Coolshop tracking

Coolshop tracking

What is Coolshop?

Coolshop is a major internet retailer located in Northern Europe. It was founded in 2001, as a company that only sold video games over the Internet. Later, the company diversified to the point of selling items for different purposes, such as household items, or items for children. For the Coolshop shipping, the headquarter is in Denmark, but the company works in all the countries that are in the north of Europe, like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Holland, or Finland.
Currently, the company has an average of more than 2 million customers per year. Similarly, the web platform has an average of more than 6 million visitors and more than 300,000 subscribers, a number that continues to grow. Although the company was initially founded in Denmark, it is estimated that it will expand its operations to other European countries in the coming years.
The company started with only 9 new stores that were distributed in the main regions of Denmark, but now, the company has stores distributed in the main regions of many countries like the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, or Finland.
One of the secrets of Coolshop is that it offers marketing advice and other services to any seller or company that wants to sell its products through the Coolshop web platform. They only have to apply and meet all the criteria that Coolshop requires to sell the products.
The three main pillars of the company are based on economic prices, free shipping, and discount promotions. For this reason, Coolshop has increased its operations every year. The company has good esteem and valuations from its customers and anyone involved in purchase negotiations. Reviews and ratings can be found on websites such as "Trustpilot".
But despite the growing success, the company's managers still feel they have a long way to go if they want to dominate the European market, especially outside Northern Europe. Part of the problem is that they compete with big international companies such as Amazon or eBay, which have a great influence around the world.
They currently have one of the best customer services in the market and have virtual tools and systems that stand out for their efficiency, transparency, and reliability when processing payment, sales, and shipping transactions.

Is Coolshop UK trustworthy?

As we have mentioned before, the company has excellent reviews and ratings from its users and customers who perform daily operations on the web platform. Mainly, all purchasing operations are protected by the strictest and most efficient security systems in the market.
All the data that the users contribute are only used for certain moments like, for example, the purchase and shipment procedures. If additional data is required, users are always notified in advance by email.
On the other hand, both the company and the users have an advisory service to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Users can also contact those vendors or stores that sell their products through the Coolshop web platform, if necessary. It is a useful way to avoid scams and any kind of disappointment.

Where is Coolshop based?

The main base is in Denmark, but it also has a central office in the United-Kingdom. On the other hand, Coolshop projects that in the coming years, the company will expand its operations to other regions of Europe, and other continents like Asia or America.

How do I track my Coolshop order?

Once the users have completed all the corresponding purchase and shipping procedures, they receive a notification with the tracking number, which is necessary to make use of the Coolshop tracking service. The tracking system is available on the company's web platform and only registered users can log in and access the system.
Users also track and trace their orders through customer service, which sends updated information on the status and location of the order once it is on its way. Besides, all information is sent by email. It is important to mention that notifications with the tracking number are sent in 1 or 2 days by email after the payment procedures have been processed.

Does Coolshop have free shipping?

All shipments that are processed and managed through the company are completely free of charge. This is an efficient way to encourage purchases and save users additional expenses. Regardless of the size or type of product, Coolshop free shippings can be given at any time of the year.

What are Coolshop delivery fees?

These additional fees are not subject to shipping costs. They are only additional fees that customers can pay if they wish to have insurance on their products or wish to receive their orders in less than 24 hours. These rates are subject to special promotions and services of the company.

How long does Coolshop take to deliver?

Coolshop shipping time is very good. Regardless of the destination:

  • The approximate delivery time is 2 to 5 working days.
  • If the product is not in stock, the delivery time can increase from 7 to 15 working days.
  • If users choose a faster delivery method, they can receive their orders in less than 24 hours.

On the other hand, users can request that the Coolshop delivery is made directly to their home address. The in-store delivery service is only available in Denmark.

Where does Coolshop can deliver?

Currently, the company has an operational structure that allows it to manage shipments and deliveries to all countries in Northern Europe such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Holland, or Iceland. Similarly, deliveries can be managed in the United Kingdom, such as England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or Canada.

How can I contact Coolshop?

Once inside the web platform, users have access to different types of data, such as phone numbers and emails. Through these tools, users can process claims, inquiries, suggestions, refunds, returns, or complaints.
The Coolshop Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM and offers advice on any type of request or consultation. Users can also communicate through some social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

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