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India is a colorful country and also one of the biggest in the world. With the development of the country and the appearance of new technologies, customers in India love more and more to buy online products they can find for good prices.
For this reason, they have to count on a delivery company like XpressBees and its XpressBees tracking services to know where the package is.
Among a huge number of delivery companies that offer their services in India, XpressBees with its XpressBees courier tracking calls the attention of the customers, especially because it is a more recent company. In this way, let us tell you more about this company and all the benefits they can offer you.

What is XpressBees?

XpressBees is a delivery company dedicated to providing to all people in India and other parts of the world service logistics and statistics to guarantee an express delivery service. From 2015 they grew like a consolidated delivery company with the XpressBees courier tracking India that surprised the competition.
They have become one of the most innovative delivery companies in India, despite being a relatively new company. Besides, it did not prevent them from making more than six million shipments in 2019. Without any doubt from its XpressBees tracking number format to their customer attention, they are a solid company.

Is XpressBees safe?

If we check the reviews that talk about XpressBees, we are going to find a big surprise because most of the users give them a bad score. It is why most of the shipments have been lost according to a group of users. However, other groups love the services, specifically the XpressBees tracking.
In this way, the only thing we can conclude about the reliability of XpressBees and its XpressBees courier tracking India is that they still are a new company. Despite having the best intentions, strategies, team, and resources, they still need more experience to avoid some problems that are unforgettable to the users.

How do I track my order from XpressBees?

The XpressBees courier tracking is very fast and full of details about the status and location of our parcels and packages. We can find the tracking option on the top of their website. After we click on it, the tracker is going to give us the option to choose the XpressBees tracking number format.
This format can be an AWB number or the order ID, so we can choose the option that adjusts better to us without any problem. Then we only have to put the tracking number on the tracking bar and only track our parcels. It is one of the best tools that XpressBees has to offer to all their clients.

Where does XpressBees can deliver?

XpressBees is just not limited to the Indian territory, but they try to provide a cooperative solution for both imports and exportations. For this reason, they offer to all their customers the alternative to use the XpressBees tracking phone number. In this way, they can always know where their parcels are, no matter their location.
If we focus on the cross-border relations that XpressBees handle, it is interesting to know that they can make imports and exportations to China, United-States, Europe, Far-East, Scandinavian countries, and even Inter-Asia. Besides, they offer to all their clients on any of those locations an XpressBees tracking order to not lose their parcels.

How long does it take for XpressBees to deliver?

The delivery time of every delivery company is related to how organized they are and their politics about shipments. In the case of XpressBees, they can take a period of 3 to 7 days. For too many people this is too much weight and they need to count with the XpressBees tracking phone number to always be pendent of their parcels.
However, if we compare the delivery time of XpressBees with other delivery companies that do not count with sophisticated and modern service like the XpressBees courier tracking India, we can say that it does not take too much longer. But, we cannot forget that all this depends on the appreciation of each one and the emergency of the delivery.

Are XpressBees shipping fees expensive?

It is normal that if we want modern services and diverse options like the XpressBees tracking number format, we can accept to pay a little bit more for our shipments. But, how much more do we have to pay? And is it worth paying more for it?
The shipping fees of XpressBees are one of the lowest in India. It is way too many clients cannot explain how they can offer such modern XpressBees tracking services and do not increase their fees. Although it could be a mystery, none of the users have any problem with that while the low fees do not increase.

Does XpressBees deliver on Sunday?

The working schedule of XpressBees is one of the things that surprise people more, even more than their options on the XpressBees tracking service. They work the whole year, which means the seven days of the week, the 12 months of the year.
XpressBees with all their XpressBees courier tracking services work from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 7 pm, and Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm.

How to contact XpressBees?

Last but not least, how we can contact this interesting company to have more information about them and solve our problems. We can easily communicate to the XpressBees contact number +91 (020) 4911 6100 that is the customer care line.
But if we want to use the XpressBees contact number, we can also contact them through their email customercare@xpressbees.com; or even fill the online formulary on their official website. XpressBees and their XpressBees tracking service is waiting for you only, give it a try.

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