ArtFire tracking

ArtFire tracking

In the ArtFire community, each client will be able to find a unique product totally adapted to their expectations, the wide variety of options makes it possible. In ArtFire you will find jewelry, furniture, accessories, handmade items, design and fine art. Its handcrafted products are distinguished for setting the trend. has a special product for you.

What is ArtFire?

ArtFire is a large community of thousands of independent dealers and manufacturers, who have created a multitude of unique and original handcrafted items for all tastes. Through ArtFire its users can connect with real artists and manufacturers from all over the world who distinguish themselves by their professionalism.
Subscribing by the ArtFire newsletter, you can get coupon codes and great discounts over many products.
Special handmade items, household items. ArtFire connects you with original creations from artists and independent manufacturers with a unique stamp. Your gifts will give you something to talk about because at ArtFire you will have access to exclusive products. You will no longer be afraid that your neighbor or colleague will be wearing the same earrings.

Is ArtFire a legit site?

As a website, ArtFire has favorable opinions regarding its operation and services, emphasizing its effectiveness in the promotion and sale of quality products with precise rules within such a wide community of sellers. The same is true when talking about ArtFire tracking method, which is considered by many to be accurate. The combination of customer service and the existence of an ArtFire tracking number plays a big part in this.

Where is ArtFire located?

ArtFire is based in Tucson, a place that is distinguished by being considered the most consolidated artistic community in the United States.  

How can I track my order from ArtFire?

All those who live within the territory of the United States, receive a ArtFire tracking number in the email that confirms the transaction and shipment. Customers from other countries receive a customs number, which is different from the tracking number.
In case the customer has mistakenly provided a wrong address, ArtFire track my order makes their mail available for them to receive the transaction ID, only within 24 hours. If the order has not been shipped, ArtFire is committed to fixing the label.
In case the product has been sent, it is suggested that you contact the person of the address provided to return it. A return fee will be charged.

Does ArtFire deliver internationally?

International deliveries are currently made to Canada and the United Kingdom. USPS Priority Mail is used for these international shipments.  Below are some examples that stipulate the flat rate. If the order generates additional costs, an invoice will be sent to the customer.

  • Canada: Flat Rate for the medium Box: $26.95; Flat rate for a large box. 33.95$
  • United Kingdom: Flat rate for the medium box: $43.95; Flat rate for the large box: $55.95

How long is ArtFire delivery? 

ArtFire carries out the packing process of the order between 1 and 2 days from the order. Generally, the deliveries are made between Tuesday and Friday. The stipulated time for international shipments is 14 to 21 working days. During the whole process, the client can access tracking.
However, it is important that the customer is aware that international deliveries can take up to 30 days. This is due to the customs retention of international packages for a period of 2 to 4 weeks. Once the package has reached this point, the United States Postal Service has no power of action over the merchandise.
All those packages with a destination to foreign territory can be subject to the customs taxes of that country. In this case, it is important for the customer to know that he will be solely responsible for the payment of import regulations.
Within the US territory, the ArtFire shipping time is 3 to 7 working days. In this time the client can make a perfect ArtFire shipping tracking.

Are ArtFire shipping prices expensive?

ArtFire offers its sellers two options to establish ArtFire selling fees on shipping costs: Primary and Secondary. This in order to offer the client the possibility to acquire more than one product without paying for several deliveries.
ArtFire Primary shipping is, in summary, the shipping cost for the transaction of sending the purchased unit. If for example, a customer buys three or four items from the same seller, all remaining items besides the first item will be charged a secondary shipping cost.
A secondary shipping charge is an attractive offer for customers to access multiple items and save on shipping. Primary and secondary shipping rates only take effect when the purchase is made from the same vendor.
When a customer makes a purchase from multiple stores, the shipping rates will correspond to those stipulated by each store. Buying two items from two different stores implies the cancellation of a primary shipment in each of them.
ArtFire accepts as a payment method: Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

How can I contact ArtFire customer care?

In case you need to establish ArtFire contact to verify the status of an order or to track your order, you can send an email to There, you can get all the advices from ArtFire customer service.
The ArtFire customer service phone number 866-683-0994 is also available in case you need further assistance. Their professionals will know how to offer you the required orientation on any aspect. In case you have been interested in joining the great community of talented artisans; just enter the ArtFire page and click on the section located on the upper right corner that says: "open your store". There you will be guided through all the steps to follow. The username will be for ArtFire community purposes the name of your store.
Sellers who are members of the large ArtFire community pays a commission on sales. They also have monthly payment plans with attractive rates and reduced commission rates. If you want to be part of it as a seller or manufacturer, please visit

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