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Sendle shipping focuses its strategy on offering small and medium-sized deliveries efficient logistics solutions to create conditions that allow them to compete with large companies. Sendle unlocks the networks and volumes that are usually dominated by the big players.

What is Sendle?

Sendle is an Australian courier company, which since its founding in 2014, has focused its efforts to become an ally of small and medium-sized businesses, because for Sendle in fact, the success of these companies is their own success.
Sendle delivery is a certified B company with Australia's first 100% carbon neutral service; wherever your shipments arrive, Sendle will always be protecting the planet. They leverage the distribution networks of large companies, making them available to everyone.
At Sendle, every customer will have access to an efficient service at the most competitive price on the market. Among its attractive services, Sendle delivery will give you access to free pick-up, management, and online support.

Among its commercial partnerships of free integrations, you will find:

  • eBay
  • Woo Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Net
  • Shippo
  • Starshipit, among others

Its catalog of offerings includes a wide range of options, among which we mention its main ones:

  • Sendle Standard: Ideal for personal senders with prices starting at $6.95 domestic and $18.45 international.
  • Sendle Premium: Designed for small businesses with prices starting at $5.95 domestic and $13.45 international.
  • Sendle Pro: Perfect for established businesses starting at $4.95 domestic and $13.45 international.

Sendle is also a leader in shipping thanks to its Sendle tracking services with which customers can keep informed about the status of their shipment.

Is Sendle legit?

Sendle shipping offers you all the guarantees that an efficient courier company can offer to its customers, commitment, effectiveness, and on-time delivery. It also offers the possibility of reshipment, cancellations for various reasons, and refunds. 

With Sendle shipping you will always have the guarantee that your packages will arrive in the shortest possible time and in optimal conditions. In addition to that, always protecting the environment.
Besides, all your payments will always be safe because Sendle takes very seriously the privacy and security of its customers, and that is why the payment method they use is Stripe.
To clarify any doubts you can contact the company through the following email address: security@stripe.com

How do I track my package from Sendle?

Each delivery receives a reference number with a link that will allow you to access Sendle tracking free of charge. Each customer will have the possibility to track his package, using the Sendle dashboard, also via email or through the tracking page.
Through this Sendle tracking, the customer will be kept up to date on every movement made, from the pick-up to the arrival at the destination. In the Sendle panel box, you will be able to identify each movement by dating and time. 
For Sendle Australia tracking purposes the company recommends its customers include the recipient's email address at the time of booking. However, if this is not done, you can still track through a tracking page, using the Sendle tracking number through the following link: https://try.sendle.com/tracking 
Sendle tracking gives every customer the peace of mind of knowing that they can count on efficient and transparent service, as only Sendle can provide.

Does Sendle use Australia Post?

No, in fact, Sendle represents a much more advantageous alternative for Australian customers, with a more cost-effective and people-focused service. In keeping with its criteria, Sendle offers a clear price guarantee over Australia Post that greatly benefits small and medium-sized businesses.

How long does Sendle take to deliver?

Sendle shipping times to the same city usually arrive overnight and deliveries to nearby cities take 2 to 3 days. Although Sendle deliveries are generally very fast, the company does not currently have an express or guaranteed next day delivery service.
One way for each customer to get an idea of Sendle shipping times is to take into account the destination of the order. 
As for Sendle international delivery, there are some approximate times that can be specified by accessing the Sendle website, to verify if the country of your interest is included in their list. Sendle does not ship to North Korea due to the blockade or to Guatemala. 
It is important for customers to keep in mind that there will always be external factors that can affect the Sendle shipping times of international order. Oftentimes customs clearance will play a large part in this. The good news is that you can always stay informed through the tracking service.

What are Sendle shipping costs?

One of Sendle great advantages is related to its competitive Sendle pricing. Here are some of their rates for domestic deliveries:

  • Sendle standard: To the same city with one kilo, 4 L package from $9.50. Nationwide $10.95
  • Sendle Premium: To the same city with one kilo, 4 L package starting at $8.50. Nationwide $9.95
  • Sendle Pro: To the same city with a one-kilo, 4 L package from $6.33. Nationwide $8.56

Customers can get a free quote from the Sendle dashboard. After registering, simply enter the pickup and delivery information, including package size and weight, and the system will reveal the Sendle pricing associated with the requested service. 
Another effective way to know the Sendle pricing is by accessing Sendle quotation tool, which you can use without even logging in.

How do I contact Sendle?

To resolve doubts associated with the procedures, the company has a Sendle Help Center where the most frequently asked questions have been compiled to help you find answers to specific doubts.
However, if your request is more personal and is related to the tracking of your package, they recommend the use of the Sendle Toolbox tool. If you still need other help, you can click on the Sendle support team links where you will have to fill in a form including your email address, your contact number, and indicate what you need assistance with.
The team usually responds within 2 days. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm.

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