Serpost Peru tracking

Serpost Peru tracking

What is Serpost?

Serpost, known by its founding name as Servicios Postales del Perú, is the national postal service of Peru. As well as domestic and international parcel delivery, it also offers a number of other services to the Peruvian population, including service correspondence, money orders, and other affairs.

Serpost currently employs over 2,000 staff, including more than 550 postal staff, and has some 158 offices in Peru. Serpost not only offers in-house logistics but also works with a number of private couriers and international freight forwarding options to deliver different postal services. This allows Serpost to offer international delivery options, such as through its international network connection via EMS. Serposts main competitors include FedEx and UPS.

In fact, the service boats trusted affiliation with over 622 courier service centers. Indeed, many private and national logistics services have been forced to develop or be left behind as the industry continues to become more and more competitive.

How do I track my Serpost parcel?

Serpost tracking turns in to a simple process when you use the universal shipment tracking tool from Ship24. Ship24 is designed to provide the simplest to use platform for tracking Serpost parcels (and millions of other parcels sent with other couriers and freight forwarders) globally. If you have ordered an item from Amazon, for instance, and it will be handled by Serpost in Peru, no problem. You can still track using Ship24.

Once a shipping purchase is made with Serpost, a Serpost tracking code will be generated and you will be able to start tracking your package internationally, on Ship24. To do this, just copy and paste your Serpost tracking number into the Ship24 search bar and you'll get tracking information on the location and status of your parcel straightaway.

Serpost packages tracking events could happen at any time, on a twenty-four-hour basis, seven days a week. With Ship24, you get 100 percent of shipping updates that occur on your parcel. You can also track parcels with Serpost both domestically and internationally using either the Serpost directly or if you are using EMS and your package is being handled by Serpost, you can use EMS package tracking.

However, there are several advantages to using third-party tracking tools for your Serpost parcel (or package being handled by Serpost). These are as follows:

If you are using EMS services, then your parcel will be destined for an international location. This means that Serpost will only handle your parcel for part of its journey and will subsequently not be able to continue providing tracking upon handover. Ship24, on the other hand, offers multi-courier, universal tracking for users, meaning no matter how many times your Serpost parcel is handed over, you will be able to keep up to date with any tracking updates, as they happen. This includes the Serpost tracking history of the package so far as well as its current location and status.

How do I mail a package with Peru Serpost?

Sending a Serpost package is almost the same as sending a parcel using any other national postal service. You will need to know information relevant to the delivery of your parcel, such as:

  • The address of the location you wish to send the parcel to. You need to make sure that Serpost offers delivery to your location, which can be done by contacting them directly or through the website. One of the main reasons why parcels get lost globally is because
  • The pickup location for your package (if this service is possible in your area). If pickup is not available, you will need to know where to drop your parcel. This is usually at the nearest post office branch available, however there may be other drop off points in more remote areas depending on the level of service provided in the region.
  • Whether the size and weight of your parcel fit the criteria of Serpost accepted packages. Serpost only accepts parcels and packages that are of a certain size, dimension, and shape.
  • The type of service you need. For example, if you need a parcel to be delivered by Serpost within a certain period of time, it will generally cost more. This is because a more costly transportation method is used to make the delivery faster, such as road and air travel, or a combination of both. Costs can also increase significantly if packages are larger and/or weigh more.
  • Packaging restrictions and prohibited items. Serpost has a list of restricted items which can be found on the Serpost website. Senders should note that if they are sending an item abroad, there may be further restrictions and/or prohibited items in the destination country or customs of countries that packages will be sent through. Therefore, they should make sure they check with the country of destination that they are not sending any prohibited items.
  • In addition to the last point, if parcels are being sent abroad by Serpost, then senders will need to offer a valuation on the contents of their package and make sure it does not exceed the de minimis value defined by a country (which should the parcel be valued at more than that amount, they will be required to pay customs duty or tax rates on the goods. De minimis thresholds vary from country to country, with some areas - such as the EU - having a very low de minimis of only 15 euros. If a parcel being sent is a product, then the seller should let the buyer know about any potential customs duties or taxes they will be liable for depending on the country the item is being sent to. If not, the buyer should always ask, especially if the package has a high valuation, in order to not incur any surprise fees.

Serpost has trusted affiliations with many courier and delivery services, as well as in Peru, which it works in partnership with to deliver parcels both domestically and international.

Therefore, if you send a package or parcel with Serpost, you may have to send the Parcel through a Serpost courier affiliate, that is better able to service your location.

How long does it take Serpost to deliver?

Serpost standard shipping generally takes about two to three weeks to deliver parcels to international destinations.

Unforseen delays to Serpost packages can occur, due to things like weather conditions, (both in Peru and in destination/transit countries). While some potential delays may be avoidable (such as not sending packages during holiday periods), some are not.

How can I track a Serpost parcel?

Fortunately for senders and recipients, Serpost tracking solutions haven't been easier, thanks to the universal shipment tracking platform from Ship24.

