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What is Hipvan?

It is a company that tries its best to provide you with all the options available in furniture. It combines good quality products with different designs. Hipvan helps you decorate your home however you imagine it to be. The mission of the company is to help every customer to find the best furniture for their home with the products provided on the Hipvan website, to turn their home into something inspirational
Hipvan Singapore is founded by young adults that would like to maintain a cordial and friendly relation with their clients, while also helping them create an inspiring home. They offer the best quality furniture at the most affordable price. They cut everything that is not essential while ensuring the highest quality available. Besides, Hipvan offers a variety of designs that can accommodate every taste of the public so they can personalize their home freely. Of course, their vision is not limited to Singapore. Their store can send your order even internationally for your comfort and ensuring their price to become the best.

Is Hipvan reliable?

Hipvan is reliable. They take all the precautions to ensure your trust. Providing you with different ways where you could contact them. Even sharing the physical address to help you confirm their existence. Besides, the employees of the company are always attentive to your suggestions, to keep improving the quality of the service of Hipvan. Their most important mission is to ensure that you are receiving what you order. It is or else the staff of Hipvan returns your money the same way you pay it.
On the other side, they maintain the transparency of every transaction, which ensures you that your bought is safely being sent to your address, with the quality that you expect and the price that is worthy of it.
Without any other type of addition to the value. You will receive exactly what you are paying for in the time they said you will get it. All their effort is put to satisfy your needs providing you with the best of the best in both quality and costs.

How do I track my Hipvan order?

The entire procedure of shipping out your order and delivering it to you is done by a selected courier team of Hipvan itself. In which case, any attempt to track your orders can be done by communicating directly to its customer service. Especially through an email to wecare@hipvan.com, and for a Hipvan tracking number. You just need to use the order number assigned to it during the transaction, which you can look for in your account of Hipvan or in the email that they send you as confirmation of the buy.

Does Hipvan deliver internationally? 

Currently, Hipvan in Singapore only works within the boundaries of the country, but their attention to the clients is so good that there can be some special exceptions depending on the customer's needs. For example, if you have a business that desires to buy an order valued higher than 3000 dollars, you can ask Hipvan through an email directed to b2b@hipvan.com explaining your need and their team will work to see if they can send it to you.
On the other hand, Hipvan has not stopped growing and it does not discard the option of allowing international shipping in the future. The company is working on it along with other improvements and suggests its customers stay tuned on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter for any news about it.

Is Hipvan delivery fast?

Hipvan delivery is fast, some deliveries can even be done in 7 days or less depending on the distances between the seller and the buyer destinations. Even so, the Hipvan Shipping time is shorter than others because they do the delivery themselves, saving them the time of using a third party will delay the shipping. Also, as an additional feature, the company allows you to select the date that you want to receive your order, starting with the day that they calculate will be ready to reach your location forward so you can plan to make any necessary precautions before the arrival of your order.

Is Hipvan shipping expensive?

Hipvan tries its best to assure you the best shipping price for every item, reducing any unnecessary action that could increase the price and always providing you the cheaper option without compromising its quality. They give it so much importance to this issue that if in the next 14 days of your buy you found the same item at a lower cost without using any type of discount, you could contact the Hipvan customer service and show them what you found and they will refund you the difference between the prices.
The priority of the company is to provide the best customer service and products to satisfy the customer's needs and ensure comfort with each transaction.

How can I contact Hipvan customer care?

Hipvan takes its relationship with the customers seriously and offers various means to reach them and keep in contact. Besides, they also pay attention to any of your needs. It allows the client to consult them in case of any special requirement that they may have, to consider it and determine if it is something that can be done even when it is not usually available. All the clients can call Hipvan contact number which is (+65) 6291 1725 to contact them in case of any doubt in the hours between 9:30 am to 5:30 pm every day except Sundays. Also, the client can send an email to wecare@hipvan.com.
Hipvan is a company that cares about the comfort of its clients and the quality of its service, taking any necessary precautions to ensure the lower costs in any order without compromising its features. That way, they can provide their customers with the best furniture at the best price without any type of unnecessary additional charge. They also allow their client to plan when they want their order to arrive to ensure their comfort during the transaction.

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