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Home24 is a store for customers in Germany who are interested in buying quality furniture. In this virtual platform, there’s a great variety of household items, accessories, decorations and furniture so that you can give life to your house. From fashionable furniture of the best materials, you can find exclusive designer items. In this store, you can find a large number of interesting products for your home.
So let's see below everything you need to know about the shipping and purchasing system that Home24 has, as well as important information about their shipping fees, customer service and other things that might interest you when shopping at this store.

What is Home24?

Home24 store is an online furniture store with a large selection for all types of customers to choose from. There are more than 100,000 furniture items, among which there are great varieties of fashion, decoration and much more for your home. With this platform, German users can beautify their homes with furniture, lamps and other accessories that will have the highest quality and style that they like.
Today, they have large amounts of modern furniture and for all tastes. As well as unbeatable prices for the most recognized brands and with the best quality materials and they promote exclusive products that no other store can have on offer. But how reliable is this online store? What other things do you need to know about your delivery system? Next, we’ll meet these things.

Are there any Home24 stores?

There are some Home24 stores located in some areas of Germany. For example, there is the Home24 Berlin Showroom. In this place, you’ll also find the Home24 outlet Berlin and in Bottrop, you can find another outlet store where you can make your purchases calmly, or order items through the website and request withdrawals through the store.
The company also has branches in Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria, for personal purchases made in these countries. If you’re from any of these countries, we recommend you to look for private stores that are possibly located in the most commercial or capital cities of your country.

How can I track a package from Home24?

You can track your orders and know their current status if you enter the My Orders area of ​​your customer page. In the same way, as soon as your order has a status of "Sent", you’ll be notified by email with all the necessary data. This includes the shipping number and a link so you can track the shipment. So you can also follow the progress of your delivery at any time you want.
However, sometimes some of Home24 logistics partners don’t offer these kinds of services. If this is your case, the Home24 platform customer service can help you if you make a request. On the other hand, if your order status is "Delivered" and you haven’t received your products, the platform invites you to check the shipment tracking of the shipping service provider. This way you could know if your package was delivered by a neighbor or to a parcel store.
You should also take into account that if you have purchased several individual packages and have only received certain items, you must wait up to two business days for them to arrive in full. Since the arrival of individual packages can be on different days, even though they were purchased on the same day.

Are Home24 shipping fees expensive?

Actually, the Home24 delivery within Germany is generally free. So these deliveries are made on business days between 7 am. until 6 pm. In the case of merchandise that is sent for specific dates desired by the client or during Saturdays, there will be an additional charge established by the specific transport company. Something that you have to know directly through the DHL company, DPD, Rhenus Logistics or any other company.

How long does Home24 take to deliver?

The Home24 shipping time depends on how the products are shipped and what kind of packages they are. For example, Home24 policy states that large packages or oversized furniture are delivered to a transportation agency that will determine the delivery time. While small packages are delivered to DHL, or other parcel services, they also determine their own delivery times.
Usually, shipments within Germany take up to 5 business days on average after payment is received. For deliveries to the North Sea and Baltic Sea islands, the delivery time is usually extended to 2 weeks.
Either way, you can check this directly with the shipping agency that you have hired to bring your package, as well as track its exact location and know the approximate delivery date.

Does Home24 only deliver in Germany?

The offers and products on home24.de are intended for Germany only. However, customers in France can find their products through home24.fr. While customers from the Netherlands can go to home24.nl. Also, Austrian customers can find products and furniture through home24.at, as Swiss customers can enter home24.ch. Lastly, there is also an option to buy for Belgium customers at home24.be.
So people in these countries have to visit the web portals that correspond to them to know the specifications of the shipment they have. In summary, there is a Home24 international delivery.

How do I contact Home24 customer service?

You can contact the Home24 customer service by entering the Contact section of the store to find out a large number of answered questions, among which you could find the solution to your doubts. In the event that you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can fill out the customer service form found in that section and wait for the store's response.
On the other hand, you can contact the Berlin outlet store through its phone number, if you need it: +49 30 2016329478. And you can also contact the store in Bottrop through the phone number +49 2041 3489806. The store at Cologne can also be contacted by the Home24 contact telephone: +49 2234 250840.

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