Morele tracking

Morele tracking

What is Morele?

Morele is one of the biggest e-commerce stores in Poland specializing in the selling of consumer electronics. This company stands out above the others of its type because they have almost 20 years of experience providing the best service. Morele is constantly improving. With new technologies, policies, quality, and variety of its products in comparison to other marketplaces. With the only purpose of making the experience more easy and comfortable for their customers every time they need to make a purchase. On the other side, Morele also has invested a lot of time and effort to assure the security of every transaction.
Morele is improving every year on its platform. It is to assure its clients that they are taking the highest safety standards of online information and commerce. Besides, they also pay attention to the functionality of the website. It ensures the customers a comfortable experience with a user-friendly process that makes it easy for each client to do their shops. Of course, the development of the website includes the quality guarantee of each product sold through it. As well as making their best to provide the lowest price, without affecting the functionality of the goods, maintaining the balance between cost and quality.
The 20 years of experience have helped Morele to develop not only in the policies and products but also the scale of the market itself. It reaches a high position among its peers in the country. Besides, the improvement of the store always makes sure that every aspect of offering products shipping is done with the best interest of the client in mind. In that sense, Morele customer service has always attained the highest quality standards. Satisfying the needs of its clients and making them feel comfortable.
Morele also offers, along with lower prices, a comfortable choice of delivery for the clients who do not have to seek themselves the package. Instead, they can select one of the couriers that work in association with the company. Such as UPS, DPD, Geis, and DTS. Along with other post services like Paczkomaty and Poczta Polska services within Poland.

How can I track my package from Morele? 

Morele tracking system is very direct, easy, and ready to use. It is one of the improvements that make this platform so satisfying to use and popular among the customers. The procedure is very simple, once the order reaches the status of completed, the customer can use the lading number of the bill that will be received at 10 o'clock the next day at the latest. Using that information as a tracking number, the client can follow his order through the website of the courier that he chose to make the delivery.

Where does Morele can ship?

Morele works with associated couriers that can deliver the orders anywhere within Poland. Thanks to the growth achieved over the years, the company can ship orders to foreign countries today. Specifically speaking, the shipping can be done through DPD Courier Company to any nation of the European Union. Of course, the cost of the shipping fee will depend on the dimensions and weight of the order. It will reach the destination country in around 3 to 12 business days. Also, this method retains the advantage of being fully trackable of the order's Morele tracking number using the courier website.

Is Morele delivery fast?

Morele pays a lot of attention to the level of satisfaction of its clients. This is why the company tries its best to guarantee maximum comfort during each transaction. This policy has extended its influence to the time required to deliver every order. The company has taken precautions and has established good relations with couriers of high efficiency, to make sure that every shipment is delivered in a working day from the placing of the other if it is done before the 4:00 pm. Marking the Fast Delivery method, the products are already in stock, ready to be sent the same day and reach the client the next one. 
There are other cases like the usual Morele shipping time. When the order is placed on the first day before 4 o’clock in the evening, it is sent the next day and reaches the client on the third day. Also, there are other cases when the time is longer by another day if the product ran out of stock. 
It is important to highlight that Morele delivery is this fast only in Poland and counting only working days.
If the order is placed a Friday before 4:00 pm, it will be shipped out the same day but it will only reach the client on Monday. It is because the couriers do not deliver goods on weekends and festive days. On the other hand, sending orders to foreign countries can take 12 business days as said before. Also, other shipping methods like Paczkomaty and Poczta Polska postal services take an additional day because of the process of forwarding the order.

What are Morele shipping fees?

Morele shipping costs can vary a lot in cases like international shipping, but for local delivery in Poland, the company even offers free shipping options to the most common sales, starting from a certain amount that is not so high. That way, they ensure the comfort of the clients and provide the lowest prices for a high-quality item, standing above any competitor in the market.

How do I contact Morele?

Morele takes seriously its relationship with the clients, for that reason the company offers a service of internal e-mail communication using the form provided by the website itself so any customer can summit its inquiries securely and provide their email where the company will answer in the fastest time available. Besides, the company has presented on social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter where they publish any news that may be relevant to their clients. On another hand, Morele also has physical offices that are available to receive visits from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm on business days.

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