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What is Brooklinen?

Brooklinen is a world-renowned manufacturer and seller of luxury bed sheets. Brooklinen is an American startup founded by husband and wife Vicki and Rich Fulop, which aimed to deliver simple and beautiful home essentials at a fair price. The company was created in 2014, and since then has gained quite an impressive customer base. Today, the company also has different other products on its online store like comforters, blankets, loungewear for men and women, etc. , but their fame comes from their high quality, durable and luxury bed and bath linens.

Brooklinen shipping service is operational for worldwide orders, which means that you can get their premium quality products right at your doorstep anywhere in the world. As a luxury brand, Brooklinen tries its best to provide products according to the needs of their customers, emphasizing a personal touch, which is why if you don't find what you are looking for at Brooklinen, just ask them, and they will do their best to offer you what you need.

Does Brooklinen have a store?

Although Brooklinen was an online startup with an aim to provide high-quality bed and bath linen at extremely fair prices, due to their success, increase in customer base, and requests from their fans, they opened a permanent store in Brooklyn in 2020. The store is located at 127 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249. If you don't want to shop online and avail Brooklinen shipping service and of course if you live in the United-States, you can visit their store and entertain yourself with the ever-expanding inventory of products.

The store is established to provide a comfortable experience to their customers; this is why the customers are greeted by cozy bed vignettes, along with detailed product-info displays, which help the customers decide whether they want to buy a product or not. Brooklinen store features different products, including sheets, duvet inserts, pillows, towels, candles, and loungewear.

Which shipping carriers does Brooklinen use?

As far as national orders are concerned, Brooklinen shipping is done through FedEx, UPS, and USPS. However, Brooklinen international shipping is carried out by UPS and USPS. Once you have placed an order, you can expect your Brooklinen order within ten days. But if you have placed an order in which there is an item that is out of stock, your whole order will be shipped when that particular item will be back in the stock. In case you want your package to arrive sooner, write an email at hello@brooklinen.com, and they will let you know if there is any way to receive the order earlier.

How do I track my Brooklinen order?

Brooklinen shipping is done via different shipping carriers, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Once you confirm and place your order, you will be notified when your order will be shipped via an email. The Email will contain all the necessary information regarding your order, including a Brooklinen tracking number and the name of the shipping carrier being used to ship it. If you want to track your order, you can simply go to the shipping carrier's website and then insert the tracking number provided to you by Brooklinen and press enter. As a result, you will be shown your package's current location and all the stops it has made during the journey.

Another way that you can do Brooklinen tracking for your order is by visiting ship24.com. Once you open up the website, you will find an input box on the homepage, enter the tracking number and get all the tracking info about your Brooklinen order.

How long does Brooklinen take to ship?

Brooklinen does not guarantee a specific timeline about the shipment and delivery of your order. Brooklinen shipping depends on the processing time of the product that you have purchased. Once a product is processed, it takes about 3-7 days for your package to arrive at your doorstep.

The processing times of different products are different. The products by Brooklinen are processed within 5-8 business days. The company takes extreme safety precautions, so it takes that much time to process an order.

The processing time of products that are placed with the far located partners of Brooklinen can go as high as up to three weeks. However, every partner has different processing and delivery times. You can find all the information about the shipping and delivery times of the products from all the partners on the Brooklinen website.

My Brooklinen order was marked as delivered, but it's not here, what do I do?

If your Brooklinen delivery has not reached your home, but the order status is showing delivered, it is probably due to some mistake. You can call the customer support of the shipping carrier that is in charge of your package. Give them all the necessary details, and ask them to update you on the location of your package. The customer support will do everything they can to resolve your Brooklein order problem. However, there can be a possibility that they did not find a recipient for the order and sent the package back to Brooklinen. In that case, you can send an email at hello@brookliene.com or call/text at (646) 798-7447 and let them know about the situation.

What is Brooklinen return policy?

Brooklinen accepts returns and exchanges, and their return policy is quite fair. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the delivered product(s), you can send them back and claim for a refund or exchange within 365 days. If you live in the US, Brooklinen will pay for the return shipping, and the amount will be credited in the original payment method or store credit.

You can also return the products that were on promotion, and ask for an exchange or refund. Brooklinen will match the item's price with the original order and allow you to buy products within that price. Brooklinen shipping times for exchanged products can take another 7-10 days, depending on the products you bought in the new order.

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