Where is my parcel? I ordered a long time ago.

Where is my parcel? I ordered a long time ago.

Here is the most common time frame for cross border ecommerce package delivery for Tracked/Registered to understand better the common crossborder shipping process. This is only an estimation and does not include rural areas or not easily accessible regions.

  • Day 1-2: Acceptance/Package pick up in the origin country
  • Day 2 to 3: Departure from the office of exchange Exporting
  • Day 3 to 5: Customs Process for clearance Exporting

After exporting/departure, the package status is usually not updated till the package gets in the next location. (only for registered/tracked packages, others economy shipping options might not have further tracking after Export)

Depending on how long the previous operations have been done:

  • Day 4 -10: Arrival at the Destination country office of exchange
  • Day 10-20: Country’s Customs clearance Importing
  • Day 20-45: Destination country transportation as well as last-mile delivery

If the package can't be delivered to its recipient, on Day 60, the package might be returned back to the sender or declared as missing/los by your local delivery carrier or post office

If you are asking where is your parcel / package, you can wait until your parcel gets a status similar to: “Arrived in the destination country”. After this status, you can try to make a request directly to your regular Post office or local delivery carrier, to obtain your order delivery sped up. Ship24 provides useful tracking information and do not physically handle the shipment of packages in any way.

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