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There are many examples of Asian companies that are characterized not only by the quality of their services or products but also by the work ethic they apply in all the services they offer.
In the case of Japan, we find the existence of Seino, a company that is gradually becoming a reference and an alternative when it comes to managing transport and parcel shipments in Asia and the rest of the world.

What is Seino?

Seino is a privately held company, founded in 2005 in Taguchi-Cho, Ogaki-shi. The company is just one piece of a corporate conglomerate known as Seino Holdings. Seino provides transportation and trade logistics services for thousands of customers in Asia and other regions of the world.
Given its influence in the Asian market, a Seino Thailand headquarters was founded to serve as a link to operate efficiently in Asia. Being part of a corporate conglomerate, the company operates in other kinds of industries such as vehicle sales or real estate.
For this reason, Seino Thailand is of great importance to the company and Seino Holdings. In terms of the transportation and trade logistics industry, the company handles shipments by different modes of transportation such as trucks, airplanes, railroads, and ships.
This proves to be a great advantage for the company because it not only allows it to design structures that facilitate operations but also allows it to innovate in tools and other resources that improve the quality of Seino parcel delivery services.
According to a survey conducted by the government of Japan, Seino is the third-largest company in Japan out of eleven domestic companies engaged in commercial transportation and logistics services.
This speaks volumes about Seino operational quality and even the reach they have nationwide and the potential they have to dominate the Asian market with Seino Thailand. In terms of vehicle sales, the company is involved in the sale and repair of cars, trucks, and tourism-related services.
The company also participates in the sale of products such as paper and fuel. For several years, the company has been participating and interacting with more than 60 private and public companies engaged in other types of business.
With a financial capital exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars, the company not only focuses most of its efforts on offering good quality services but also strives to win the love of potential customers through its Seino shipping prices, which are very competitive.

Is Seino a Japanese company?

As mentioned above, Seino is a Japanese company with many years of history. However, its operations do not only remain domestic but also extend to other countries in Asia. This is why the Seino shipping prices are so attractive to so many companies that want to excel in the Asian market and need the resources and infrastructure of a shipping company.

How do I track my package from Seino?

Unlike competing companies, the Seino tracking system is not only known for its accuracy in locating parcels but also for its efficiency, as customers can make several queries at the same time.
With the Seino tracking service, customers can track up to 10 parcels simultaneously. Customers only need to have the tracking number to use the tracking system.
Similarly, customers can configure the Seino tracking system to send notifications by text message and e-mail whenever there is an update on parcel-related information.
Users only need to have the Seino tracking number, which is sent by text message and email. In the future, the company expects to have a mobile application to facilitate customer inquiries.
It is important to mention that the Seino tracking number consists of 10 characters, in a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters. The characters are combined according to the destination, to facilitate the tracking of the parcels.

How long does it take for Seino to deliver?

Courier services in Japan are hard to beat. Both individuals and business customers can access a wide variety of Seino parcel delivery services. Domestically, customers can choose standard services that deliver within a maximum of 72 hours.
They can also request express services with which deliveries are made in less than 24 hours, at flexible times, and even at the customer's home address if they wish. In addition to enjoying the excellent Seino delivery time, customers can receive their orders any day of the week, as the company never stops.
As for international deliveries, the Seino parcel delivery time is approximately 24 to 72 hours regardless of the destination. This is because they can ship by land, air, and sea.

Are Seino shipping prices expensive?

While Seino shipping prices are very good and competitive, the company has chosen to increase its rates for the past couple of years. Due to the Covid pandemic in 2020 especially, Seino increased the rates of all its services. Even so, millions of users prefer to use Seino services instead of other companies.

  • Nationally, the average cost of shipments is US$8 to US$11, regardless of destination.
  • If parcels are very heavy and customers request premium services, shipping costs can exceed US$15.
  • Regarding international shipments, the approximate cost of shipments is US$13 to US$17, regardless of the destination.
  • For the Asian market, shipping costs are lower and do not exceed US$13.

Where does Seino can deliver?

Seino not only handles shipments to the most important regions of Japan but can also handle shipments to other countries and continents. In total, the company can handle shipments to more than 100 countries around the world, such as the United-States, the United-Kingdom, and China.

How do I contact Seino customer service?

Customers can contact Seino customer care through its official website (https://www.seino.co.jp/) which is available in several languages including English. They can contact directly by phone number (1-855-573-9976) or through email.
Besides, to process other types of transactions such as retrieving the Seino tracking number or arranging business appointments, customers can contact the company by e-mail.
Seino belongs to a long list of important companies in Japan that stand out for their work ethic and efficiency.
Soon, the company plans to expand its operations in the West, such as the United States.

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