Xpressbees tracking

Xpressbees tracking

What is XpressBees?

XpressBees, or XpressBees Pvt Ltd, is a delivery company that deals with domestic, cross-border and third-party delivery services. It was founded in 2015 by Amitava Saha and Supam Maheshwar and today services many international destinations through various logistics partnerships and international networks. They offer a wide range of services and delivery options, which has ensured exponential growth of the company, which is backed by major Chinese marketplace Alibaba.

XpressBees is known as a disrupter in the market in that they have brought a new wave of innovation and efficiency which has heated up competition in the parcel delivery sector, especially with rivals Flipkart and Amazon India. XpressBees is responsible for delivering 60,000+ shipments daily, which is growing each quarter.

XpressBees is owned by Busybees Logistics Solutions, with the arm aiming to be a solution for the increasingly complex supply and demand needs of India's eCommerce industry.

Today, XpressBees is one of the most innovative delivery companies in India, as well as one of the most used, handling millions of shipments daily both for end-to-end services and express deliveries as well as through third-party logistics solutions and as a parcel forwarding operator. Without a doubt, XpressBees has become a key market actor and integral to the supply chain throughout India for a number of sectors, including Pharma and healthcare, banking and finance, heavy machinery and manufacturing, food and groceries, automotive and auto part as well as consumer goods in general.

In this article, we will be discussing how popular XpressBees is, its international reach, the services that it offers and how you can get in contact with the company should any issues arise with any parcel being handled by XpressBees.

Most importantly, we will be letting you know why tracking an XpressBees parcel is best done through the Ship24 universal tracking platform, to ensure you have true end-to-end tracking.

Is ExpressBees popular?

XpressBees remains the fastest growing logistics service provider, especially regarding express deliveries, in India, specializing in end-to-end supply chain solutions. In fact, the company has secured a near 100 percent growth in revenue annually, with demand for parcel delivery services, particularly from eCommerce, showing no signs of slowing in an increasingly digitalised world.

With the rapid development of the country alongside the development of new technologies, XpressBees are well-positioned to continue their growth through what has become a highly capable and trusted company both domestically and around the world, evidenced by international investor interest.

How big is XpressBees?

XpressBees boasts daily handling of more than 2.7 million parcels across its over 3,000 offices and service sentences. It also has a fleet of over 35,000 vehicles, with connections at more than 52 airports and networks spanning some 2,500 cities and counting.

XpressBess also delivers around 50,000 shipments per day, which are forwarded from its huge warehousing capability within India. The company also has 35,000 field executives working to improve the efficiency and delivery chain that XpressBees operates 24/7 across more than 100 hubs nationwide.

How can I find out the route my XpressBees package will travel?

Although XpressBees Pvt Ltd was founded in Pune, Maharashtra, India, it now operates a huge network of offices, warehouses and hubs nationwide as well as parcel forwarding services in many major airports. Therefore, if you want to track an XpressBees parcel, you should know that an XpressBees package is not guaranteed to travel through any specific XpressBees location.

The route of your XpressBees package will depend on the location your package will be sent from and where it's final destination is located. Consequently, your tracking information may not show your XpressBees parcel as passing through your nearest XpressBees centre on google.

The best way to keep fully informed on your parcel is through Ship24, this is because of a number of reasons. Although XpressBees does deal with end-to-end delivery of parcels, it also works with numerous different couriers, especially for international package delivery and third-party or last-mile delivery for parcels in India. Therefore, tracking with just XpressBees is not always an option. Ship24 is a global, multi-courier tracking platform which can track parcels handled by XpressBees as well as thousands of other online e-tailers and logistics companies, no matter how many times it is handed over on route to its final destination. Therefore, if you send an XpressBees parcel from India to the UK, if it is initially handled by XpressBees then passed over to DHL in Europe before its last-mile delivery with the Royal Mail in England, don't worry! You can continue tracking an XpressBees package all the way up to its final destination, all from one place, the Ship24 website.

Dos XpressBees handle Ecommerce?

XpressBees boasts a service which comes with speed, accuracy and scalability, which the company says gives it the capability to handle high volumes of the e-commerce and retail industries effortlessly. This is possible because it operates and provides services where it is needed, not only handling end-to-end deliveries which we associate with traditional postage services but also as a logistics solution within the parcel delivery sector. Some of the services this involves are:

  • First Mile Pickup
  • Last-Mile Delivery (including Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery, and Guaranteed delivery re-attempts
  • Reverse logistics
  • Payment collection,
  • Dropshipping
  • Vendor management,
  • Cross-border services,
  • Fulfillment services
  • Tailored software solutions.

As well as being able to deliver these services, the company also offers flexible payment options in keeping with the demands of the modern customer, who want a number of options of payment depending on their preference at the point of purchase. This includes:

  • COD
  • Digital wallets
  • Cash on delivery (depending on location)

Finally, the company prides itself on a premium post-purchase package delivery service which promises superior customer experience and personal engagement. It seeks to ensure this level of service through its investment into advanced performance dashboards which allows it to predict and evaluate trends in the market to stay ahead of the curve and service customers accordingly.

Did Alibaba buy XpressBess?

Alibaba invested XpressBess as part of its plan to improve its logistics offerings within India, with the Chinese company interested in various ventures, including Snapdeal, BigBasket, and XpressBees. The move is part of their plan to improve in-house logistics to truly dominate the Asian market.

With XpressBees part of Alibaba's Indian portfolio, it will now be looking to get ahead of rivals such as Flipkart in the country, in a sector worth 33 billion USD per year and growing.

