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During recent years, the use of books has largely ceased in most of the world's population because everything is being digitized. However, there is still a good percentage of readers who prefer to read their books in their physical form, with the object in their hands. Alibris is an opportunity where millions of people can find those books that they need so much to continue expanding their knowledge. In addition, this site has an Alibris coupon, with which customers can take advantage of discounts on books.

What is Alibris?

Alibris is a digital marketplace for books, films, and music, which had its beginnings more than two decades ago when it functioned as a kind of virtual library. They currently maintain a business that operates in these three main areas: the sale and rental of used and new textbooks, music and movies.
This platform gives thousands of people the opportunity to have their own business as an independent bookseller through market solutions and partnerships with hundreds of retailers worldwide.

Is Alibris Legit?

With over 20 years in the market, Alibris has proven to be a totally legal, secure, and reliable site. Millions of people have remained loyal to the platform, and thanks to the excellent quality of the team, it is possible to guarantee a complete and totally capable service.
Buying with Alibris is totally safe, so you should not be afraid to use or provide information regarding your credit card, the company is responsible in case of fraud and will return your money.

Does Amazon own Alibris?

No. In 1997 Martin Manley decided to carry out his business idea and founded Alibris with the help of Interloc, the team that innovated the online book market. Since then, it grew and was backed by venture capital until Oak Hill Capital Partners, a private equity firm, bought the company in 2006.
Then, in 2010, Oak Hill Capital Partners decided to buy Monsoon and merge it with Alibris. By 2017, Alibris was owned by Am Holding Inc. (formerly Moonson Commerce Inc.). Later, the owners decided to sell two of their companies and eventually sold Alibris to a private investor. Since that time, Amazon has had its eye on Alibris, but it has never belonged to Amazon.

How do I track a package from Alibris?

In order to track an Alibris package, it must have the Trackable Expedited option selected as the shipping method, either One Day Air or Two Day Air. If you have an order in progress and selected this shipping method, then you should only select the tracking section, enter your details, and then you will see all the information about your order.
In the event that a seller and a buyer have agreed to ship via a service other than Alibris, this package must also have an Alibris tracking number and with this, both can track the package from the website of the carrier in charge. 
Using Ship24 to track your Alibris package is another easy solution.

How long does Alibris take to ship?

In order to know the delivery time for Alibris books, it is necessary to know the items being purchased, the location of the seller, the shipping method you have selected, and the destination to which the package will go. Generally, products leaving the Alibris store are shipped the next business day after the purchase is processed.
In the case of independent sellers, Alibris shipping may take between 2 and 3 days to be processed, so it may take longer to reach the final destination. Also, if the seller is not in Canada or the United States, it can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

Does Alibris have free shipping?

There are thousands of Alibris free shipping products on this online market for books, music, and movies. For all purchases under $39, shipping to the United States will be completely free.
You can select several products to your shopping cart without exceeding $39 so you can enjoy Alibris free shipping. There are a variety of books available that have this shipping option. However, free shipping is only available for all those shipments to be delivered within the United States.

How to sell books on Alibris?

Selling your own Alibris books is really easy. You simply need an email address and a credit card to open your account. Of course, you must also have new or used books, music, or movies available for sale.
To start selling, all you have to do is upload your products by selecting the "Add Items" option. You can take advantage of some of the platform's tools to automate the publishing process. One of them is the "Real-Time Pricing" option, which shows the seller a price list of other books from other online markets. Similarly, you can set your preferred price and Alibris will update it daily, as the rate changes.

Where does Alibris can deliver?

Thanks to Alibris' large distribution network, many sellers are able to send their books to the vast majority of countries in the world. However, there are some countries that Alibris cannot deliver to. Some of them are Algeria, Brazil, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, North Korea, Sudan, and a few others.
However, it is important to note that many countries have border and customs rules and regulations that all packages sent must comply with. Therefore, it is important that you always keep in mind that there could be some inconvenience or delay in the shipment of your package.

How do I contact Alibris customer service?

Alibris customer service has different contact options depending on the profile of each visitor. As the first option for any customer that visits the site and wants to contact the customer service is by writing through the form that is available in the "Contact Us" section. Similarly, the platform has a section of frequently asked questions that could solve any common problem.
For those experienced sellers who want to start their business with Alibris, they can help them expand quickly and increase their sales. Ask about anything you can sell, whether it's books, movies, or music by sending an email to webmaster@alibris.com.
You can also send postcards to Alibris' main office to communicate any concerns about the design, features, or functionality of the website. The address is 1250 45th Street, Suite 100, Emeryville, CA 94608.

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