Mvideo tracking

Mvideo tracking


What is Mvideo?

Mvideo Russia is an online retailer of electronic and video devices. This company was founded in Russia in the year 1993 by Alexander Tynkovan, a Russian entrepreneur and businessman.
Mvideo has over 300 stores in more than 100 cities in Russia. This company has also around 35 online shops where they sell a wide variety of electronic devices and technology in general. Mvideo is also the largest consumer electronic retailer in all Russia. In general sales rates, the company is only outdone by Wildberries, which is the largest Russian retailer in general.
The variety of products that the Mvideo website offers is very wide. It comprises many different labels and models, like smartphones, TVs, air conditioners, headphones, home theaters, tablets, watches, WiFi routers, computers, among many others. 

Mvideo package tracking

How do I track a package from Mvideo?

The Mvideo track my order service is operated by the company that makes the delivery. Mvideo only dedicates its efforts to sales and retail services. So, for deliveries, they have deals and partnerships with other delivery companies that are in charge of shipping all the orders of Mvideo. This way the customer can receive the current status of the order after the shipping process.
Every single Mvideo package is labeled after an article is bought by a client whether national or international. Such a label is the official tracking number of the company, that works in order to carry out a whole database of shipments. Besides, the tracking number regards all the information about the package, like destination, travel route, weight and dimensions, type of service, and so on.
With the tracking number, the client is able to get inside the platform of the shipping company that he has chosen. Then, he introduces such code so he can receive a full document regarding the order status within. One of the most significant features of this service is the real-time location provided by the GPS inside the transport vehicle, so the customer also receives an estimated arrival time.

Does Mvideo only ship in Russia?

Yes, Mvideo is a company that only provides its services in Russian territory. They don’t send articles or products to other countries with the delivery companies they have deals with.
Mvideo has a long branch network that covers around 144 cities in Russia. Such stores have different products in their stock, so the variety of products can vary depending on the store.
Although Mvideo has physical stores, they offer the Mvideo delivery that can work among different cities. This way, clients are able to choose any of the products that the online store of Mvideo has available.
In any case, international shipping is not really necessary for this kind of product. The brands that Mvideo offers are already established all over the world. Companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Apple, Samsung, and others already distribute their merchandise and products. So, international deliveries for Mvideo are not really necessary.

Is Mvideo delivery fast?

There are some different factors that determine the delivery time of order. Besides, it is important to consider that any time estimation made by Mvideo or any other shipping company can vary in the end, because many different things can happen during the trip.
However, these estimations are based principally on the weight and size of the parcel, the destination city, the type of service depending on the urgency, among many others. In any case, for national shipping, the delivery time is not so long. Local deliveries may take a top time of 3-4 working days. That time can vary in case of natural diseases, geographic situations, accidents, or traffic jams. Of course, these things are unlikely to happen.
On the other hand, international deliveries are supposed to take more time rather than national. For outlander services, the estimated shipping time can reach 21 days in sea deliveries, and 15 working days in air deliveries.

What partner companies does Mvideo use to deliver?

Although Mvideo has its own delivery system, they work along with some delivery companies to cover the huge demand of their clients.
The companies that they use to accomplish some deliveries are Russian brands. Some of these companies work with national and international shipping, but Mvideo only uses them for local orders. 

Are Mvideo shipping fees expensive?

The shipping costs of Mvideo are the result of calculating many features concerning the product and the buyer. Some of these are the distance of the travel, the product itself, the urgency of the delivery, the arriving time, and some others.
However, Mvideo has some options in which a shipment can result free. For instance, the delivery of small equipment with a total cost of more than 1,980 ₽ (taking into account all discounts) is free. There are some other options that vary in the time at which the order is placed.
Mvideo also sets some time intervals in which the packages will be delivered. Choosing one of these periods is up to the client. In any case, such periods also determine the final cost of the shipment.
In general, shipping fees are not much expensive with this company. However, the Mvideo company official web page provides more detailed information about costs and shipping fees.

How do I contact Mvideo?

Mvideo provides the client with a range of various options in which he can contact the company quickly and directly with the staff in charge of customer service.
By entering the website, followed by going down to the footer located in the main section, it’s possible to acquire the different contacts in the Contact Us section, which indicates the opportunity of making calls through their three telephone numbers.
In addition, the company also grants the chance to send an email and communicate with a message that the client wants to send to the company with any question, comment, opinion, suggestion, complaint, or ideas offered and related to the brand and its services of the Mvideo customer service. The company is open to any question and helps its customers if there is an issue.

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