Slovak Post tracking

Slovak Post tracking

What is Slovenska Posta?

Slovenska Posta is a state-owned company in Slovakia that manages all the postal services operating in the country. The company was founded in 1993 after the country became a fully independent state government. In 2004, Slovenska Posta became a joint-stock company, which brought some benefits to the company. 
It is one of the most important companies in the country as it is the third-largest employer in Slovakia. For this reason, it has one of the best IT structures in the country, which allows it to manage, protect, and guarantee the quality of services, such as the service of Slovenska Posta tracking.
Slovenska Posta headquarters are located in Banská Bystrica. Currently, the company has more than 1550 post offices distributed in all regions and cities of the country. Among the best known postal services, Slovak Post also offers other services such as the efficient operation of temporary post offices, issuing of postage stamps, and administration of the Slovak Postal Museum.
The postal history of Slovakia dates back to the 19th century, however, the development and installation of an adequate postal infrastructure originated when in 1918 the postal services of Slovakia were managed by the Czechoslovak Postal Administration. From 1939 onwards, following the example of Hungary, one of the founding members of the UPU, Slovakia decided to manage its postal services independently through the Slovak Postal Administration. This project was completed in 1945.
From the beginning of its foundation, Slovenská pošta belonged to the Ministry of Transport, Posts, and Telecommunications of Slovakia. Shortly afterward, Slovenská pošta became part of the Universal Postal Union, or better known as the UPU.
Despite being a state-owned company, Slovenská pošta does not receive any subsidies from the Slovak Government. Slovenská Pošta can manage its finances and all operations of its services, efficiently and reliably. Furthermore, Slovenská Pošta is considered to be a commercial company, completely independent from any institutional body of the Slovak government. This is one of the reasons why Slovenská pošta can offer excellent services in all its post offices and specialized centers, to millions of public and private clients.

How do I track my Slovenska Posta package?

Slovenska Posta track and trace service is known to have certain infrastructure limitations. To track packages with the tracking number, users will only be able to use this service with deliveries made in the national territory. With this method, users will be able to track almost in real-time all their packages or correspondence. From the moment the package departs, until the moment the package is delivered.
For international tracking, the company has some shortcomings. Users will only be able to use the service of Slovak Post tracking packages through electronic systems of other postal operators abroad or platforms like ours. In this way, Slovenska Posta seeks to eradicate any liability for the limitations of its parcel tracking and tracing service. 

Does Slovenska Posta deliver internationally?

Slovenska Posta delivery service has the operational capacity and logistics network to ship to any region, area, or city in Slovakia. However, its main strength is that it can make international shipments and deliveries to more than 220 countries around the world.
Being part of the Universal Postal Union, Slovenska Posta can even send parcels or mail to countries in conflict. Of course, this kind of service can only be provided if the right situations arise for such deliveries. Finally, the company has good business relations with companies such as FedEx or DHL.

How long does it take to the Slovak Post to deliver?

Slovenska Posta shipping time is usually excellent when deliveries are made nationally and to most European countries. For domestic deliveries, average delivery times are usually 2-3 working days. With faster delivery services, such as EMS services, deliveries can be made in less than 24 hours. For deliveries to European countries, the average delivery time is 7 to 9 working days.
For international deliveries to countries outside Europe, delivery times are usually much longer. For example:

  • To deliver a package to China, the delivery time is usually 14 to 20 working days.
  • For deliveries to the United States, average delivery times are between 9 and 14 business days.

It is important to mention that these delivery times may vary due to the destination country and the type of postal service requested by the customer.

Is Slovak Post expensive?

In recent years, Slovenska Posta has made a major effort to present the best rates on the market. Slovak Post prices may vary due to several factors. For domestic deliveries, the average cost is approximately 4.25 dollars. With the use of additional services, the average cost can reach 7 dollars.
For international shipments and deliveries, costs may vary due to weight, country of destination, and the type of postal service selected by the user. For deliveries in the European continent, the average price is 81 dollars. International shipments and deliveries to other countries usually have the highest costs offered by the company.
For example, to send and deliver packages in the United States, the average cost can be approximately 96 dollars. To send and deliver packages to countries in Asia, the average price is $88. It is important to note that if the packages exceed 20 kg in weight, the average price is approximately 185 dollars.

How can I contact Slovenska Posta?

In addition to accessing traditional Slovenska Posta contacts data, such as e-mail, phone mail, and the home address of the main office, users will also be able to interact in innovative ways to make certain inquiries. Slovenska Posta official website offers a modern tool for users to acquire any kind of information.
This tool is known as a chatbot and helps users to answer any kind of doubt or question they want to make about their Slovenska Posta order. Besides, the chatbot also provides advice for those users who want to make complaints or suggestions to the company. This tool is ideal for users since their answers are given in a short time and are very accurate to solve any kind of problem.

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