Submarino tracking

Submarino tracking

What is Submarino?

Submarino Brazil is an online retail company in South America. Forming part of B2W with another company called Americanas. They have been offering online sales to everyone in Brazil for a few years ago.
One of the fundamental things that make this company great is without a doubt their prices, delivery time, and their efficient tracking system that will let you know where your packages are in any moment and situation.
With time, they have become a solid company in the business, selling over R$4.6 billion per year. They count with an amazing staff that will offer you the service that you deserve at any moment.

How can I track my parcel from Submarino?

Submarino tracking service is efficient. You can know everything about your package from the exact moment when this retail company sends the parcel. For this, you will need the order that contains the tracking number.
To track your Submarino order, you can use the Ship24 platform. You just need to put your Submarino tracking number in the tracking bar located on the homepage. It will allow you to know all the information about your package in just a few seconds, the current location of your package, the delivery status and the next steps of the delivery. This will reduce your worries, knowing that your package is on its way to your place.

How long does shipping take from Submarino?

The Submarino shipping service usually works from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. That means that they only send your packages on business days, so do not expect them to arrive during the weekends.
The company usually takes from 1 to 3 days to deliver your package at your house in all the national territory. However, the website also has an option that allows you to choose when you want to get your package. You can set a specific date and also a specific hour. This is great because you can set it for a moment that you know you will be in your house, so the mail carrier will not have to come the next time. This makes the Submarino delivery time one of the fastest inside Brazil.
They also have a service called atomic shipping, if you select this one inside Brazil you will receive your package the same day if you make your order before 12:00 hours, it will be at your place before 10 pm the same day if it is a business day. This is the fastest service of the company, offered to all the Brazilians.
For international shipping they can last more, you can expect packages to arrive in North America and South America in at least 2 weeks. For countries where the distance is bigger, like in the European and Asian continent, it can take a month for your package to arrive. This is because they need the help of other associated companies to send their packages, and it can slow the process sometimes when the packages need to travel to another continent.
There can also be some delays with your package because of external factors like transportation availability and climate conditions.

How much is shipping for Submarino?

Submarino shipping fees may vary depending on many factors, the main ones are the weight, size, and the final destination.
For local shipping services, they are very affordable to all the population in Brazil. Allowing you to get all their products with an acceptable shipment cost. For example, to some locations inside Brazil, they will charge you 30 BRL that is something like $5.50 USD. However, you must take into consideration that the prices will be higher depending on the sizes and weight of the products.
International prices are higher, to send a package to the United States, the prices are around 200 BRL, that would be around $35 USD. You should also know that they will last a bit to arrive at that place.

What company does Submarino use to deliver?

They count with their own associated company to make the shipping of their products inside Brazil. Their employees can go even three times to the location if they can’t reach you the first time. For international shipping, they usually use the EMS service if you need the package in a hurry.

Does Submarino ship internationally?

Yes, they do. Submarino Brazil can send your packages to every destination around the world. They will get everything you want at your house’s door.
They deliver everything to many destinations across the continents. For this, they use air and sea routes to get them to your place. One of the salient features of this company right now is that they are exporting many products to Asia, especially to China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand.
Therefore, remember that their shipping time may be a bit slower compared to other retail companies, but you can rely on them and know that all your packages will arrive in pristine conditions to your place.
As we said above, remember that the international shipping costs are significantly higher than the national ones. Use their services and get all the things that you have always wanted from Submarino.

How can I contact Submarino?

If you have any problem with your products, shipping, or questions about the Submarino services, you can always contact them through the Submarino phone number, which is 4003-5544 if you are inside Brazil’s national territory.
For international issues, you can always contact them on their official website There, they have a Submarino customer service chat where they will help you to solve everything related to their services and conditions. You can also opt to send them an email at where their agents will be glad to help you out.
If you have a major problem, you can always visit their principal office located in Rua Sacadura Cabral, 102, Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil. There, they will offer you a personalized customer service that will surpass your expectations.

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