Sudapost tracking

Sudapost tracking

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What is Sudapost?

Sudapost is a national postal service in Sudan, and the new Sudapost track and trace system is an advancement to the outdated post and telegraph system. Sudapost holds a significant position as a member of UNIPF, not only this but Sudapost is proudly representing Sudan in the Arab Permanent Postal Commission. Sudapost offers not only national and international postal services but also provides logistics and financial services to its customers. Sudapost tracking also facilitates the people to track and trace their parcels with the help of the Sudapost tracking number. There are no international branches of Sudapost but to operate at the international level, agreements have been made with various national operators in different countries. Sudapost services can be categorized as follows:

  • Postal agencies service

This kind of service is specially designed for the commercial sector, to sell various postal material during working hours. These postal services can be availed by individuals by visiting the nearest postal agency.

  • Parcel post service

Sudapost extends its variety of services by providing parcel post services to its customers. Customers are allowed to send gift items through Sudapost parcel post service. Sudapost parcel can weigh around 3 kilos or more depending on the parcel.

  • Mail delivery system

This is yet another advantageous facility of Sudapost, through which customers can send registered and ordinary mail and also the parcels to their desired locations. Though, Sudapost shipping fees are subjected to this kind of facility. Additionally, Sudapost contact is mainly a delivery man who delivers and receives the packages.

  • The post office saving service

This service has especially started to change the Sudanese culture, where there is no concept of investment. Therefore, Sudapost extended its courtesy to its customers by establishing a post office saving service, just like most of the banks have savings accounts. This would shorten the gap between the potential investors who also want to contribute to the national service. Although, small saving options have been provided concerning safety, flexibility, and building trust with the customers. Although, in time this service can be utilized to attract bigger investments if it accelerates with initial success. In terms of flexibility, the post office savings account can be opened with a small amount of money. Starting from the amount of 10 pounds, the drawing and depositing the money can be done through any of the local offices.

  • Regular mail service

Regular mail service of Sudapost complements the good old way of cost-effective communication between individuals. Support package for regular mail service can weigh up to 3 kilos, and customers can send postcards, newspapers, booklets, and small gifts also. The charges for this kind of Sudapost service are fixed, and these services can be availed across Sudan and mail can be sent across borders.

  • Registered mail service

To make the regular mail service more promising, with an additional fee, the mail could be registered at the request of the sender, and hence a signature is obtained from the receiver for the confirmation of the delivery. In this way, customers who are sending their mail can be satisfied that their mail is being received on the other side without any problem, or damage to the mail.

  • Postal boxes service

Sudapost postal box services are designed for individuals, businesses, and other entities who can receive their mail exclusively across Sudan. The Post office boxes can be utilized to receive regular mail on private property, offices, and also at the location of the regional offices of Sudapost. This kind of facility is mostly utilized by offices and also by the residents to receive mail at their postal address.

  • Express mail service

Sudapost Express mail service is the display of their professional services, it is claimed to be the quickest among all the other service providers in Sudan. There is also a reason behind their agile service, they have agreements with various international and regional corporations and also with the Arab Official unions. The delay that has been accounted for in the international services are mostly because of the HUBS, the HUBS, in turn, increase the delay, and cost of the service also. Sudapost delivery can save a lot of time for individuals, especially the students who want to send their educational documents to universities abroad. To provide the surety to its customers, Sudapost makes payments to its facilitators for processing the mail through the customs and all the other necessary checkpoints.

Sudapost package tracking

How can I track my Sudapost parcel?

For the Sudapost parcel service the users can track their parcels electronically, hence they can easily determine the time of arrival or the delivery of the parcel. Similarly, the express mail also provides the same option to the customers of the Sudapost. Relatively, the Sudapost track order facility provides the advantage to its customers to track the post in real-time. That could be done by entering the tracking/ consignment number (E. g. EE15080001XCH) and hence all the history of their shipment will be displayed accordingly. The Global Track and Trace system on the website of Sudapost allows users to track and trace their parcels.

Where does Sudapost deliver?

Sudapost package can be delivered both locally and internationally, through its extensive mail system. Whether it's a small mail of around 3 kg ( gifts, postcards, newspaper, booklets) or a big package weighing around 30kg. Sudapost will deliver the package under the given time.

How long does it take to Sudapost to deliver?

Sudapost delivery varies for its variety of services, normal and registered regional delivery would take around 3 to 7 business days. On the other hand, the Sudapost shipping time
For Express international delivery would take around 4 to 7 business days.

What are Sudapost shipping fees?

Sudapost shipping fees are different for its various available services. Local delivery, charges can vary from 50 to 100 pounds. On the other hand, the Sudapost international shipping fee could cost around 500 to 1000 Sudanese pounds, depending on the weight of the parcel.

How can I contact Sudapost?

Sudapost can be contacted through various options. Customers can contact Sudapost through their exclusive mobile contact, phone number, fax, or email. Sudapost phone number is +249183247678, Sudapost contact number for mobile is +249183527178. Also, their fax number is +249183526178 and their email is Additionally, their address as displayed on the website is Riyadh - Riyadh Steen Street in front of the Police department.

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