Smsa Express tracking

Smsa Express tracking

Since its inception, the company ship SMSA Express has been able to develop a range of services to meet the needs of its customers in the area of courier services. SMSA Express has an effective logistics of national and international express transportation, which also includes land, sea, and air cargo, customs clearance and procedures, special delivery channel, e-commerce solutions, among others.
SMSA Express renews itself every day to become a pioneer among the world's leading logistics companies, providing its customers with efficient and timely logistics solutions that meet their needs and help boost their businesses. To achieve this, SMSA has the best technologies available.

What is SMSA Express?

The  Saudi Arabian company of ship SMSA Express has established itself as a leader in the courier industry by developing a solid commercial platform, on which it relies and through which it has been able to offer solutions to tens of thousands of companies and individuals since its founding in 1994.
SMSA contributes with its services to numerous organizations and governmental entities that demand a high level of quality, safety, and quality in the urgent service of SMSA Express parcel delivery.
Thanks to the ship SMSA Express, the most diverse companies, and private customers have been able to access a quality service; able to provide fast and quality solutions, at the most cost-effective prices.
In addition to pick-up and delivery services, SMSA Express offers freight forwarding services, logistics services, and other operations including customs clearance for incoming shipments.
SMSA Express is also licensed to handle dangerous goods has accreditation as an authorized shipping agency has been awarded several quality certificates, and has received awards such as the "best company to work for certificate".
Among its services and solutions for SMSA Express parcel delivery we have:

  • Express service: This in turn offers you several options such as SMSA First Night, with a guaranteed next business day delivery to anywhere in Saudi Arabia. With a maximum weight of 32 kg
  • E-commerce: SMSA will help your e-commerce business to have the ideal option to make your multiple shipments quickly and easily of items purchased via the web.

To learn more about SMSA efficient service which includes the best SMSA Express charges, we invite you to visit their website.

How do I track my order from SMSA Express?

Every SMSA customer will be able to perform SMSA Express tracking through the tracking page available on the company's website. In addition, the SMSA application is available on Apple Store and Google Play, which you can download to your cell phone for your convenience. Thus, from anywhere, you will always have access to SMSA Express tracking.

What does a tracking number from SMSA Express look like?

The SMSA express tracking number consists of 12 characters, all numeric. An example of this SMSA Express tracking number is 231221474470. This code is unique, regardless of how many orders you have placed. You must therefore have one for each shipment.
SMSA Express will allow you to track several shipments in the same operation, just separate each tracking number by a space or a comma.
In case you have any problems with the tracking process, we invite you to contact the company through the following SMSA Express phone number +966 11 218 7777.
You can also of course use Ship24 to track your SMSA Express package.

Does SMSA Express deliver internationally?

SMSA Express has an efficient international delivery service that covers destinations in over 230 countries. If you have logged on to the SMSA website and your destination country is listed, SMSA Express will show your SMSA Express parcel delivery there.
SMSA's international service is very fast and complete, which has led them to become a world-class carrier, worthy of your trust and support. Moreover, from their website, you will be able to check that the company offers you the best SMSA Express delivery charges.

Is SMSA Express delivery fast?

SMSA Express shipping times are usually quite short. Although they are generally associated with the type of service contracted, SMSA Express is characterized by the speed of each of its deliveries and an active service during weekends.
For example, with SMSA's Priority service, your express package will arrive the next business day after shipment, as well as with its First Night service. Regarding international shipments, they usually arrive in major cities within 3 business days.
With SMSA your documents and packages are shipped with the best SMSA Express shipping time. Reliability and effectiveness for sure. If you have any questions regarding any of your shipments, you can contact the customer service team through the SMSA Express phone number +966 11 218 7777, where they will be happy to answer any of your questions.

What are SMSA Express shipping costs?

SMSA Express delivery charges, as in many other companies dedicated to the industry, are linked to the characteristics of the package (dimensions, height, and weight), as well as the destination route, whether the shipment is domestic or international.
SMSA Express allows you to access the SMSA Express charges from its website, where after selecting "shipping rate", you will find a form to fill in indicating the city or country of origin and the destination route, and the weight and dimensions of the package.
You can then click on the "View rates" tab to access your SMSA Express charges. As stated on the website, this total cost includes taxes, insurance, and shipping costs.

How do I contact my SMSA?

For all those customers who wish to contact the SMSA customer service team, we leave at your disposal your SMSA Express phone number; so that you can send any suggestions or concerns, or simply receive the necessary guidance in some of your processes with the company:
+966 11 218 7777 and 92000999/ 8001242999 you can also communicate through the following SMSA Express contact Fax +966 11 4160565.
You can also write to them through the following email: 
If you are planning to make a shipment through SMSA services, remember that you have useful tools that will simplify the process, such as its APP, in addition to the best SMSA Express delivery charges, for the most efficient courier service and logistics solutions that you can find in all of Dubai.

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