in a time agreed by both parties. Those goods that are not physical as such and that can be delivered by electronic means will be sent once the buyer is sure that the item has been paid for.
The seller will send the goods to its customers through different couriers, among which we mention: FedEx, USPS and UPS. It is therefore important that the customer is always aware that Truegether shipping time is not established by the platform and therefore TrueGether as such does not get involved in the shipping process.

Does TrueGether deliver internationally?

TrueGether sellers can provide their Truegether online shopping service to customers outside the US. However, as stated above, both the shipping methods, including the means of transport, as well as the Truegether shipping prices are at the discretion of the seller. TrueGether as an online sales platform only provides the contact space.
In any case, TrueGether will always be available to the customer to assist him/her in the event of any inconvenience; although the recommendation prevails that the first contact is made directly with the seller, as this is the person who has the domain over any purchase or shipping process.

What are TrueGether shipping costs?

Truegether shipping prices are set by the seller. Therefore,  it is a direct process between the vendor and the customer. TrueGether does not handle or process any kind of shipping.

How do I contact Truegether?

For customers and sellers who need to contact Truegether customer service, the following e-mail address is available: https://www.truegether.com/contactus.html
However, this e-commerce platform recommends that users, if they have a question about their purchase or Truegether package, contact the seller directly, as he is the right person to answer their doubts. In any case, it is the sellers and not TrueGether who is responsible for carrying out all the processes linked to the delivery of the product.
Customers can contact the seller in two ways:
Internal messaging system, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Send message" link on the seller's public profile page
The other way is to click on "ask a question" a link that you will find on any of the pages that promote the items of that specific seller.
If you don't get an answer within 48 hours, you can contact TrueGether directly via the email address provided at the beginning, there is no Truegether phone number.
For more information about TrueGether's product range and processes, visit their website at https://www.truegether.com/ or access the Truegether app directly from the convenience of your phone or tablet.

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