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The idea came 10 years ago on a kitchen table. The proposal was to bring together all the most stylish and original products in one place: Not on the High Street allows its customers to find unique pieces to make their gifts and their own lives, an unforgettable moment.

What is Not on the High Street?

Not on the High Street defines itself as an online marketplace that has managed to bring together 5,000 small creative businesses in the UK in one place, which are in turn considered as partners.
These talented creatives, working across the country, are responsible for making each piece unique, setting the trend with their creations. The best? Among their advantages, they allow the client to personalize their product, in case they wish to do so.
The goal of Not on the High Street is to help each customer find the ideal gift, making it reaches their hands with total security.
Not on the High Street is committed to providing clients with access to a world where gifts are unrepeatable. With Not on the High Street each client will be able to find the most sincere and original present.
The manufacturers and artisans are ready to attend to your ideas and materialize a totally personalized article.

How can I track my order from Not On The High Street?

If a customer wishes to make a Not on the High Street shipping tracking they should contact the partner/company with which they made the No on the High Street order. To do this, you must go to the company's website to the section "my orders" and click on the area to ask the seller a question. Remember that it is important to include in the process the Not on the High Street tracking number you received through the purchase confirmation.
You can also contact the Not on the High Street customer service, through the chat on the company's page, located at the bottom right of the screen.
This friendly, multi-disciplinary team will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to deal with any requests and provide an effective response to all your queries.

Does Not On The High Street deliver internationally?

Not on the High Street international shipping is available on many of the products. Each of them is identified with international delivery availability, as long as you have it.
International deliveries take effect in Europe, Asia, Australia, the United States and Canada.
Some of the countries are: Germany, Belgium, Monaco, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Bosnia, Russia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Australia, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Thailand, among others.
The scope of Not on the High Street is more than evident, the success of its partners and products has been established through this extensive commercial network.

How long does Not On The High Street take to ship?

Not on the High Street delivery time to western Europe is 2-5 business days from shipment. In the cases of the rest of Europe, the United-States, Canada, Asia and the rest of the world the time is a little longer, from 5 to 10 working days from the shipment.
When a product is not personalized, that is to say, it must wait for its manufacture; deliveries are usually made within six working days.
In case the customer expresses the urgent need to obtain the product in the shortest possible time; many partners are available to make an urgent delivery with shipment tracking Not On the High Street, valid only within the territory of the United Kingdom.
In these special cases, the product is delivered on a working day following its shipment.
The customer will be able to make during the whole process a Not on the One Street track parcel.

What are Not On The High Street shipping costs?

Not the one High Street's shipping costs for:

  • standard delivery in the UK is £3.75 per product. The cost can even be less and often ends up being a free Not the one High Street delivery.
  • In the case of urgent deliveries with tracking in the UK, take place the day after the purchase, with delivery within 6 days after shipping, can cost up to 6.95 pounds.
  • For delivery of Not on the High Street on Saturdays, it is made the next available Saturday after the product is shipped, its cost is around 10.95 pounds per item.
  • For international deliveries, the times will vary according to the area and are calculated once the shipment has been made. The cost takes into account the destination, weight and size of the item. For more details go to the product page, where you will find detailed information.

Another point to be taken into account by the customer is related to external factors that may adversely affect the timing of delivery. Bad weather, customs processes and even postal strikes. In any case, the partner from whom you have purchased your item will contact the customer to agree on new delivery date. As soon as your order has been shipped, the partner will call you back to let you know when to expect delivery.
When a customer is given a promotional code, please note that the Not on the High Street discount only applies to the price of the product and does not apply to the cost of delivery. The Not on the High Street free delivery offers are only valid for standard deliveries within the United Kingdom.
All Not on the High Street free shipping are clearly reflected on the product page and should not be confused.

How do I contact Not On The High Street?

If a customer wishes to clarify a question or make a request or complaint about the status of a product, the Not on the High Street contact number 0203 318 5115 will be available to assist you with your customer service needs.
Their opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.
Another good option is to write to info@notonthehighstreet.com. In case your request cannot wait for the regulatory 24 hours, it is recommended to contact the partner from whom you made the purchase directly.

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