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In the United States and around the world, there are people who are fanatics of different items and treasure hunters. Usually, these people go through pawn stores and old warehouses to find those items that are so precious to them. However, this type of market has also shifted to digital media and Shopgoogwill.com is a clear example of this. Shopgoodwill.com auction brings together millions of people to offer all kinds of items to the highest bidders.
On Shopgoodwill.com you can find many antiques and collectible items, both new and older items in excellent condition.

What is Shopgoodwill.com?

Shopgoodwill.com is the first digital e-commerce platform developed and operated under non-profit ownership. This platform is a digital branch of the Goodwill organizations that operate throughout the United States and Canada, collecting and auctioning items from different categories; antiques, art, jewelry, collectibles, electronics, and much more.
Because the organization is dedicated to non-profit service, it focuses on helping people find new job opportunities and grow their potential with more work. In addition, many of the Shopgoodwill.com auctions are to raise funds for different programs and services for people with disabilities, including vocational training programs, financial literacy, and other areas.

How can I track my order from Shopgoodwill.Com?

Although most products obtained from shopgoogwill.com are shipped by independent sellers, they have a Shopgoodwill.com tracking number that allows auctioneers to know the location of your package once the order is confirmed.
To track your package you can do it from the website of the company in charge of the transport, or from the user section in shopggoodwill.com. In the “My Account” section, you will find a tab of Sent Orders, which will display a list with the tracking numbers of your sent packages. By clicking on the Shopgoodwill.com tracking number you will be redirected to the shipper's website where all the information about the location of your package will be displayed.
If you already have your tracking number, you can put it in the search bar of the Ship24 website.

How long does Shopgoodwill.Comtake to ship?

All Shopgoodwill.com shipping can vary in different cases, depending on the shipping company and the conditions set by the seller or buyer. However, Shopgoodwill.com ensures to send the products within 5 working days once the payment is confirmed.
It is important that buyers are aware of the fact that shipments are not made directly by Shopgoodwill, but that the seller will establish the terms of this. The platform is only in charge of supervising the process and that the terms and conditions established by them are fulfilled.

How can I sell on Shopgoodwill.Com?

Before choosing to become a vendor on this platform, it is our duty to inform you that vendor services are only available to non-profit organizations that are willing to donate to social aid programs. The general public cannot be a vendor on this platform. Organizations that choose to sell on this platform must comply with established guidelines, and help education programs, and different programs that suffer from different needs.
In addition, only with the Shopgoodwill.com login, you will already be collaborating with any of these organizations. Thousands of people with disabilities and different barriers have received great help thanks to the services of this digital platform.

What are Shopgoodwill.Com shipping costs?

Shopgoodwill.com shipping fees can be set by the vendor's location or by a rate calculator on the shipping company's website, which evaluates the weight, dimensions, and size of the box to calculate the shipping cost.
To learn more about Shopgoodwill.com shipping fees, you can research the most popular courier websites and get a better idea of how much your shipment might cost to reach its final destination. You can also ask the seller if they know the estimated prices of the shipments before making the purchase, as they may not have the budget, or the destination is not covered by the carrier.

Does Shopgoodwill.Comdeliver Internationally?

Thanks to the international transport services of different couriers in the country, it is possible to take shopgoowill.com packages to other countries around the world. However, Shopgoodwill.com international delivery is clearly linked to the transport company, so the seller must indicate in the description of your product whether or not it can ship to other countries.
One option to consider for buyers from other countries is to have an account with a carrier in the United States, such as MyUs.com to take care of the shipping to the destination country. It is important to know that international shipping rates imply higher expenses, freight charges, and taxes.

How can I contact Shopgoodwill.Com?

Contacting Shopgoowill.com is really easy and can be done in different ways. To start with, all shopgoodwill.com users and visitors can find a lot of information in the Help Center of the official website of the platform. You will also find the FAQ section which could be really useful to find the answer to any question you may have.
In case you have a question or inquiry about a specific item, you can contact the seller directly through the option "Contact the seller" in the “Item Details” section. This is the quickest way to contact a seller. If you prefer to ask the question in another way, it may take longer to get an answer.
If you wish to use Shopgoodwill.com customer service you must make sure to complete the form with your real data, as well as the username, article/order number, or any other relevant data.
Another contact option is the e-mail, which you can use to make any questions or suggestions about the platform or even to comment on an article. You can write to support@shopgoodwill.com for any questions or comments about your account or the site, or to info@shopgoodwill.com if you are a non-profit organization and want to participate as a seller.
In any case, Shopwillgood.com will always be notifying you about all the movements, comments and requests you make from your account. If you have written suggestions, or have had problems with any order, please contact us so that your situation is resolved as soon as possible and can enjoy a good experience.

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