Universal Tracking

Universal Tracking

What is universal tracking?

Universal tracking means a shop, marketplace, individual or business has the capability to track parcel and package shipments across the globe.

While shipping becomes increasingly complicated, shipment tracking has become simple. Ship24 offers universal shipment tracking at the click of a button, using only the original tracking number which is given upon purchase of your order (or if you are a seller or business when you ship your package).

Indeed, while competition hots up between private couriers (such as TNT, DHL, and UPS), national postal services (such as China Post and Japan Post), and other logistics/parcel forwarding services, many have been frustrated about where and how to access universal tracking for their parcel. Individuals and businesses wanting to access universal tracking have been left facing a number of issues, such as:

  • Wondering which couriers to track my parcel with throughout the entirety of its journey (as often, parcels change handlers in cross-border shipping)
  • Being unable to identify which tracking services offer multi-courier tracking capability
  • And finally, if those services can offer universal tracking on top of the aforementioned

Ship24 is the ultimate universal tracking solution as it ticks all of the above boxes and so many more to boot. In fact, many are switching their tracking to Ship24 because of its comprehensive, universal tracking functionality.

How do I get universal tracking for my parcel?

You may be forgiven that thinking universal tracking is difficult to get, or that it at least cannot be achieved easily. However, Ship24 has changed the face of universal parcel tracking by offering a simple, all-encompassing shipment tracking service for individuals and customers.

If you need to access universal tracking at any time, including information such as your parcel's current location and history as well as its event history since dispatch, consider Ship24 as a one-stop-shop for all your universal tracking needs.
Ship24 covers thousands of online shops, marketplaces and couriers meaning

How can I get universal package tracking?

It is as simple as entering the tracking number provided by the logistics company, seller or marketplace into the Ship24, to get universal package tracking, instantly.

How does Ship24 provide universal tracking?

Ship24's multi-courier, shipment tracking provides true, universal end-to-end tracking capability for anyone that needs it. Simply head to the website with your tracking number and get instant results regarding tracking information on your parcel.

Our market niche came from the fact that many were confused about how to ensure they had universal tracking, when parcels were changing handlers and crossing borders, sometimes with tracking numbers changing as they crossed. Indeed, in today's increasingly complicated shipment forwarding world, many logistics companies - such as TNT, USPS - or even national postal services - such as Russian Post or Singapore Post - only act as middlemen or final-leg (the last part of the delivery) handlers. This has left many wondering how to make sure they can universally track their parcels between handlers.

Ship24's universal tracking functionality means that users don't need even need to know how is handling their parcel to keep tracking it. With in-built courier auto-detection covering thousands of couriers, marketplaces, and shops, Ship24 does the hard work so you just get the information you need.

Does Ship24 provide universal tracking?

Ship24 is a universal shipment tracking provider, servicing businesses, marketplaces, shops, and individual universal tracking needs. Thanks to Ship24's built-in multi-courier functionality and courier auto-detection; you don't need to worry about who is handling your parcel as Ship24 will find out for you. With just the tracking number, the comprehensive, universal tracking tool can identify, locate and give you the latest status updates on your parcel as close to real-time as possible.

Ship24 works by scanning thousands of couriers, logistics companies, national posts, marketplaces, and e-commerce shops to deliver universal tracking information to you.

How can I use a universal tracking API in my business?

Ship24's universal tracking API is a superior tracking solution for businesses, able to provide true end-to-end location and status tracking in as close to real-time as possible, for 100 percent of parcel events.

Where can my business get hold of a global tracking Webhook?

Ship24's tracking webhook has the same superior universal shipment tracking features like the API but with added event notifications pushed to you as they happen.

By using the Ship24 webhook, you are enhancing your ability to cover many couriers and online shops as Ship24 is a multi-courier, universal tracking tool. Webhook offers a feature that takes this to another level and is specifically designed for businesses. Webhook acts as literally a hook, which will not only keep track of your parcel at every step of its journey but inform you as soon as event updates occur during your parcels journey. This feature has been developed with a dedicated in-house team, with AI-machine learning as its foundations, to bring you the best quality, universal tracking system. A business that is equipped with the Ship24 webhook will have ultimate control over its package or parcel tracking information. Check the Ship24 website to view the range of offers available for universal tracking API and Webhook and integrate with our system in minutes to start tracking your orders universally.

Who are Ship24's universal tracking Webhook and universal tracking API made for?

Our universal tracking API and universal tracking webhook are built for:

  • Marketplaces (such as Amazon and Alibaba) - Sellers who use online marketplaces to sell goods need to ensure they have the best tracking capability. They need universal tracking functionality because they need to know when customers receive their parcel, how long it took and a whole number of other factors so they can gain feedback on a particular courier and from customers in general. Ship24 universal tracking tool gives sellers on such online eCommerce marketplaces that ability, in the easiest to use way.
  • Logistics and parcel forwarding third-party agents - Universal tracking is a must in today's fast-paced shipping sector, so make sure your logistics company has superior, universal end-to-end tracking capability with Ship24.
  • Shops or Merchants - Customers increasingly expect reliable shipment tracking on their orders. If you are a shop or merchant, harness the power of Ship24's universal tracking platform to give your customers the best tracking experience.
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