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The love of books motivated the creation of Biblio.com, in addition to the desire to offer local bookstores the possibility of expanding their global reach. Biblio.com is committed to helping you find that special book you are looking for.
Biblio.com services are focused on the sale of books. This company offers the lowest costs in the market, with a minimum price of 1 USD in Biblio and 1 GBP in Biblio.co.uk. At Biblio.com, the customer comes first and, depending on their satisfaction, the bookstores that are parts of the great Biblio family contribute to the savings of all their customers.

What is Biblio.com?

Biblio.com is a small private and self-financed company, whose main task is to support independent and community-based businesses. They work to offer an excellent quality service that helps them grow as a company hand in hand with their colleagues and business partners; in what they define as a triple objective. It is a company committed to promoting education and literacy.
For Biblio.com the main thing is the customer, in that sense, the efforts are focused on providing an efficient and high-quality service to each one of them. Biblio has a customer service team trained to answer any question since it is made up of all the members of the company, including the managers.

Is Biblio.com a reputable website?

Throughout 17 active years, Biblio.com has achieved a solid recognition among its customers; who highlight the great variety of volumes and the good options the company offers in terms of new and used books, very well preserved and of excellent quality. Regarding deliveries, it is worth mentioning that Biblio.com shipping costs are usually inexpensive and the times are relatively accurate.

Where is Biblio located?

Biblio.com is located in Asheville, North Carolina. From there, they serve orders throughout the country and include Biblio.com international service to serve orders outside of the United States.

Is Biblio owned by Amazon?

Biblio.com stands out as an independent company, it is considered as the largest used book market that conglomerates bookstores around the world. Biblio and its associates around the world offer more than 50 million books.
Biblio.com commitment is focused on providing good customer service, while creating greater opportunities for the booksellers who are part of the great Biblio family, preserving the original independence. In this sense, it is important to clarify that Biblio.com is not owned by Amazon.

How do I track my order from Biblio.com?

If you have placed an order and are interested in Biblio.com order tracking, you have several options.

  • The first one is to log in to your Biblio.com account with your password or to the email you received with your order confirmation, to check the status.
  • You can also contact the bookseller directly from whom you made the purchase. You will find this information registered in the sale confirmation email.
  • Another option you have is to contact support@biblio.com to access the information and track Biblio.com order.

Does Biblio.com ship internationally?

The company also has an important Biblio.com international shipping service in partnership with Asendia, so that international shipments are made more expeditiously and Biblio.com shipping costs are less expensive.
This partnership with Asendia guarantees that the customer will pay less commission for each order. The process will be carried out without any extra paperwork, customs forms or customer's phone number. Another advantage is that with the new program the risks of loss are also reduced.
For the shipping process, Biblio.com will provide an address label that may be attached to the outside of the package. The information is as follows:

701C Ashland Ave.
Folcroft, PA 19032-2025
United States

The shipment number for Asendia purposes will be the identification of the package, so it is necessary for the delivery to be made effective for your Biblio.com order tracking. However, the customer's international address must not be stated on the outside of the package.

How long does Biblio.com take to ship?

Biblio.com ships over 8 million new and used books free of charge. Biblio.com free shipping is available for the U.S., without a minimum purchase.
Shipping times will vary depending on the geographic location of the bookstore where the order was placed and added to that depending on the type of shipping service selected.
It may be helpful to use the shipping estimator in your shopping cart before making transactions; to verify costs and delivery times according to either a standard or expedited shipping method.
Once your Biblio orders have been placed, the customer will receive an email with all the details, including Biblio.com customer service and the bookseller's direct contact for the biblio.com order tracking number.

What are Biblio.com shipping costs?

Biblio.com shipping fees depend to a great extent on the booksellers' own sales conditions, which also determine the shipping rates. The costs will vary according to the location from which the book will be sent, the number of books, the shipping method chosen, and the number of bookstores involved in that same transaction.
For the purposes of Biblio.com, international shipping rates will depend on the country of destination and will be subject to the Asendia rates and the standard rate of the United States seller. Biblio.com shipping to Europe is also at your complete disposal.
An example with a standard U.S. rate of 4.50 for Canada: it will give a total of $17.02. For Australia, this would be $21.09 and the UK $20.62

How can I contact Biblio.com?

Customers may contact Biblio.com through Biblio Inc. P.O. Box 1211 Asheville, NC 28002 USA.
Through this email, customers can contact the company to ask questions related to the purchase process, the shipping and even to ask any question about a particular book.
The Biblio.com community has as many partners as it has books and that is why you will most likely be able to find that special edition you have been looking for for so long.
Subscribing by the e-newsletter, you will receive a Biblio.com coupon and also have the chance to win $50 in free books. For more information, you can visit www.biblio.com

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