Extra tracking

Extra tracking

What is Extra.br?

Extra is a retail company with different types of stores, whose origin is Brazilian, and whose objective is to offer and sell its products through its online platform. Its popularity at a national level has increased to the point that the Extra package delivery has increased in the last 5 years. By 2005, the company already had more than 25 stores distributed throughout the country. By 2010, the company was one of the largest online retailers in Brazil.
Among the most popular stores that were absorbed by Extra, there are successful brands such as Pão de Açúcar and CompreBem, which belonged to Paes Mendonça. Bon Marché's successful supermarket chain also became part of Extra's giant financial infrastructure. Today, the supermarket chain is called Extra Bon Marché and is located throughout the country with more than 15 stores.
However, Extra has the operational capacity to offer other types of products. Through its online platform, customers can buy products such as electronic equipment, home appliances, beauty products, clothing, high-tech equipment, and many others. The physical stores that sell these kinds of products are located in the most important states and regions of Brazil. These stores known as Extra Eletro are also located in the shopping centers of the largest and most important cities in the country.
The company Extra has always been interested in developing and creating social programs to reach families of different social levels. For this reason, it has created different kinds of supermarket stores with a wide variety of affordable prices, so that anyone in Brazil can purchase any of its products. Even in the most rural and remote regions of the capital, they have an Extra store close to their location.
Throughout its years of history, Extra has been one of the largest financial and commercial contributors in the largest and most important states of the country. It currently has thousands of employees and hundreds of stores. For this reason, Extra is one of the most respected companies by the Brazilian government which gives much importance to social and economic programs that provide benefits to the population. By the year 2022, it is estimated that the company will begin a process of expansion into other areas of commerce.
To encourage the company Extra and to promote more social programs to help the population and the most humble communities, the Brazilian government is developing laws to encourage the financial status of private companies.

How do I track my order from Extra?

At this time, users do not have a conventional Extra Brasil tracking system. All products or packages can be tracked through customer service via email. The company also has customer service that can be used through phone calls and text messages.
People can realize their Extra order tracking through Ship24 by using the Extra tracking number sent via email. Note that users will only receive the tracking number once they have completed the purchase process. Within 5 hours, they will receive the notification with the corresponding information with the order. 

Does Extra deliver internationally?

At the moment, the company does not handle international shipping and delivery. Extra delivery is only available for all regions and provinces of Brazil. The company does not have the operational structure to manage an Extra international delivery. However, through other companies and transport providers, users in some South American countries, such as Argentina, Venezuela, and Uruguay, can receive Extra products. It is important to mention that most of the products that are exported to these destinations are food products, such as drinks and food. 

How much are Extra shipping fees?

The company Extra is known for its cheap shipping costs. Through a financial report of the year 2019, it was estimated that the average shipping cost did not exceed 8 dollars. Although the total cost of each shipment may vary in several factors, such as the weight of the product, the quantity of the product, the size of the product, the destination, and method of delivery, it is not usually excessive for customers.
There are even discount programs where Extra shipping fees are usually free for customers. It is important to mention that before making a purchase, customers should take into consideration the payment methods. The method of payment may affect the final purchase price of the product or service.

How long does it take to Extra to deliver?

The delivery time is usually very efficient. Depending on the method of delivery and the weight of the package, the Extra delivery time may change. Within the most important capitals, the delivery time is approximately 3 to 7 working days. For more remote regions, the approximate delivery time is 3 to 10 working days. It is important to note that these delivery times are subject to the standard delivery method.
With the premium delivery method, users will be able to receive their products in less than 72 hours. Similarly, your packages can be sent directly to any address that customers want. Likewise, customers can use the transportation services of companies such as DHL or FedEx to receive their products. Finally, users can also search for their packages in any of the closest stores.

How do I contact Extra customer care?

Through the Extra online Brazil platform, users can access different kinds of contact data such as phone numbers, e-mails, and access to the most popular social network accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It is also important to mention that the customer service commits to respond to any type of request in less than 24 hours. Users can process suggestions, complaints, queries, order cancellations, or refunds.
Likewise, it is important to remember that users can track their orders through customer service. This service will only be available from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 2 PM. Finally, it is necessary to mention that the company is focusing on offering a mobile application that will facilitate some of these processes and services, and benefit its customers.

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