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If you want a free and reliable page to place classified ads in Italy and Canada, then Kijiji is your best option. Since it gives you enough freedom to place ads between the various categories that they’ve without any cost. So this page aims to unite thousands of people who seek services or who provide them. You want to know more? Well, keep reading everything you need to know about Kijiji parcel services.

What is Kijiji?

It’s a totally free and local site to place classifieds of all kinds. In this way, you can easily find cell phones, computers, cars, houses and even the job offer you have been looking for in your city. You can contact other people to hire services or buy products close to you.
Kijiji is part of the eBay group and is a concept inspired by the meaning of the word kijiji which in Swahili means “village”. In this way, this page aims to function as a village to create multiple connections between people who are close to each other. Thus, this page was born in 2005 with this initial idea. And so far, they have worked to facilitate the exchange of goods and services, in addition to making the interaction of the thousands of people who choose to use Kijiji easier.

Can you ship on Kijiji?

Kijiji serves as a classifieds platform, therefore the products being promoted aren’t directly related to the company. The seller or supplier should always be contacted directly to agree on delivery methods. To facilitate this, Kijiji recommends internal searching for options near you or within your city to avoid shipping problems.
Similarly, if you are a seller or provide a service within Kijiji Canada, you’ve to specify your shipping and delivery conditions very well within the description of the product or service you offer. This way, you’ll appear much more trustworthy to potential clients.

Is it free to sell on Kijiji?

The use of the site is completely free, unless certain limits are reached regarding the insertion of free advertisements. Since some categories have a maximum number of free posts that can be made per user. Similarly, Kijiji will notify the seller when they have reached these limits, so they’ll not be able to place more free ads.
On the other hand, there’s also the option of acquiring a Premium Profile, which is a reserved option of the site in which the user can use improved features and add to the free version. In addition to being able to place ads on the site without any limitation. In this case, this service is subject to the payment of some fees that the seller can view before accepting them.
These Kijiji fees are always expressed in euros and can change depending on many factors. Of course, not before the seller is notified by the page. There may also be the opposite case that the rates change due to a seasonal promotion, which will also be communicated as soon as the promotion takes effect.

Can I track a package from Kijiji?

As you may have already read, Kijiji is a classifieds page, therefore, the tracking information of your packages must be given to you by the sellers that you have obtained through the website. Kijiji classifieds only provide the service of placing advertisements and connecting people who are close. So they’re not responsible for shipments or deliveries. Everything related to the Kijiji shipping must be agreed with the seller.
On the other hand, if you’re a service provider, you should contact your buyers and give them all the necessary information about the withdrawal or shipment of their packages. This being one of the publication rules that the website has, and that you must comply with in order not to commit an infringement.

Does Kijiji work internationally?

Kijiji.it, being a local commerce and classifieds page, doesn’t work internationally. In this case, this eBay service works for transactions, sales and contracts within cities. However, you can find the Kijiji equivalents that are also eBay affiliates that do ship internationally. Also, you can contact Kijiji support for more information.

How long to receive a package from Kijiji?

It all depends on the specifications of the product and the disposition of the seller. For this, you must contact the seller to agree on the method and place of delivery. In this way, this can take anywhere from one day to 7 days maximum, based on Kijiji recommendations. So, the company recommends that you always know the person with whom you do business very well.
Also, know their address and phone number before proceeding to make the payment. And also take into account the descriptions of the ads. Finally, ask all the questions you think necessary and confirm that the delivery time that the seller handles is adapted to your needs.

Is E transfer safe on Kijiji?

E transfers are difficult to verify if you are a seller and also easy to fake. Therefore, for sellers, Kijiji recommends that they do not accept this payment method unless it’s confirmed before the product is delivered or the service is performed. It’s not that the page is insecure with these methods, but this transaction depends on the seller himself and Kijiji isn’t responsible for transfers made without funds.
Therefore, it’s best to accept payments by credit card or digital wallets such as PayPal for the collection of products and services within the page and any other in reality.

How can I contact Kijiji support?

You can contact Kijiji customer service in different ways. First, you have the Kijiji contact telephone number for local calls in Italy 02 3041.0311 if you have any questions or problems that need to be solved urgently. While for less serious problems that can wait, you have the email support@kijiji.it.
On the other hand, you can enter the Kijiji support page where you will find several articles and answered questions, among which you may find the answer you are looking for. You can also contact Kijiji Ontario by its customer service team.

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