Vietnam Post (VNPost) tracking

Vietnam Post (VNPost) tracking

What is VNPT?

Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) is a delivery courier service that was founded in the year 2005 as part of an initiative project of the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group. Among the services provided by Vietnam Post, there are the pickup of packages, documents, or any parcel at the sender's address under a contract or when a special service was requested, allowing the client to pay for the delivery when the employee of the agency picks up the parcel, saving them time and effort of the customer. The agency also offers packing materials for the sender to prepare his parcel in the best way possible.
Vietnam Post offers a delivery service for almost every city of the country and also gives the possibility to deliver a parcel to every country of the world allied with the company, and with the Vietnam Post tracking service, locating and expanding the mail reach globally for clients in Vietnam, from documents to packages up to 30 Kg of weight.

How do I track a package from Vietnam?

Whenever you choose to make a parcel for delivery to any place you want, after paying for the service, you will get an identification number which you will be able to use to gain total access to the information of your package or document, whether you send it or expect one to arrive at your home address; this function can be accessed through the tracking number Vietnam Post option on the official website. Using this option will keep you updated on the current condition of your packages, such as their position, estimated time of arrival to their destination, and any extra information you need to know to receive it.
You must always keep your Vietnam Post track and trace number at hand, in case there is a problem with the customs area, which operates differently depending on the continent or country of destination, including a tax that must be paid to let your parcel get inside the country and be delivered straight to the destination address.

Where does VNPost deliver?

Vietnam Post does not only deliver their parcels and documents inside the country, to the front of your house, this delivery company also makes deliveries to the rest of the world. Even when the deliveries are made outside of Vietnam, there are established routes of delivery when shipping a parcel, so, if you wonder how to track any package you sent to another part of the world, you only need your Vietnam Post tracking number, received immediately after requesting the service of the courier.
Among the countries available to receive packages or documents from Vietnam Post, there is the United States, a destination that is one of the most used by this platform.

How long does mail take from Vietnam to the US?

The estimated time for the delivery for the United States, from any part of Vietnam, requesting a VNPT order ranges from 3 to 5 business days, however, the exact time of arrival can be seen through the Vietnam Post track and trace option on the website, or contact the call centers for support.
There is a special, though more expensive delivery service called EMS, which stands for Express Mail Service, which ensures that your package or document gets dispatched to the destination address the next business day, after getting your Vietnam Post track package identification number. This is made possible through a special courier assigned to pick up the parcel before the end of the day and transport it directly to the company's airport hangar, which takes flight overnight to the country of destination, making the delivery possible to dispatch it at the destination address within 24 hours after the service is paid.

What are Vietnam Post shipping costs?

Vietnam Post website provides the potential customer with a cost calculator for a package or document, providing the information of its weight and dimensions, which gives the client an estimated delivery cost, plus the estimated time of arrival to its destination.
The average Vietnam Post shipping fees for a document to another city inside of Vietnam is 120.000 dongs, translating to roughly 5 dollars. If the document is being sent outside of the country, the cost will vary depending on the area of the destination, increasing or lowering the delivery average price, costing an average of 240.000 dongs, or 10 dollars.
A Vietnam Post parcel or box cost will depend on two important factors, the weight, and dimensions of the box. This information must be entered on the cost calculator, giving the client an estimated cost and time of arrival to its destination. The minimum cost of a box is 360.000 dongs or 15 dollars for the first kilogram of weight to send to any city of Vietnam. The average cost of a box weighing only 1 kilogram sent to another country is 470.000 dongs or 20 dollars.
The shipping of any parcel from Vietnam Post comes with an added insurance which can be accepted or not by the client, ensuring retribution of the merchandise value, in case there is an accident or loss.

How do I contact Vietnam Post?

Just in case you need to get any information, an answer for your doubts or suggestions, there are many channels of communication to contact the Vietnam Post, be it by phone, email, or by going to your nearby agency. Any form of contact you make with the company will ensure a fast and efficient answer to any question you have, regarding fees, importation taxes, or a parcel's tracking number.
Likewise, the support call center and web center will contact you through the information you provided at the moment of making a carrier request, notifying you of any problem or status change of your Vietnam Post tracking parcel service, to get any extra information requested by the customs authorities or modify the given address of destination in case the courier has trouble finding the recipient of your mail.

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