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Virtual stores have changed the way of marketing for several years. Today you can find thousands of e-commerce platforms all over the world. However, the ones that stand out the most are those in more developed countries, such as the United States and many of the countries in the United Kingdom. Trouva is one of the best and most complete e-commerce platforms in the UK. So large and popular is this store that thousands of people have taken advantage of its Trouva promo code to buy gifts and personal items.

What is Trouva?

As described on its website, Trouva is an e-commerce platform where thousands of people can find "lucky finds". It is a place that brings together different boutiques from all over the UK to offer their products to the general public.
In Trouva, you can find different clothing brands from different countries, with particular styles and exclusive origins. In addition, all the products offered on the online platform are a reflection of what can be found in the physical premises of the different boutiques, so you can go in person to visit the store and learn more about the product.

Is Trouva Safe?

Initially, Trouva was not able to convey confidence to its salespeople because they had no way of proving that their products were of certified quality. After different strategies and recommended suggestions, the team finally managed to transmit the confidence they needed and achieved exponential growth in less than 6 months.
Trouva makes sure to verify the identity of each vendor using specific identity verification methods. All registered users must pass these security tests in order to sell, buy, or even receive a gift. Sellers' bank details are also verified to prove that they are real accounts.
In addition, the site has a cancellation and settlement policy that all advertisers must comply with. Each publication is reviewed to ensure that it complies with established standards and parameters. In the event that an ad does not meet any of the conditions, it will be suspended and the person who placed it will be notified with a warning.

How do I track my Trouva parcel?

Trouva shipping tracking is a tool that allows you to track your packages from the same website. Trouva emails the information related to the purchase made and various details pertinent to track. In addition, each buyer can check the status of their order through the shopping section of their profile on the Trouva website. In the email, you will also find the Trouva tracking number with which you can track your order by logging into the Courier website or through the Trouver itself.
In the event that the buyer and seller have agreed to ship via a specific Courier, the seller must provide the Trouva tracking number to the buyer so that the buyer can track the shipment from the Courier's website directly, or can also do so through the Ship24 portal.

Where does Trouva ship from?

All the boutiques that offer their garments and other accessories through Trouva are established in various countries in the United Kingdom. Therefore, all products purchased through the commercial digital platform will be shipped directly from the country where the corresponding boutique is located.
In the event that several products have been purchased from different boutiques, then each product will leave the corresponding country where the boutique is located. It is important that all the customs charges are paid by the buyer, so you should keep that in mind when you make the purchase.

Does Trouva ship outside Europe?

Indeed, many Trouva boutiques offer Trouva international delivery. Most of these international shipments are made by sea, and although currently few destinations are covered by the platform, it is investigating to offer their shipments to more and more countries.
It is also important to consider that many products may not have Trouva international delivery. So if you are in another country, then you should make sure that the product can get to where you are and avoid returns.

How long does Trouva take to ship?

Trouva has as one of its purposes to guarantee its deliveries within the United Kingdom within a period of 3 to 5 business days. You can also track your Trouva parcel at all times to verify the location of your packages. If you are in the UK and 6 days pass and you have not received your product, you can contact customer service to find out what has happened to your product shipment. However, Trouva has an excellent record of product delivery and guarantees that the established times are met.

What are Trouva shipping costs?

Trouva can ship its products to different parts of the world, and through different types of shipping. In addition, all Trouva shipping fees may vary depending on the destination, the size of the package, and the type of shipment selected by the buyer. Some sellers may offer free shipping services, but some conditions must also be met.
In Trouva Help Center you can consult all the shipping rates according to the country they are going to and categorized in the different types of shipping. In each one there is detailed and precise information about the destinations and other services that each one of them could cover. We recommend that you investigate these Trouva shipping fees before making any purchase so that you have an estimate of what shipping your products might cost.

How can I contact Trouva customer care?

Currently, Trouva customer care team is available to answer any questions, queries, or suggestions through the official website in the Help Center. On this site, you can also find all the information about the store, as well as forums, FAQs, and other contact methods.
If you have any questions about an order, you can visit the review section of your order and get detailed information about the current status of your order. But in case you want to ask a question you can contact us directly from your Account section. The Help Center and Customer Service center is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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