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In Europe, fashion and beauty have always had a great impact on the population. So much so that many of the designers and celebrities in this industry come from this great continent. However, that fashion has also lent itself to pirates and imitators. That is why Lookfantastic has been in charge of gathering the best clothes, articles, and products from the best designers of the continent. Furthermore, Lookfantastic international shipping is the only one that distributes its products in more than 200 countries, which has made it the perfect ally for many leading fashion and beauty brands.

What is Lookfantastic?

Lookfantastic is a European website that has taken it upon itself to create a community of fashion and beauty producers to offer their services to more than 200 countries. Lookfantastic International brings together more than 660 brands in its online store, which has only been on the market for 4 years.
Thanks to the different marketing strategies they have used and the quality of their products and services. Lookfantastic has become one of the most successful beauty websites worldwide. Its team of experts and its great technology are the ones that have placed it in more than 30 sites, in different languages, and with more than 10 million monthly visits, of which more than 70% are from foreign countries.

Is Lookfantastic safe?

Thanks to its great reputation as Lookfantastic International and the number 1 online beauty site in the UK, this great digital platform ensures that it is secure and reliable enough to maintain and enhance its reputation in the industry.
The Lookfantastic team is committed to providing the best service to its customers so that they feel confident and secure when browsing the site. In addition, the company has been awarded the Compliance Plus award for excellence in customer service. This is because it remains available 24/7 to attend to any need or concern presented by its clients. In addition, the site with SSL encryption that guarantees the protection of the personal data of each user and thus provides greater welfare.

How can I track my Lookfantastic order?

Lookfantastic track order allows you to know all the details of all the orders that have been issued on the site through your account. All orders can be viewed in your account, and in case you want to track a particular order, just click on it and you will be shown more information.
If the purchase has a tracking service, you can track it from your own account by clicking on the order number. You will also be notified by email with the estimated time of arrival of the order, but you can always track your orders directly from your account or on a universal tracking tool like Ship24.

Where does Lookfantastic ship from?

Because the brand was developed in the United Kingdom, this is its main location from which most shipments are made. However, there are different branches and warehouses in various countries in Europe from which different packages are also shipped, depending on the destination they are going to.
Most Lookfantastic orders are sent mainly from the UK to other branches or directly to the final destination.

Does Lookfantastic deliver internationally?

Yes, Lookfantastic does deliver internationally. This is the only online store that ships its products to over 200 countries worldwide. These products can reach almost any corner of Europe, countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and even Oceania. It really has great partnerships with carriers that make all these shipments are made at the best possible time.

How long does Lookfantastic take to ship?

The delivery time for shipments made by Lookfantastic can vary between the type of shipment; standard or certified. In general, packages sent anywhere in the world, outside of the UK, may take 5-10 days using standard shipping. While with certified shipping it can take between 4-9 business days to reach its final destination.
In some cases, especially shipments within the same European territory, certified shipments can take between 2-4 days to arrive.

What are Lookfantastic shipping costs?

Lookfantastic international shipping fees are quite affordable for what is being shipped, as it is not just any merchandise, but high quality and care products. However, there are some cases where you can find some Lookfantastic international free shipping, although certain conditions must be met for this. But let's look at some of the Lookfantastic international shipping fees.

  • Tracked Delivery. It costs £2.95, and for orders over £25, it's free. This type of shipping takes 2-3 working days to be delivered.
  • Tracked Click & Collect. This also costs £2.95 and is free for orders over £25. However, this is only available for a collection of 5000 points, which can be accumulated for future orders.
  • Next Day Delivery. Next Day Delivery costs £4.95 but is only available for orders that are processed before midnight the following day. Additionally, this type of delivery is only available for Scotland, Wales, and England.
  • Next-Day Evening Delivery. This type of delivery costs £10.50, but in order to be available, it is necessary to execute the order before midnight the next day. These shipments are delivered between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. and will be displayed only when available.
  • Same Day Delivery. A product can also be delivered on the same day of purchase. This costs £10.50, but orders must be processed before 11:00 a.m. on any day of the week. Also, this will be delivered between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m.
  • Same Day Delivery London. This same-day delivery also costs £10.50, but the order must be issued before noon so that delivery can be made from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in London.

How can I contact Lookfantastic?

Contacting Lookfantastic is really simple and not at all complex. Unlike other sites, this one not only has the classic form whose answer reaches your personal email but also offers a live chat service for you to make any kind of suggestion, doubt, query, or request. The live chat service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can contact them whenever you want.
On the other hand, if you are not in a hurry you can leave a message directly on the online portal and after an average of 48 hours, you will be receiving a response.

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