Ricardo tracking

Ricardo tracking

In this article, we’ll answer some specific questions about Ricardo packages tracking. In this way, Ricardo.ch is a European company that is responsible for the development of buying and selling sites through the web. So, if you have any questions about the services of this company, you can possibly answer them by reading below.
You’ll find that there are some aspects that you should take into account when opting for this marketing website if you’re from Europe and you’re looking for this type of service to sell or buy items quickly and without any problems. You may find a good place to do this type of transaction, so let’s begin!

What is Ricardo.ch?

Ricardo Switzerland or Ricardo Group is a company created in Switzerland initially under the name auktion24.ch. It had its first beginnings in 1999 and today, it specializes in the acquisition and development of sales sites in Europe. Therefore, it regulates transactions related to sales at fixed prices, classified ads, or auctions.
In the same way, as a company, they intend to offer the greatest number of clients a comfortable platform to find and offer auctions, as well as a trading site for the purchase and sale of second-hand products. So they claim to be the most reliable online marketplace in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe, with a very good reputation beforehand.
In Ricardo, everything that a person has forgotten can become something of use for another. So this company, proudly modeled in Switzerland, offers its clientele not only a webspace but an application to find and offer used and second-hand items. And the best, without any interest rate when placing the article, only when it has been sold.

How do I track my order from Ricardo?

The customer can find his tracking number directly on his profile on Ricardo. You just have to go to your user panel and find the section that shows the offers and purchases that you have made. The Ricardo tracking number for all your purchases that have not been received should appear there.
Sellers can also review the tracking number. Like buyers, they just have to go to the user panel and select the option of the products they have sold. However, the shipping company through which the dispatch is made should issue an email with that number for tracking from its website. Likewise, tracking shouldn't be a problem, because packages usually arrive so soon that you won't even notice how much time has passed. You can also use our platform Ship24 for your Ricardo tracking.

Does Ricardo deliver only in Europe?

Unfortunately, yes, but that doesn’t mean that the Ricardo delivery system doesn’t have excellent service on its continent. Especially in its home country, in Switzerland, where there is a large auction and sales community who prefer this platform to carry out their commercial transactions safely. At the same time, customers prefer it to have good support when making a purchase on the web.
So Ricardo international shipping service may only limit itself to European countries, but it has such a good reputation locally that it makes up for this small limitation. Also, being one of the best options to buy and sell on the web throughout Europe.

Are there shipping fees when I buy on Ricardo?

Ricardo shipping fees are charged directly to the seller's Ricardo account at the time the package is picked up at the postal company. So, the buyer can enjoy the Ricardo free shipping service thanks to this excellent system. In this way, the rates depend on the weight and dimensions of the merchandise:

  • For example, for items between 0 and 2 kilograms, the corresponding duty is CHF 7.00 to CHF 9.00.
  • For items from 2 to 10 kilograms, the rates vary between CHF 9.70 to 10.70.
  • While packages weighing between 10 to 30 kilograms will have a tariff that can vary between CHF 20.50 to CHF 23.00.
  • On the other hand, there are special rates for bulky goods from 0 to 30 kilograms, the maximum dimensions accepted by the post office being 250cm long.

If the dimensions or the allowed weight are exceeding, the seller will have to pay a surcharge that can vary between CHF 110.00 to CHF 150.00. On the other hand, Ricardo also has the option of shipping through DHL Domestic Express, a faster but slightly more expensive option to send only packages.
In this case, the rates depend on the weight of the packages, and can vary:

  • CHF 8.50 for shipments between 0 and 2 kilograms
  • CHF 19.00 for shipments up to 25 kilograms.

But it has the advantage that the company is responsible for insurance in case of damage during shipping.

Is the delivery fast on Ricardo?

Ricardo has an alliance with the Swiss Post, so the delivery service is particularly fast. From the moment the seller delivers the package to the shipping company until the same package is sent to its corresponding destination. However, this company is also in collaboration with DHL Domestic Express.
It’s a much faster local delivery company, which also promises that the package sent by the seller is received the same day it is dispatched. The delivery time of the product is entirely up to the seller.

How do I contact Ricardo customer care?

You can access Ricardo ch contact for customer service by submitting a request directly from the website. In which you will have to fill in a series of data with the question or the problem you have had on the platform. However, if you enter that section of the website you will find that there are a series of frequently asked questions in which your problem and the appropriate solution may be found.
You can also follow them on their social networks, where you may find up-to-date information about their services and policies. On the other hand, the company also has a customer service phone line for customers in Switzerland, which costs CHF 1 per minute. The Ricardo ch contact number is the following: 0900950950.

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