Canadian tire tracking

What is Canadian Tire?

Canadian Tire is a Canadian based company, which operates as a retailer for the sale of vehicle products, hardware products, sporting goods, and other merchandise. All these products can be purchased through Canadian Tire online shopping. These operational processes can be carried out thanks to the allied companies absorbed by Canadian Tire over the years.
The history of its foundation dates back to 1922 when its owners, John William Billes and Alfred Jackson Billes chose to invest all their savings in a small company known as Hamilton Tire and Garage Ltd in the city of Toronto, Canada. From its first beginnings, the company only sold tires from different manufacturers during the winter seasons, and later resold other brands during the summer seasons.
In the first years of growth, the company went through different names. It was not until 1928 when the company began distributing a price list of all its products and services under the name of Canadian Tire. From that moment on, the company started its journey to grow both at a corporate and commercial level.
By 1944, Canadian Tire became one of the largest and most important public companies in the country. By that time the company already had more than 110 stores distributed in the most important cities and regions of Canada, including those rural regions that were far away from the capital city or region.
It was not until 2000, when the company, thanks to its corporate and financial importance, expanded into other markets and other types of services. By 2003, Canadian Tire entered the banking market by founding subsidiary and partner companies that would start as private banks under the name of Canadian Tire. Later, the company would also begin its process of diversifying services and selling other types of products.
Even, by 2018, Canadian Tire absorbs the corporate rights of the Helly Hansen brand and begins a new commercial chapter through the sale of excellent quality clothing. In this same year, its online platform for the sale of products and services acquired a very important relevance.
Currently, the company has more than 200 stores that are not only distributed in Canada but also in the United States. Likewise, it has more than 14,000 employees with fixed contracts and other more than 19,000 part-time employees.
Much of its success is due to its ability to expand into other markets. Since 2000, its founders initiated an efficient reorganization plan that would allow it not only to expand to other countries and reach more customers, but also to absorb other companies to sell other kinds of products such as clothing, sports goods, or fuel services. Similarly, its success is also due to effective marketing campaigns, which have been already known for more than 15 years. 

Does Canadian Tire do delivery?

Through the Canadian Tire online platform, users have the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of products. Once users complete all the necessary purchasing procedures, they can receive their products through two methods:
The first one consists of receiving the product directly to their home address, which must be determined before processing the purchase.
The second method consists of looking for and receiving the product in the nearest store. All delivery details will be notified via email. 

How can I track my Canadian Tire parcel?

The Canadian Tire track system can be found on the official website. It is only available to those users who have completed all the necessary purchasing and shipping procedures. When these processes are completed, users will receive an email notification where they will not only acquire all the corresponding information of their products but will also receive the tracking number.
This Canadian Tire track order number must be entered into the virtual tracking system. Once it is entered, users will get detailed and updated information about their products, such as approximate delivery time and delivery method.

Does Canadian Tire ship to the US?

Currently, the company is not in an ideal position to provide the Canadian Tire delivery service to other countries, such as the United States. This situation is due to complications in its operational structure. However, since there are Canadian Tire locations in the United States, users can process their purchases without the need for their products to come from Canada. However, the company is working on making shipments and deliveries possible to other countries located around North America in the coming years, such as Mexico for example.

Does Canadian Tire offer free shipping?

All shipping rates and costs may vary due to other factors such as product size, product weight, delivery method, and delivery destination. It is also common for additional charges to be added to the final purchase price. However, these costs usually do not exceed $2 per product. Similarly, users will not be able to enjoy any Canadian Tire free shipping, since until now, the company has not designed a business plan of this type.

How long does Canadian Tire take to deliver my parcel?

The approximate delivery time for a Canadian Tire package is 2 working days. Also, Canadian Tire offers different delivery methods:
The first method, called "Standard Delivery", consists of making deliveries as close as possible to homes.
With the second method, "Home Delivery", users can receive their products directly to their homes.
With the method "Delivery Home/Packaging", users receive their products at home and the delivery person is responsible for removing the product packaging.

How do I contact Canadian Tire customer service?

Customer service can be contacted through the company's official website. There, users can process suggestions, complaints, inquiries, and other requests related to Canadian Tire shipping. They will also have access to the company's phone numbers, emails, and social networking accounts. They will also have access to the addresses of the main offices in the United States and Canada. Finally, they will also be able to solve some of their doubts through the question and answer system that Canadian Tire's customer service offers. Finally, users will also be able to make use of Canadian Tire's mobile application, which is currently under development.

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