The Professional Couriers tracking

The Professional Couriers tracking

Almost everyone knows that India is an iconic country full of culture, music, and movies. The country is developing fastly and people in India today use more and more e-commerce stores. For this reason, there are more and more professional delivery companies appearing in the country, one of them is The Professional Couriers, also abbreviated TPC.
But, we want to ask you how much do you know about TPC and The Professional Couriers shipment tracking? Probably not as much as you think you know. For this reason, we want to give you all the details about this Indian Company and The Professional Couriers tracking India tool.

What is the company The Professional Couriers?

First of all, you have to know that TPC means The Professional Couriers which is a delivery company that was born in 1986. After all these years, it has become an icon in India for its responsibility and its efficiency in delivering the packages on time. Besides, among their services, the company proposes both the TPC international tracking and TPC tracking India tool on its website, to follow domestic and international packages.
The TPC tracking courier is the reflection of 8 brilliant minds full of experience and the desire to make it well for India. The excellence is their best politician that is taught to all their employees. After all, more than just a simple delivery company, TPC is engaged with India and offers a job to thousands and thousands of people along with its over 2485 offices.
Also, TPC represents to India a connection to the outside world and hundreds of countries that want to buy their products in India. For this reason, the TPC shipping time is so important to the company.

How do I track my TPC package?

Certainly, The Professional Couriers shipment tracking cannot be out of the play if we are talking about TPC as the best delivery company in India. On their website we can find that they count with a tracking section, so you do not have to use another website to track your parcels.
With The Professional Couriers tracking India you only need to get in the website and go directly to the tracking section. Once there, you are going to need the tracking number of your parcel. Remember that the tracking number is a species of code that contains 11 characters including letters and numbers.
After you localize the tracking number of your package, you are ready to introduce the tracking number into the tracking bar and track your packages. The TPC tracking courier is as simple as that without double confirmations or external links.

Do The Professional Couriers only deliver in India?

The TPC shipping is not the only reserve for India because they have an international reach, but that can make The Professional Couriers prices vary considerably. To meet with the international deliveries, TPC counts with an association with Professional International Couriers Pvt Ltd.
This one is a filial company of TPC that belongs to the Professional Group of companies. It let them make deliveries to big cities around the world like New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, and other important cities too.
This is the secret behind the evolution of the TPC tracking India to a TPC international tracking. Of course, the delivery time of the international deliveries is not going to be the same as the local, but keep reading to know more about the times.

How long does it take for TPC to ship?

As we told you before, the concept of time is very important to TCP. For this reason, they try to make all their deliveries as fast as possible and even faster than other companies. The TPC shipping time for the Indian territory takes approximately 24 hours to 48 hours. In this way, we can say that The Professional Couriers shipment tracking is almost unnecessary.
But if we are talking about international deliveries, we cannot talk about The Professional Couriers tracking India, but for the international tracking. About the shipping time for other countries, there is not a specific time.
It is why international TPC shipping can take much or less time depending on if the destination country is farther or nearer to India or from some of their international offices. Besides, the dimensions like the weight and the size of the package can make the time different.
For this reason, TPC also counts with a volumetric calculator, so you can estimate the time and the price of your parcels without any problem.

Are The Professional Couriers shipping fees expensive?

TPC tracking India is not the only service that TPC has for all their customers because they also count with a rate finder. This interesting tool is useful at the time to calculate the delivery fees because they are not going to be estimated, but for customized to your parcels.
On this rate finder, we can select the country of destination, the type of package we want to deliver like a document or electronic, and also the weight. In this way, The Professional Couriers prices are going to be exact, and we are going to know how much we will spend on it. In general lines, the fees are not too expensive, but they depend on the destination.

How do I contact TPC?

Of course, every respectful delivery company has to count on efficient customer service to attend to the necessities of all their customers on time. For this reason, independently if you have questions about the TPC tracking courier service or the fees, you are going to be able to find a solution and their attention.
The corporate number of TCP is +91-22-278 13309, and their email is But, you also can find on their website a different number and email address according to the country you want to communicate with.

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