Is it safe to send a parcel with XpressBees?

The popularity, exponential growth of the company in just a few years and the huge network of operations it has now amassed, and controls is testament to a company that is both reliable and highly capable.
XpressBees employs the best strategies, team, and resources to ensure that packages are delivered safely, however, the majority of miss-deliveries for parcels actually come from misspelled or wrongly entered addresses submitted at the point of purchase. This is why it is always advised to double or triple check a XpressBees parcel address before purchasing delivery services.

Once you have purchased XpressBees package delivery services, make sure you begin your XpressBees package tracking with the best tracking platform in the business, Ship24. The best way to track any package, especially when sending with a multi-service courier company like XpressBees, is through Ship24, as it gives you ultimate visibility on your package. This is because Ship24 scans the internet looking for your parcel, not just through one or two different handlers but with thousands of online merchants, logistics companies, and couriers to find the latest information as close to real-time as possible. Make sure you aren't left in the dark when it comes to your XpressBees package tracking, and simply copy and paste your XpressBees tracking number into the website to take advantage of Ship24's world-class tracking website, for free.

How do I track my order from XpressBees?

The XpressBees tracking is useful for when you need a few parcels locally and are sure that your XpressBees postal delivery will be handled end-to-end by XpressBees. However, XpressBees offers multiple logistics services and as a result, can be one of many handlers responsible for forwarding your parcel. So, to be able to ensure you can continue tracking an XpressBees parcel end-to-end and you don't need to switch to other courier websites to continue tracking mid-journey, do all your tracking from one place, with the Ship24 global tracking website. Head over to Ship24 with just your tracking number and our powerful tracking system will scour the internet for information on your package, whoever is handling it, to bring you the latest location and status information.

To track a parcel with XpressBees, you can find the tracking option at the top of their website. After clicking on it, the tracker will ask for the XpressBees tracking number.

What does an XpressBees tracking number look like?

An XpressBees parcel tracking number is a code given to each parcel to help XpressBees and other couriers recognise it and track its movements and status remotely. The format of the XpressBees package tracking number will generally be a combination of numbers and letters, which will be created specifically for your parcel.

Please note: The format can vary depending on the origin, destination, and chosen service to which the parcel is sent. It can also change on route to its delivery if it is being handled by multiple couriers. In this case, it is best to track an XpressBees package with Ship24, as Ship24's inbuilt automatic courier recognition system can still identify your package even if the XpressBees tracking number changes on route to its final destination.

Remember, you don't need to be an expert on shipping to track with Ship24. You don't need to know whether your parcel will be first or last mile handled by XpressBees or in fact any of the companies it will be handled by, as we work that out for you from just your tracking number. You also don't need to enter any personal information or even sign in to our website (with can be annoying with courier websites which require you to log in to begin tracking), just enter your XpressBees tracking number and that's it!
What services does XpressBees offer?

XpressBees offers a number of different services as part of its huge network of operations which spans most of India. Please find these are listed and explained below:

  • B2C Xpress: A modern and efficient super-fast product delivery service that aims to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • XpressBees Advantage: Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery transportation planning and delivery. This service is built on the core principles of SMART and designed to suit each individual client. Also includes multi-modal transport solutions
  • B2B Xpress: A focus on innovative problem-solving in the supply chain.
  • Cross-border Logistics: Door-to-door cross-border services which close the transportation gap between India and the rest of the world.
  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics): Fulfillment services for business in multiple sectors and industries

Does XpressBees deliver internationally?

XpressBees is just not limited to domestic deliveries within India but offers international delivery solutions as a first and last-mile logistics provider.

XpressBees offers to deliver options to China, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and more. However, it should be noted that XpressBees offers this service in partnership with other international delivery companies and couriers, that usually take over delivery responsibility once they enter the respective countries in which they operate. For instance, a package sent to the United States from India will most probably be handled for what is known as the first-leg (meaning picked up and forwarded to a cross-border transportation center by an airport or seaport) only to then be handled by UPS, FedEx or another local courier once it has arrived and passed customs.

This is why it is always advisable to track an XpressBees package using a multi-courier tracking website, such as Ship24, to ensure you have full visibility over your parcel end-to-end, especially internationally.

How long does it take for XpressBees to deliver?

XpressBees usually complete international delivery in an average of 3 to 7 days. Of course, times will vary depending on the service chosen (standard shipping or express for instance, with the latter much faster) and the final destination, weight, and size of the XpressBees package. Domestic deliveries take much less time and can be delivered either the same day or the next day in most cases.

Are XpressBees shipping fees expensive?

The shipping fees of XpressBees are very competitive, in comparison to its main competition, Flipkart's in-house delivery service, Ekart, as well as Amazon.

Does XpressBees deliver on Sunday?

XpressBees offers delivery services 7 days a week, although operating hours vary on weekends. Please find this information below:

  • Operating hours from Monday to Friday are 9 am to 8 pm,
  • Saturdays from 9 am to 7 pm
  • Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm.

How do I contact XpressBees?

You can get in touch with XpressBees directly on their customer contact number, which is:

  • +91 (020) 4911 6100

If you want to contact XpressBees via e-mail, you can on the following email address:

  • customercare@xpressbees.com

Alternatively, you can fill in an online query form via the official website. Response times may vary depending on your mode of contact and local time in India, as all of their offices are based in India.

Remember to get the latest XpressBees package tracking information via Ship24 so XpressBees can best help you with your call. By knowing the current location and status of your XpressBees parcel, the company can usually better answer your query.

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