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There are many online stores in the United States that offer hundreds of thousands of products in different categories for the entire population. However, there are some that are more exclusive than others and allow the public to identify more accurately with their products and also give them more exclusivity. Such is the case of Jane, an online marketplace where men, women, and children can find a wide variety of products in selected categories. In addition, Jane delivery takes care of bringing all your packages home safely and quickly.

What is Jane.com?

The Jane company is known as an online platform, many of retailers and small businesses use it to offer their products to those who want to obtain them. The difference between this online marketplace compared to others is its large and consequent discounts. In Jane, each supplier can specify their price structure, shipping methods and costs and the number of items they wish to sell.
It also works as an option for those sellers who want to get out of the clothes that are no longer in fashion or also to market their boutique by establishing new fashions to the masses to make themselves known throughout the country.
In this online sales platform, thousands of users can find products in different categories: clothing, food, decoration, beauty, etc. There is also an exclusive section for women of large sizes, as well as great discounts to make gifts.

Where is Jane located?

Jane Company is located in Lehi, Utah. The growth of the company has been enormous, thanks to the growth of the company, it can offer jobs to more than 500 people every day.

How do I track my package from Jane?

The Jane track order is the tool that allows you to know the status of your package shipment. All products shipped from the platform can be tracked, but you should make sure you have the Jane tracking number so you can track more accurately. The tracking number can be seen in the order details section, in the category Orders placed. 
To be sure of the exact location of your package, please track directly from Jane official site or with the Ship24 website. This will also show you all the details of the shipment. In case you have agreed with the seller or selected a different shipping method, you can track from the selected Courier site with the same Jane tracking number.

Does Jane.com have free shipping?

Jane has a wide variety of products that have free shipping. You can find everything from clothing for ladies, gentlemen, and children, to toys and other household items with the option available for free shipping. To see all the orders that have Jane free shipping you can filter the search and select the free shipping option to better see all the products available.

How to get free shipping on Jane?

To get a Jane free shipping, users can have the option to get a Jane free shipping code. This code can be entered at the time of purchasing your products and get free shipping to anywhere in the country. The Jane free shipping code could work even for packages that do not have the free shipping option available at that time.

Does Jane deliver Internationally?

Unfortunately, Jane.com can only deliver within the United States. They do not yet have the capacity to make Jane international delivery, but their team is already operating and implementing strategies that will allow them to ship internationally in the not too distant future.  There are already some vendors who are willing to offer and ship to Canada, so this could be a good option for Canadians who want to buy their garments in this online marketplace.

How long does Jane take to ship?

Jane delivery can make any buyer feel anxious, but the truth is that Jane package shipments arrive within 1 to 7 business days once the purchase is processed. Also, it is necessary to make clear that certain types of products or orders may take up to 14 days to ship. These are usually handmade items such as handmade jewelry, or handicraft items. Likewise, you will receive the shipping information and the summary of the purchase in your mail.
In the event that the seller is able to ship via a carrier other than Jane.com, you should consider the delivery times of that carrier and assume the corresponding charges.

Are Jane shipping prices expensive?

Jane has taken it upon herself to improve and decrease her shipping costs as much as possible. To do this, they have established different shipping methods, other than free shipping:

  • Standard shipping has an average price of $6.50 and is the slowest option for your package to reach its final destination.
  • Another option they offer is Priority Shipping, which has an average price of $9.50 and guarantees a maximum delivery of 3 business days. On the other hand, the buyer and seller can agree to ship via an external courier for the convenience of the buyer. Obviously, the buyer must assume all the additional charges that this may imply since it is his decision to ship by another means. But in general, the rates offered by Jane are quite affordable and meet the delivery times.

How do I contact Jane customer service?

The easiest way to contact Jane customer service is through the Help Center on the website. In this section of the site, you can choose the topic you want to make an inquiry about and the same platform will provide you with some solutions. You can also use the live chat and you will receive an answer in a short time. The schedule available for the live chat is from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Another method of contact is through the support email address support@jane.com. You can ask any questions, suggestions, or queries. The last option to contact Jane customer service is through text messaging at (855) 270 - 5263.

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