2dehands tracking

2dehands tracking


What is 2dehands?

2dehands is the most important company of advertisers in Belgium. 2dehands Belgium can be considered as one of the most important companies in the country to sell, buy, and market a wide variety of products through the Internet or virtual platforms. The company 2dehands was founded in 1992, by several university students who wanted to give life to their dream of having a company where they could sell different second-hand products.
Initially, the main objective was to sell second-hand computers and other electronic or digital products in an online store or any other type of product that was no longer used by its former owners. Today, the company has the corporate and commercial support of its partner company known as 2ememain. Between the two companies, users not only have the opportunity to acquire computers or digital equipment, but they can also acquire other products such as clothing, furniture, appliances, sports equipment, merchandise for children, construction materials, and even cars.
In the most recent economic studies, it was found that both companies, 2dehands and 2ememain, are considered as the most important online advertising platforms in Belgium. Such is their importance that in the last year, more than 8 million users have registered and commercialized in the virtual stores of 2dehands and 2ememain.
2dehands offers more than 40 different categories of products, which can not only be purchased online but also through the company's mobile application. Both 2dehands and 2ememain offer more than 900,000 ads daily, where users can buy both used products and new or collectible merchandise. Every year the company grows commercially and financially thanks to the millions of sales they make annually. Since its creation, the growth of 2dehands and 2ememain has been exponential.

2dehands package tracking

Can I track my order from 2dehands?

2dehands tracking service is a little different from traditional tracking systems. Users will only be able to track and locate the location of their packages through the information provided by the vendors. Once buyers have completed all the necessary purchasing procedures, they receive an email with all the information related to the transportation and the delivery of the packages.
This information includes details such as approximate delivery time, method of delivery, type of transportation, order status, and means of contacting the seller. Also, the email may reflect the 2dehands order number for users to use in case of processing any request for cancellation, refund, or tracking of the package. In case the user does not receive the email, they can contact the seller or the company's customer service. However, the tracking service is known for its efficiency, reliability, and accuracy.

Does 2dehands work internationally?

Unfortunately, the company does not currently have the infrastructure and operational logistics to offer international shipping and delivery. All deliveries can be made to the most important regions and cities in Belgium, including the regions furthest from the capital or city.
While 2dehands and 2ememain are working to expand into international markets, especially in neighboring countries, they are limited in offering their services to other countries. However, it is estimated that by 2024, the company will have the necessary infrastructure to manage the shipping and delivery of packages to several European countries, such as France and the Netherlands.

How much is shipping on 2dehands?

The shipping rate may change due to several factors. The type of product, the size of the package, the weight of the package, the destination, and the method of delivery may influence the final shipping rate.
However, the average shipping cost is about 5 dollars:
With the standard shipping method, the approximate shipping cost is around 3 dollars.
With the premium method, the approximate shipping cost is around 4 dollars.
Similarly, with the shipping of large and heavy products, such as cars, furniture, appliances, or building materials, the shipping fee can exceed $200.
On the other hand, 2dehands and 2ememain offer certain services where users can save significant amounts of money on shipping costs. If users download the 2dehands mobile application, they can pay a monthly subscription of 10 dollars, with which they can buy all the products they want without the need to pay additional fees or taxes. Also, occasionally, product ads with discount offers or free 2dehands shipping fees appear.

Is the delivery fast with 2dehands?

The 2dehands delivery service is usually efficient and reliable, despite having an irregular history in the delivery time of the packages. It is important to clarify that the delivery time depends on some factors such as the type of product, the size of the product, the delivery method, and the condition of the seller. The average delivery time takes usually 3 to 5 business days. However, this delivery time is subject to the shipment of packages that do not exceed 10 kilograms and that are sent through the standard delivery services.
With the premium services, users can receive their products within 2 to 3 working days. However, they must define the delivery method or service once the purchase procedures are completed. On the other hand, it is recommended that all the logistics related to the shipping and delivery of the package should be discussed and managed with the seller. In this way, users can reduce the chances of running some risk in the delivery or some inconvenience related to the package.

How do I contact the 2dehands customer care?

On the virtual platforms of 2dehands and 2ememain, users can access all the corresponding contact information. Phone numbers, emails, and the accounts of official social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. Similarly, users can also contact customer service through the company's mobile application.
On the other hand, users can process some services, such as consultations, claims, refunds, package tracking, cancellations, suggestions, or even request information about other services such as 2dehands free shipping. Although the company has currently demonstrated some irregularities in the quality of its services, its customer service continues to demonstrate high levels of efficiency and reliability. All requests are handled by customer service in less than 24 hours.

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