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Lego blocks have been toys that have marked the lives of millions of children around the world. Previously, only a few figures could be made with a couple of these plastic blocks, but the Lego brand really innovated and changed the way of playing with plastic blocks to build houses to intergalactic ships. Nowadays Lego is sold all over the world, in toy stores and many online stores, but BrickLink orders are one of the most popular in many countries.

What is BrickLink?

BrickLink is a small group that brings together thousands of vendors and fans of popular LEGO toys. It is an online platform where sellers and buyers can register to offer Lego products in different conditions, new or used, to all those fans who want to expand their collection of legos or simply want to be entertained with a new challenge of the brand.
The group does not sell or buy products but serves as a platform for the different sellers to publish their Lego toys and the fans to buy the product following and respecting each of the sale protocols of Lego BrickLink. BrickLink is the largest community in the world that brings together all LEGO lovers.

Does Lego own BrickLink?

When BrickLink was founded, it started offering its services as an independent group, but in 2019, the LEGO Group announced that it had acquired the BrickLink Group to improve its bond with its fans. Today, BrickLink and Lego are trademarks of the LEGO Group.
Maintaining a good relationship with its adult fans is very important to LEGO. After all, they are the ones who remain committed to the brand, waiting every year for new challenges to be assembled. Lego also decided to commit to its fans and made this great partnership to take their creativity to the next level. The LEGO company as such does not sell directly through the platform but enhances the connection and experience between sellers and buyers.

Is Bricklink a safe website?

Absolutely, BrickLink has proven to be a safe and secure website, even before it was acquired by LEGO. The site's security parameters, privacy and terms and conditions, are strict enough to guarantee excellent buying and selling services to and from anywhere in the world.

How do I track my Bricklink order?

BrickLink tracking is a tool that allows you to know the shipping status of your package. All sales orders issued from the platform can be tracked, but you must make sure that the seller of the product sends you the BrickLink tracking number. With this tracking number, you can log in to the Courier website and track your package's shipping details. The tracking number can be viewed in the order details section, under the category “Orders Placed”.
To be sure of the exact location of your package, track it directly from the official Courier site. This will also show you all the details of the shipment. However, if you have problems accessing the site you can also track your package from our platform.

How long does Bricklink take to ship?

The delivery time of any package sold through BrickLink will depend on several factors such as the location of the seller, location of the buyer, shipping methods, Courier, etc. After purchasing an order you must indicate your preferred shipping method. All information regarding shipping can be seen in detail in an email that will be sent to you, as well as the invoice.
On average, packages sent within the same country can be delivered in a period of 4-7 working days. On the other hand, the shipment of international packages can take between 2-4 weeks, depending on the destination; if it is to another continent, or if it has to go through strict customs security levels.   Also, all packages have a BrickLink order tracking with which buyers can track their packages at all times and have an estimate of the delivery time.
In some countries, BrickLink offers rate charts from different couriers so that buyers can choose the most suitable shipping method for them. This will also determine the time that the package(s) will be delivered and even the rate available for that package.

Is Bricklink Free Shipping?

Because it is a platform that brings together thousands of LEGO fanatical vendors, the availability of Bricklink free shipping will depend entirely on the vendor. Some vendors may offer free shipping nationally and internationally, but with some conditions that may refer to the cost of the product or the weight of the product. You can always check in advance if the seller proposes BrickLink free shipping.
However, very few sellers offer free shipping, unless they are within the same city, but the rest of them do ship with destination charge or even in advance because some shipping rates can be really expensive especially international shipping.

Does Bricklink Deliver Internationally?

In BrickLink all sellers have the option to choose whether they want to offer international shipping to all parts of the world, or just to some countries. BrickLink international shipping is a condition to be considered by the seller at the time of publishing their products. In case a person wants to buy a Lego, but the seller does not ship to the buyer's country, then the buyer must find another seller or another store.

How do I contact the BrickLink customer service?

The easiest way to contact BrickLink customer service is through the Help Center on their website. In this section of the site, you can choose the subject of which you want to make a query and the same platform will provide you with some solutions. You can also fill out a form below and you will receive a response via email. In fact, it is possible that in the mail you receive, you will find a BrickLink phone number which you can call directly to communicate any doubt or suggestion you have.
BrickLink also has several email addresses where you can communicate with any questions, suggestions, or queries. Each department has an address where you can go directly to discuss the corresponding issue. All these addresses can be easily found on their website.

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