Genuine People tracking

Genuine People tracking

What is Genuine People?

Genuine People is a combination, where East and West merge. It's a clothing and fashion brand. You can find both Asian and Western fashion on this platform. They provide a gateway to a vibrant palette. The company sells women stuff, accessories, apparel, and different life essentials from different brands that are available there. Genuine People clothing presents designs that have a huge range of variety. Genuine People customer service is reachable if you have any questions or issues about one of the Genuine People website products.
If you live in a city all you need to do is to check the website and order your favorite designs, their pieces have a minimalist aesthetics with bold designs. There are some factories in Shanghai Genuine People work in partnership with. Some factories of Hangzhou and Shenzhen are also working with them.

Does Genuine People ship internationally?

Yes, Genuine people ship internationally and they ship to all US states and also other 100 countries. There are two methods for shipping whether you want expedited or standard shipping. They ship to expand their business as many people can't buy from them. To expand their business worldwide they started to focus on the quality of their products for women.
Genuine People international shipping service is reliable.
Genuine people make sure that the problems do not occur but unfortunately, some issues can appear which Genuine People try to solve. The company has a right to refuse the order and cancel it according to its choice.
The payment method is via credit card and if your order gets canceled then your payment will be refunded to your account. Genuine people can change their pricing range according to their own choice. Purchases cannot be returned or exchanged once you have paid then its final.

How long does it take for Genuine People to ship?

Genuine People order is shipped via Standard shipping if you don't want to have an expedited one. An email is conveyed to the person who shops from Genuine people to confirm its order.
It takes 1 to 3 days to deliver the order in place. When it comes to international shipping the order takes 7-12 days (average)if it's standard, but it can take longer according to the country.
If you choose expedited delivery, it will take 3-6 days. The Genuine People delivery time depends upon the location. countries have different delivery timings because of the distance. You will find more information on this page
Genuine People delivery time is not guaranteed and unfortunately, it's an estimate. Genuine people try their best to ship the order as soon as possible and in time.

Are there shipping fees with Genuine People?

Yes. Genuine People does not ship for free, they charge some money to ship internationally. There are some taxes and duties which customers have to pay. It is the responsibility of the customer to fulfill all the requirements of the company.
Customs charges and import duties are different for countries. the company could not tell you the total shipping cost as custom policies vary from country to country. Every customer should call their local courier service before order so that they can estimate the total delivery cost. Sometimes the delivery cost is a surprise so customers should check the local charges.
If you refuse any order at your doorstep, then you have to pay the shipment charges.
The customer needs to clear all the customs. Some countries also charge extra fees on delivery and this may cause some more delivery charges but fees are not collected by Genuine People.
There is no Genuine People free shipping.

How can I track my Genuine People package?

Genuine People tracking is easy, you first need to check your email. You will find a tracking number provided in the email. You can then track your Genuine People parcel by checking the Genuine People website and by clicking "Track your Order". Genuine People order tracking provides you information about the package and the customer feels good to have information about the order. Genuine People tracking number is mentioned in the email. The location of the package can also be determined by checking the shipping services used by the company FedEx, UPS, TNT, or DHL. These are the shipping companies used by Genuine People and you can track your Genuine People package through one of these shipping companies to follow your parcel.
Ship24 is another solution. You can go on the Ship24 homepage and copy-paste your Genuine People tracking number in the search bar. You will get all the information about your order, its current status, the shipping company used for the delivery, and the next steps of the delivery.

Can I return a Genuine People item?

Yes. Genuine People phone number Is +1 415-650-1836. You can contact them via email as well
Genuine People return policy is mentioned below:
Customers can return the item within two weeks of sale. The item should be unworn, saleable and the seal should not be broken. If the tags are removed, Genuine People won't return the package. Genuine People package is delivered with safety.
The product should not get damaged. It's up to the company whether they accept the return or not. The items which were sold on full price can be returned for a refund. Some items are sold on promo codes and sale; they are eligible to refund.
The company sold some items as "Final sale items" they are non-refundable. Some products like cards, gifts, magazines, beauty products are not refundable. For returns, select the return section from the website and you will get the details about it and after returning you will get an email to confirm the refund.
If due to some reasons the shipment is refused, then the refund will not be issued. All the items are charged in the US dollar and are according to the daily exchange rate. You can calculate different rates of currency according to yours.

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