Where is my package?

Where is my package?

When you try to know where is your package, it can be very complicated for any ecommerce customer to find where is its parcel, especially when the parcel has been carried by several companies like USPS, Yanwen, SF Express…

For instance, Amazon is the big name in the eCommerce sector and so is AliExpress and are recognized for their valuable postal services they offer. Since the platforms are offering both registered and unregistered methods of choosing to have the products delivered (in accordance with the choice of customers), the problems that occurs mainly concern the tracking of orders. This is due to the fact that registered mails could be tracked while no tracking information is provided (at least a delivery notification when unregistered mailing option is selected.

I didn’t receive my order, can I get a refund?

If you’ve placed your order with an eCommerce site no matter where, you’d definitely be waiting for your order to arrive. But, there are cases where the buyers do not receive their packages. Buyers do request a refund at such a point of time. If that is your case, immediately contact the seller where you’ve placed your order with.

Please note that Ship24 is a tracking website of 500+ postal service providers and contains no other information about the order you made on the merchant website

The status is not available for tracking my package

Most of the time when the buyer places an order, the seller provides one with a unique tracking number that is used to track the location as well as the status of the item. There are multiple times when the users face errors and glitches with the tracking system due mainly to the shipment solution chosen, or to a package lost.

How do I know my package is lost?

It could be perceived that when the parcel has not reached he recipient (Buyer) or is not being tracked for more than 60 days, it is lost. Below are few reasons that makes a person find out if their parcel is actually lost;

  • Incorrect address- It is possible that the address provided has any reversed number or is incomplete. Where the tracker says your parcel is delivered, it means that it has been delivered to the wrong address.
  • Distinctive customs- There are some of the items, the shipment of which requires special documentation in order to be delivered to some countries. With an aim to satisfy all the customs, one must have proper documentation. If there is non-availability of proper documentation, then there could be a issue for the successful delivery.

What shall I do if my parcel/package is not found when tracked?

Where the status of the parcel shows “Not found”, it means that Ship24 do not have any information about the particular tracking number. In order to verify the purchase made, it is highly recommended to double check the tracking number provided to you. If you don’t have it, contact the merchant or the supplier.

Please note that if you’ve just placed your order, the information is sometimes not right away available, wait for a day or two for the correct tracking details to be available.

Status not available for my package

When as a buyer or seller you want to “track my order“ or “track the delivery” and the status of the order shows unavailable, this could be due to several reasons as below:

  • The package has not been scanned by the shipper/seller- Ship24 tracking system is only updated when the seller or the postal service provider scans your parcel/package. Whenever the tracking system fails to show the status, it is due to not scanning.
  • Unscannable barcode- The postal service providers do attach a unique barcode whenever it comes to shipping the parcel/package. The tracking of the parcel would only be possible when the carrier scans the barcode and update the information on Ship24 platform. But, there comes a point of time when barcode breaks out, making it difficult to update the information relating the package.
  • Others- Some of the other reasons include; weather extremes, delay made by the carrier, package cannot be scanned at intermediary stops, etc.

Ship24 tracking service

Ship24 is helpful when it comes to tracking the parcel/package from any of the postal services (even when unregistered). Whenever looking for the status of your parcel, keep in mind the most essential thing, the tracking number that you will type in the search bar above!

Get an answer to where is your parcel with ship24!

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