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The online world makes the process of sales easier, but it does not mean that it does not have its complications. As we can see, online sales let us get access to any kind of product around the world. But, in most cases, online stores are very far away from our country. That makes the shipping time very prolonged and exhausting.
Besides, it is more difficult to try to contact those stores if someone has gone wrong. Also, there are some products that we only can find in our country, and it is more simple to order online. For this reason, there is a company in Russia that listens to the request of thousands of Russian users and develops a platform in which they can make their purchases.
We are talking about Pandao, but probably you want to know more about this company and about all the benefits that it offers. As well as necessary to know if there is a Pandao international shipping service for all the users that want to buy Russian products.

What is Pandao?

In the first place, we need to know what is Pandao Russia and how they work. Pandao is more than just an online Russian store, it is a platform that reunites different stores and Russian brands. In this way, they offer their users a great variety of products, so they can find whatever they are looking for.
It does not matter if you want an electronic device or a matryoshka because in Pandao you can find the article you are looking for. Besides, their platform is very friendly with the users, thanks to the service provided for Aggregator-S Online LLC.
Just with a quick look at the Pandao website, you can notice the big amount of categories of products. We practically can say that there is any product that you cannot find in Pandao. You can buy Pandao clothes, electronic devices, toys, beauty products, and more just with one click.

How can I track my Pandao parcel?

With most of the online shops, once you have selected the articles you want to buy, the seller is going to formalize your purchase. But, then the users always feel fear because they do not know where their parcels are or how much time it is going to take to arrive at their destination.
However, with Pandao, you can forget about this fear because they count with a Pandao tracking service that is very easy to use. After your purchase, you can get access to the tracking service, you have to get in the orders section. 
In that section, you are going to find the list of the products that you have bought. If you want to know the status of a determined package, you have to click on the product. Then it is going to appear a list with the different statuses or stages that your parcels have come through. It is going to let you know where your package is in real-time. However, if you cannot find the information you want about the tracking of your parcels, you also can use the Pandao tracking number on other platforms like Russian Post or WhereParcel. In this way, you will always know which ways your parcels are taking before arriving at the final destination.

Does Pandao deliver only in Russia?

As we tell you before, Pandao is designed for the people of Russia. In this way, they work as a connection from the market of China with the users of Russia. It lets the Russians do not have to talk with several intermediaries, if not have direct contact with the sellers in China. Besides, the count with the Pandao app makes the process of buying easier and practical for users. The best online store for Russia, but it does not mean that they do not deliver to other countries too.

How long does Pandao take to deliver?

The time that takes for Pandao to deliver your parcels is going to depend on different factors. In the first place, the seller has an average time of 15 days to confirm the purchase and prepare it to deliver.
After this period, the parcels can arrive at their destinies from 7 to 40 days. But, this time only applies if there is no inconvenience or a festive day. In those cases, the delivery time can increase to 75 days maximum.
However, if the package lasts more than 75 days to arrive, you can initiate a dispute through the website of Pandao to get a solution for your delay problem. But you do not have to worry because the staff of Pandao is very responsible and the deliveries arrive almost always on time. Besides, at the time to finish your purchase, Pandao calculates the estimated time of shipping so you can have a precise date. 

What are Pandao shipping fees?

The good news for all the users that want to use the platform of Pandao to buy all the products they need is that, in most cases, the company offers free shipping. It mainly happens due to the speed of the shipping.
But, it does not mean that there are no other costs that the buyer has to assume. According to the country where the package goes, the buyer could pay some customs duties depending on the laws of the country.

How to contact Pandao customer service?

One of the biggest advantages of using Pandao to buy your products is its customer service. It is very easy to get access to Pandao contacts because they count on different social networks. Through these social networks, you can talk with the staff of Pandao and clear all your doubts or solve the problems you could have.
But, you also can write a mail to help@pandao.ru and get personalized attention directly from the people in charge of customer support. Pandao is a responsible company where you can find almost all you want, only check out their app, and start to navigate on it. 

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