YRC Freight tracking

YRC Freight tracking


YRC is a company driven by five brands dedicated to transportation services and integrated solutions for the management of courier services. YRC shipping mission is to offer a service that exceeds customer expectations, with national, regional, and international coverage.
This company also has all the resources, reach, and stability to give resolution to any shipping request and YRC pick-up, ensuring that private or business matters continue to flow in the best way.

YRC Freight package tracking

What does YRC stand for?

YRC Freight offers best-in-class transportation services for industrial, commercial, and retail goods. The company focuses its strategy on providing logistics solutions for various companies in North America, through a complete network of services and advanced information technologies including YRC Freight tracking.

Its wide range of services includes, among others:

  • Standard delivery service: With more than 250 units, you will be able to ship your packages or heavy freight anywhere in the United-States, Mexico, or Canada.
  • Expedited delivery service: designed to meet the most urgent orders. Your shipments will always be at the right place in the shortest time.
  • Time-critical: YRC has an ultra-fast network and you only have to decide the shipment date, with guarantees of an effective shipment and YRC tracking.

The efficiency of its service has earned YRC shipping important awards, such as the Logistics Management Award, Carrier of the Year, Logistics Delivery, Top LTL On-Time Performance, and the VIQTORY Award.
They own the largest super-regional LTL network in all of North America, with quality services that have positioned them at the top, thanks to their reliability and punctuality when it comes to each YRC shipping.

How do I track my YRC Freight package?

To perform the YRC Freight tracking, the customer must enter the YRC Freight website and enter in the box identified as "Track a Shipment" located in the middle of the screen, the number associated with your order.
This YRC tracking number should consist of 9 or 10 numbers that may occasionally be separated by a hyphen. Once you have entered the information, the system will proceed to reveal the current status of your order.
You can perform the YRC Freight tracking even within the express delivery services, so we recommend that you keep on hand and safekeeping each of your YRC tracking numbers because additionally, the company offers the possibility of verifying several shipments at the same time.

How long does YRC take to ship?

YRC Freight delivery time can be easily calculated through the YRC website. The great advantage of this is that it allows you to reliably customize your experience. To do this, you will need to go to the "Transit times" section and follow the simple steps below:

  • Choose whether it will be from the date of pick-up or delivery. 2.
  • Include country or region of origin + postal code
  • Include country or region of destination + zip code
  • Pick-up date

Customers of this company will always have at their disposal the option of online YRC tracking, so they can have peace of mind of knowing at what stage of the process their shipment is. Don't forget that it will be necessary to enter the YRC tracking number in the system.

Does YRC deliver on weekends?

YRC Freight offers an uninterrupted service, so the customers can enjoy their weekends, while their shipments follow a safe route, with the support of professional and committed drivers.
Through the Time-Critical service, your Thursday or Friday shipments will remain active on the way to the destination on Saturday or Sunday, for a safe delivery on Monday.
For added satisfaction, you will also have a tracking service available using your YRC Freight tracking number.

Where does YRC deliver in the world?

Their international network currently includes deliveries in Canada and Mexico. You will need to choose a service and a date so that your delivery is the safest.
At the checkout, you will receive the information associated with the YRC Freight tracking number associated with your order, so that throughout the process, you can reliably track your order in real-time.

How much to ship with YRC?

If you want to ship with this company, you must register before you can make a quotation. Go to the "Dimensional Freight Quote" section. From there, fill out the form by entering the data of origin and destination of the shipment, pickup date, city or country, and characteristics of the shipment.
The next step is to choose a service type and perform the calculation that will allow you to know the YRC Freight shipping prices.

How do I contact YRC Freight?

Through the complete YRC Freight customer service you will be able to find in a very short time and through simple steps, answers to any questions you may have about a specific service or process.
The company has an interactive voice response system, available in English and Spanish. If you dial certain digits or say a specific phrase, such as the ones we will place for you below, the system will give you a timely response.

  • Dial 1 or say "pick up" will link you to the pick-up solutions.
  • Dial 2 or say "track a shipment" will link you to the tracking system, for which you will need to have your YRC Freight tracking number.
  • Dial 3 or say "quote”, will help you get a quote
  • Dial 4 or say "guaranteed or expedited" will link you to the Time-Critical service.
  • Dial 5 or say "more options" will open other options.

The YRC phone number 800 610 6500 will put you in contact with YRC specialists, who will always be available to help you solve any problem with YRC tracking or any other process, 24/7, 365 days a year.
With a complete and efficient network of ground and air transportation, YRC Freight is the most reliable and consolidated shipping company in the United-States that you can trust with your shipments to Mexico and Canada. If you plan to start shipping big, think big and contact YRC Freight Yellow.

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