WanB Express tracking

WanB Express tracking

Shenzhen WanB Express is a courier company proposing an efficient delivery time and working with some of the most popular eCommerce companies like Amazon and more. Currently, the company provides logistics solutions to various companies and is highly reputed because of its high-quality standards of service.

What is WanB Express?

Although founded in China, Shenzhen WanB Express has grown to expand its services worldwide providing top-class services for many companies, maintaining strictly punctual delivery times, and keeps working on improving its quality to remain the top company in the industry.

Shenzhen WanB Express is a world-class delivery company specialising in cross-border logistic services for online sellers in different countries outside China. The company’s network covers more than 200 countries and is sought out as the first choice by many e-commerce companies thanks to the top-quality service that the team provides. WanB Express's international delivery service is mainly used by the principal e-commerce businesses in the United States and all of North America, Spain, Italy, and other European Countries. The company provides 4 international courier services along with domestic express mail services, all of them of the industry’s best quality.

The principal characteristics of WanB Express services are fast delivery, competitive pricing, and real-time tracking service. The WanB Express tracking is done online, always updating the location of the package while keeping the latest information available to display for the clients.

Besides WanB express tracking in real-time, the company has the most efficient network that provides unrivalled delivery times to every destination. Its service is one of the favourite choices for many cross-border eCommerce companies like Amazon, eBay, Wish, and others because of its fast delivery and reliability.

How do I track my package from WanB Express?

WanB serves more than 3 thousand companies, most working with eCommerce while integrating more than 100 marketplaces. This means that the company has grown and developed a highly efficient tracking system to cover such a huge service demand, in other words, WanB Express's tracking service is easily done through its official website.

On the other side, tracking WanB Express can be done through the respective eCommerce website but using WanB Express is more efficient in ensuring the transparency of the process. Besides, the website displays the latest information without delays, and it provides real-time tracking of your order whenever you want to look for it. To start tracking WanB Express shipments you need to enter the website, on the landing page, there is a search bar with the word Track with a button on the right side, that has the image of glass.

Another option is clicking in the menu on the top left corner and clicking on the word TRACKING which will redirect you to the tracking section.
In both cases, there will be a search bar with the word “Track”, where you need to type the WanB Express tracking number and click on the button to start the search. The website will provide the latest information about your parcel's status. It is important to highlight that the company updates the information so the process is done in real-time.

The most convenient way to track your WanB Express package is by the means of using Ship24. With Ship24, you can track up to 10 packages simultaneously and get results in a short matter of time. Ship24 can detect more than 1200 couriers with just the tracking number. To track your package, simply copy the tracking number and place it on the Ship24 homepage. Let Ship24 stay connected with your package while it's on the way to your doorstep!

Where does WanB Express deliver packages?

The customers of WanB Express are mostly cross-border online sellers operating worldwide, which means that the company’s networks cover virtually all of the world to provide its service. Among the clients that prefer WanB there are some of the biggest eCommerce in the world, names like Amazon, Wish, eBay, and many more. Thousands of companies around the world use WanB to deliver their goods and by using WanB tracking numbers, the customers can track their items anywhere they are.

Is WanB Express delivery fast?

To become the best delivery company, providing the best logistics solutions even to cross-borders companies, WanB stands above all other companies by a fair margin. The deliveries are always on-time, with excellent organization, and optimal efficiency, and done in the shortest time possible. That is why WanB Express's number is more than thousands.

Knowing a large number of clients, it is impressive to think how efficient is the network of WanB Express to keep the best quality service in so many places at the same time. If you are one of those starting businesses that would like to hire their services, try calling the WanB Express number and asking for detailed information.

What are WanB Express shipping costs?

The details of some orders rates are around US$ 20 or US$ 24 but it depends on the circumstance. If the cost exceeds a certain threshold, the customer needs to pay a tariff of 20% for UK shipments or 24% for the EU. The customer should ascertain details by calling the WanB Express number of attention. Either way, the prices are fair considering the excellent service that the company provides to the customer.

After all, it is one of the fastest, safest, and most efficient services with worldwide coverage in the industry, looking at it that way, the price is cheap to assure the safety of your shipments using the WanB Express tracking number. With more than 3 thousand customers, and more than 500 thousand daily packages processed, all you need is the WanB Express tracking number to follow your specific order in real-time.

How do I contact WanB Express customer service?

WanB has a dedicated team of customer support that is ready to assist you with any issue or concern you are facing. Below is a list of how you can contact their customer support.

WanB Express Contacts

National Hotline Number: 0755 28918827
QQ Message: 800177586
Email Address: sales@wanbexpress.com
Website: https://en.wanbexpress.com/tracking

WanB Express is the best delivery service providing logistic solutions to foreign companies in the world. The quality of its service is the highest while keeping an excellent relationship with all its customers and providing the most suitable solution to their needs. The WanB Express team is ready to solve your problems, you only need to contact them.

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