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What is Cuyana?

Cuyana is the timeless apparel and accessories for the modern woman made with premium materials and fine craftsmanship. In 2011, Cuyana was founded by Karla Gallardo. Her fellow partner was Shilpa Shah. Cuyana is the word of the Quechua language which is usually known as Runasimi. Cuyana means to love. The theme of the Cuyana Company is to love every item in their closets. They promote intended buying. So, when Cuyana came up on the market as a business clothing brand, they started with a loan of $20,000, now they are earning more than $7millions.

Where is Cuyana based?

Cuyana store is located in the heart of San Francisco's Union Square, New York and Boston. This is the best place they have chosen for their company's productivity. They ordered their collection from seven different countries including Italy, Ecuador, Turkey, Argentina, Peru, Scotland, and the US. They are inspired by the international environment so that is why Cuyana has the women premium piece of clothing. When Gallardo travels, she is fascinated by street style, architecture, art, cultural values and cities for the company. Cuyana believes in the fewer, the better. They made each item with the skilled man-crafts who are from southern Europe, South America, China, and the United States.

How fast will my Cuyana order be processed?

Your Cuyana shipping is made online after receiving the order request from your side. Cuyana standard shipping takes 2-6 business days to deliver the Cuyana parcel at your final destination. Cuyana shipping is accelerated within 2 days via express shipping. They made the shipment from San Francisco, CA. Cuyana shipping is collaborative with FedEx which is an international cargo/parcel shipment service. The Cuyana shipments made by FexEx are usually paid. Cuyana shipping cost changed as per the Cuyana shipping method.

Cuyana parcels can be received on the same day as you place your order before the local time 12 PM. The order must be placed on working days Monday to Friday excluding the holidays.

How fast will my international Cuyana order be processed?

Cuyana international shipping is also available for you. Anywhere in the world, you can make the Cuyana shipment. The processing days are different as per the location. The Cuyana international shipping is made by the DHL express which is a reliable cargo service that sends parcels globally. If you are ordering from Canada, South America, Asia, and the Middle East or Africa, it takes 2-4 business days. All are applied with some fixed Cuyana shopping costs. No, they have applied Cuyana shopping taxes as well.

If you are interested to make the order from any other location outside the US. You can go for example on the given website usgobuy.com and create your US address, so you can order anything anywhere.

How can I track my Cuyana order?

When you place your order at Cuyana shipping, you receive the confirmation email. The email has all the details about your Cuyana parcel. You are assigned with the Cuyana tracking number which is used to track your parcel location. You simply go to the tracking and enter your Cuyana tracking number. You will be shown with the details of your Cuyana package.

You can have another option to contact Cuyana customer service via call or email. So, the Cuyana customer service will tell you about your Cuyana order status.

You can also opt for the Ship24 website. You only have to enter your Cuyana tracking number for nothing else. And all the information about your Cuyana order will be displayed on your gadget screen.

My Cuyana tracking number says my order is delivered but I can't find it, what should I do?

In case you lost your Cuyana parcel or did not receive the desired Cuyana delivery time, you can report the Cuyana customer service. You can also contact FedEx and ask them to open your Cuyana tracking ID. Once you get a Cuyana tracking number you can contact the support system via email. They will trace your order and inform you about the details. They will take follow-up within 2-3 working days and get back to you with some satisfactory answers. Cuyana customer service takes 2 weeks to replace lost merchandise. While they investigate with the FedEx team. The most important thing is to remember that if your Cuyana order delivery time has passed 3 weeks and you report too late, the company will not be considered as responsible for your lost items.

Does Cuyana deliver to PO boxes?

No, Cuyana never ships PO boxes. Because FedEx is not delivered to the PO boxes at any cost. So, a friendly suggestion for you is not to give your PO Box address. You are always conscious about the arrival address that you are giving. Try to provide the address where shopping can be made as per your requirements.

What should I do if I received my Cuyana order damaged?

Cuyana will help you in case of damaged Cuyana parcel receiving. You only have to take a picture of your damaged item. Send the picture via email to the Cuyana customer service. You must have to add a brief description of the damaged item including the Cuyana order number and shipping information that you have received. The Cuyana will follow-up in 2-3 days.

Cuyana shipping is international and you can order items anywhere in the world. Your order placement is not the last step at Cuyana website. Once you place your Cuyana order, the confirmation email is sent to you with all the required details of your Cuyana parcel. You have your Cuyana tracking number to track your order location until it reaches the final destination. So, you have to visit the Cuyana webpages to track your Cuyana shopping.

Ship24 also helps you to track your parcels. What you have to do is, go to Ship24. See the dialogue box with the name Enter tracking number you just need to enter your Cuyana tracking number. The loading page will display all the information about your Cuyana parcel. You can track any of your parcel information by using this site. Leave all the hassle and start using the Ship24 for tracking your parcels.

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