MiniInTheBox tracking

MiniInTheBox tracking

MiniInTheBox is one of the many e-commerce pages that claim to offer a large number of products of all kinds. In addition to having prices that seem too good to be true. Therefore, below, we’ll analyze some interesting facts about this website, as well as what you need to know about the MiniInTheBox international delivery and its ordering system.

What is MiniInTheBox?

MiniInTheBox is a page where you can find thousands of products at excellent prices. By entering the website, you can realize that you will have a wide range of products of various categories from which you can choose. From electronic products to beauty and personal care. This is why MiniInTheBox is a leader in the global business of selling a large category of articles since its founding in 2006.
The best thing about this online store is that it offers all its products at the same price, no matter where you are. In this way, you can protect your money by not paying high prices to import the items you want. In addition, they offer a much faster purchase and shipping service, working with Chinese manufacturers to offer low prices on their products.
Today, they serve more than 200 countries and with growth prospects. Because their vision is to always offer the same fair price for all customers around the world. In addition to delivering the best products to the consumer in a record time of arrival.

Is MiniInTheBox.comlegit?

Realistically, we’ve to warn you that MiniInTheBox has quite low ratings from users and experts in these types of companies. This means that many customer experiences have been negative, in the event that an item hasn’t been delivered to them.
Therefore, these are things that all users must take into account when buying through MiniInTheBox.
Possibly they’re quite common problems in terms of online stores when products are promoted at a much lower price than one might expect. So it’s possible to say that MiniInTheBox is reliable when certain precautions are taken into account as in any other type of store.

Where is MiniInTheBox located?

The following MiniInTheBox addresses are for guidance only, they aren’t suitable for sending return items or sending emails. In this way, the company has two headquarters around the world. The first is located in the United States, at 600 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98104. While there’s a MiniInTheBox location in China specifically at Room F3-325, Tower A, Win Cent, Building 6, Yard 33, Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020.

How do I track my MiniInTheBox package?

Once your package has left the store, you’ll be sent a Shipping Confirmation Email that will include the tracking number of your order. If you select the link available in that email, you can be redirected to the website to directly track your package using the tracking number. But you can also do this process in a more common way.
Enter your personal MiniInTheBox page, in the My Orders section. There you’ll look for the Order Number option and select the one you want to track. Select the tracking button to bring up a window that tells you in detail everything you need to know about the current conditions of your shipment.
On the other hand, if this information doesn’t appear, it is because the tracking number is possibly wrong. So you have to contact the store to get the right tracking number. It could also be because the shipping company you selected didn’t provide enough information to display it on the page.

Where does MiniInTheBox ship from?

There are chances that your MiniInTheBox order has been shipped from the wholesale house in Beijing, China. This is why many shipments tend to take time to reach their destinations. Since they’ve to go through several customs processes to reach the place you have selected to make the delivery.

What are MiniInTheBox shipping prices?

These are additional costs that are included in the final price of the product you have selected. These costs mainly refer to MiniInTheBox shipping costs, which may vary depending on where the package is going, as well as its dimensions, weight and shipping specifications. In this way, you can find cheap shipping methods in MiniInTheBox, such as Global Postal Service - No Tracking, which is available for orders over $ 30.
While express shipping services are usually reserved for certain items. However, all costs are expressed before you proceed with your purchase, including the shipping methods you want to select.

How long does it take for MiniInTheBox to ship?

Depending on where the package is going and the MiniInTheBox shipping method you have selected, there may be various delivery times. So for you to know them in detail, below, we show you:

  • Global Postal Service - No Tracking: 10 to 20 business days.
  • Global Postal Service - Tracking: 10 to 18 business days.
  • Global Expedited Postal: 5 to 8 business days.
  • Global Economy Express carried by SF Express: from 4 to 7 business days.
  • Global Expedited Express carried by DHL, UPS and FedEx: 3 to 4 business days.
  • Local Standard carried by local couriers: 3 to 5 business days.

Taking into account that for each country there are certain customs conditions that can delay the arrival of packages at their destination. Therefore, you must inform yourself very well before making the purchase of the import policies of your country to get a more accurate MiniInTheBox shipping time.

How to contact MiniInTheBox?

You can contact MiniInTheBox customer service thanks to its contact page where you can find a series of questions already answered where you could find the solution to your doubts, in addition to having the option to send a Ticket to contact you directly with the customer service of the website. On the other hand, you can also search for them on their social networks and contact information on the page to learn more about this e-commerce platform. On the other hand, there’s no MiniInTheBox contact number at the moment.

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