After you have purchased registered package shipping with Serpost, you will receive a Serpost tracking number which will allow you to track your parcel internationally. Although you can track your parcel online with Serpost, there are a number of reasons why millions are using Ship24 instead. Some of these reasons are explained below:

  • Ship24 allows you to track multiple couriers simultaneously, not only Serpost. As a result, it offers a more all-encompassing approach to parcel tracking
  • Parcels that are heading overseas, or are coming from overseas to Peru, will likely be handled by another courier at some point.
  • Ship24 tracks thousands of different businesses and national postal services involved in freight forwarding, meaning you'll be able to continue to tracking your parcel through handovers, worldwide. This is the case no matter what shipping method you choose or the final destination.
  • Ship24 provides the latest tracking information on Serpost parcels in as near to real-time as possible, meaning when you search for Serpost tracking information on Ship24, you will get the most up-to-date info available.

In short, using specialist universal tracking services just makes tracking simple. Whether tracking a Serpost parcel or a package with another courier, come and find out what all the fuss is about by tracking with Ship24.

How much does Serpost Charge?

Serpost shipping fees can vary depending upon what is being delivered. Often at times, the fee that is charged is based on the size and weight of the item. However, Serpost remains one of the cheapest ways to send goods from Peru to other parts of the world. Some average price ranges for common destinations can be found below for reference (please note that these are subject to change).

  • Peru to the EU: 5 kg will cost around 230 soles (the Peruvian national currency) and 10 kg will cost around 390 soles.
  • Peru to the USA: 5 kg will cost an average of 190 soles and 330 soles for 10 kg.
  • Peru to Australia: Usually this service costs near 260 soles for 5 kg and 476.00 soles for 10 kg.

Does Serpost offer EMS shipping services?

Since 1999, when Serpost first joined the EMS cooperative, it has been helping delivers EMS and Serpost continues to be involved in the handling of EMS parcels sent to and from Peru. The EMS service is most well known in China, with many googling China Post EMS, however, it operates in over 190 countries across the world, including Peru. Indeed, EMS operates seven days a week and benefits millions of customers and businesses across the country, who can access EMS at post offices located across Peru.

If you are sending an EMS package to or from Peru, you should note the general EMS package restrictions listed below:

  • Maximum dimension: 1.5 meters
  • Maximum volume: Length + Height + Width = 3 meters maximum
  • Maximum weight: 30 kg maximum

All EMS parcels, including those handled by Serpost, can be fully tracked from origin to destination with Ship24 global tracking.

What will an EMS parcel tracking number handled by Serpost look like?

EMS parcels will typically have a 13-digit order tracking number, such as. EZ939970821ZZ. This is no different for EMS parcels which are handed by Serpost. You can use this tracking code on the Ship24 global tracking website to get the latest on your parcel at any time, for free.

Buyers should note that EMS does not deal with customers using the EMS service directly, and all EMS parcel queries should be directed to handlers (such as Serpost).

How do I get event notifications for Serpost packages?

Indeed, if you need Serpost step-by-step package tracking progress on each parcel event, Ship24 is the ultimate solution. If you are a business or individual and want to get the latest tracking info on a Serpost parcel, you can enter your tracking number on Ship24 for instant location and status updates. As soon as there is an update with your Serpost parcel, you will be able to view that information on Ship24. It is as simple as entering the Serpost tracking number onto Ship24 to find the latest results.

While tracking a Serpost parcel, people using the service should be aware that the courier is responsible for making event updates on the package. Therefore, tracking events will only be available once Serpost has logged them. However, as soon as an event is logged, that tracking information will be made immediately available on Ship24. Indeed, the fastest way to access Serpost tracking is through the global Ship24 tracking platform.

Equally, Ship24 is simply a tracking tool, does not handle parcels, and therefore, takes no responsibility for parcel handling. If a parcel is lost, damaged or any other issues should occur with any parcel handled by Serpost, senders are advised to contact them directly.

Does Serpost deliver to the United States of America?

Serpost offers a wide range of services to many international destinations, including the US. The ability for Serpost to which has been further enhanced by its inclusion of EMS postal options for customers, which offers international delivery to more than 100 countries worldwide because of the network of international postal services the service represents worldwide.

Is Serpost delivery reliable?

As the national postal service of Peru, Serpost is a well-known and trusted postal service for the population, with a considerable operational presence able to handle domestic and international delivery in the country. The fact that Serpost is also a member of the EMS scheme, which aims to better facilitate international package delivery, especially to benefit e-commerce and online businesses buying or selling products.

Serpost's reliability further benefits from the fact that any Serpost package can be tracked internationally using Ship24. Ship24 has all your tracking needs covered, not only for Serpost parcel tracking but for hundreds of other national postal services and private couriers worldwide.

How can I contact Serpost?

In case of address errors, Serpost tracking issues, or any other query, Serpost can be contacted directly on any of the mediums listed below:

  • If you wish to contact via email, you can do so by emailing:
  • Should you wish to get in touch via phone, you can call Serpost on: (+511) 533 30 82
  • Alternatively, you can visit your local Serpost post office center if one is located within your vicinity.

If you are calling or emailing Serpost with regards to package tracking, then make sure you have the latest tracking information on your parcel by entering the Serpost tracking number on the Ship24 website.

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