Lamoda tracking

Lamoda tracking

What is Lamoda?

Lamoda Russia is such a very innovative company that works in Russia. This corporation is in charge of selling products related to fashion and personal care. The headquarters are located in Moscow, the capital city of Russia.
Lamoda works as a national web store that operates in 66 cities of Russia. They provide clients with more than 1000 brands of products, with more than 2 million different articles.
The variety of articles provided by Lamoda is very wide. It comprises many products regarding clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics, sports clothing and gadgets, among many others.
Currently, the company has several warehouses available and operating in different regions of the Russian territory. There, Lamoda stores all of its merchandise and its supply line. Those warehouses are the distribution points, so delivery workers are able to pick up the client’s orders from there.

How do I track a parcel from Lamoda?

The Lamoda delivery service is a very complete system that provides the client with many benefits and alternatives. It is well known that buying clothes requires that the client dress up with the clothes so he can know if it fits well or not. The delivery service of Lamoda gives this option to clients. The customer chooses a variety of products. When the delivery man takes it to his house, he is able to decide what are the ones he is going to keep and which of these will be returned to the store.
In addition, the client is able to pay the merchandise when receiving it. All the delivery workers are equipped with one payment terminal so the customer can pay with his debit or credit card. Besides, every customer is free to pay with cash.
The Lamoda tracking service is a free option provided by the company. It is very useful for clients to know the current status of the order. It starts when a customer purchases an article. Before shipping, workers at the distribution centers set a tracking number for the order. Such tracking code is used to regard all the information about the order, like destination city or address, weight and size of the package, transportation vehicle, urgency of the delivery, and so on.
When the company provides the client with the tracking number, he is able to check the status of the order by going to the Lamoda track order section on the webpage. There, the user must introduce his tracking number. He will receive a full report of the order, regarding the real-time location, the transportation system, and the estimated arriving time. 
Another easy way to track your Lamoda package is to copy-paste your tracking number in the search bar on the Ship24 website.

Does Lamoda ship to the USA?

Lamoda is a fashion provider that operates in Russia. Its services are only available in 66 cities in the country with its delivery service. Shipments to other cities out of that territory are accomplished by using the services of other national delivery companies.
There are some options for international deliveries. In nature, these require the services of other international shipping corporations. Such companies have some deals with Lamoda. However, most part of the process has to be done by the client.
For shipping to the United States, the client must call the Russian postal service and ask for deliveries to the American territory. Then, Lamoda will deliver the package to the closest Russian postal office. After some protocol processes, the order will be sent to the United States. 
Anyhow, this is not a very common event. The vast majority of Lamoda clients are located in Russia. Besides, shipping a Lamoda order to the United States or any other country is most likely to be a complicated process because these are small orders. 

How long does shipping from Lamoda take?

One of the best features of services provided by Lamoda delivery department is the shipping time. Since Lamoda works in a small area of Russia, deliveries are not supposed to take long. 
According to Lamoda webpage, the maximum waiting time for any kind of delivery is 2 days. Commonly, the deliveries take only 24 hours, but it depends on the traveling distance. 
There are some cases in which an order can take more time in arriving. For instance, when a client asks for an article that is not available in the closest distribution point, he must wait for the company to send it from another distribution hub. Again, this process doesn’t take so much time either, but it is possible that it exceeds the standard delivery time of 2 days. 

How much is shipping from Lamoda?

This is another amazing feature of the company. Every single delivery is completely free. Of course, it only applies in the 66 cities where Lamoda operates. But yes, the client doesn’t have to pay for the delivery.
However, deliveries for other cities outside the working territory of Lamoda are going to be charged to the client. This happens because the delivery company in charge of taking the order to the client’s house is completely different from Lamoda delivery service.
Shipping fees can vary depending on the traveling distance, the urgency of the shipment, and the internal policies of the shipping company. Again, these are not common cases because most of the Lamoda clients are located inside the 66 cities where the company works.

How do I contact Lamoda?

The Lamoda service center is one of the most complete customer services in all the Russian territory. They provide clients with many different alternatives for communication.
This company is always willing to know what the lacks of its services are, and the only way to discover it is by hearing from clients. This way, Lamoda can know how to improve the performance of its services.
For quick consults or issues with delays in deliveries, the company provides clients with the Lamoda phone number that sends the caller to the call center. There, he can explain his problem to a customer service operator in order to find a proper solution to the problem. More information about the contacting ways can be found on the Lamoda webpage.

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