Saudi Post tracking

Saudi Post tracking

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What is Saudi Post?

The Saudi Post is the national postal service of Saudi Arabia. It offers multiple deliveries and logistics options, including domestic and last-mile delivery services, eCommerce transportation, and is linked internationally via the EMS international postal service. Saudi Post is a major courier in the area, and delivers internationally in partnership with other couriers such as China Post, La Poste, DHL, USPS and more.

Saudi Post package tracking

How big is the Saudi Post?

Although the Saudi Post is just a national postal service, it is one of the biggest postal services in the region, that is partnered with multiple private and national postal services worldwide. It also offers multiple logistics services for both eCommerce deliveries and personal posts. In fact, the postal operator boasts more than 470 offices, and each year it handles up to 800 million shipments.

Services offered by Saudi Post include standard shipping, express shipping, the Wasel service (which deals with postcard and parcel delivery), and a free-to-use post facility for college students which is called Jamaee.

Other services include Par Ex, Gulf Ex, and India Par Ex, which offer international shipping to destinations such as the United Kingdom, the Arab States of the Persia Gulf, India, and more.

This article has been created to inform you on everything you need to know about the Saudi Post, including how to send a post with Saudi Post, the positives and negatives of sending post with this service, and how to effectively track a Saudi Post parcel.

How can I track Saudi Arabia Post?

Tracking a package sent with Saudi Post is very easy once you have the Saudi Post tracking number. You should receive this from Saudi Post directly as soon as you purchase one of their delivery services, either on your receipt or in a confirmation email. Alternatively, if you have purchased an order from a marketplace or merchant which is based in Saudi Arabia that will use Saudi Post to send your parcel, you should receive your Saudi Post tracking number from the e-tailer/seller directly.

There are multiple options available when it comes to Saudi Post tracking, one of which is to track your parcel with Saudi Post directly. However, this can be quite complicated and, in many cases, doesn't offer universal tracking capability, which has left many wondering where they can track a Saudi Post parcel effectively. In truth, the best way Saudi Post tracking is optional is with Ship24, and below you can learn why.

If you track a parcel directly with Saudi Post, you will need to log in to the website every time you want to access Saudi Post tracking. Not only will you need to log in, but you will need to answer multiple questions regarding the parcel you want to track and you can only track Saudi Post packages one at a time. This is because the postal operator doesn't have auto-recognition functionality which allows it to deliver Saudi Post parcel tracking information directly. This is why many have chosen to track a Saudi Post package on third-party websites which offer universal, end-to-end tracking, such as Ship24.

Millions are switching their tracking to Ship24 because not only does the platform offer worldwide Saudi Post shipment tracking, but its in-built automatic recognition functionality means that users don't have to enter an excessive amount of information when they just need tracking information. With Ship24, you just need to enter your Saudi Post tracking number and we will do the rest! You don't need to log in, enter any personal information or provide any details about your Saudi Post parcel. Simply enter your tracking number and you will get instant Saudi Post tracking information, including the current location and status of your parcel.

How long does Saudi Post take to deliver?

Saudi Post delivery time will depend on a number of factors, including where the package's intended delivery is, its size and weight and other factors.

However, customers are offered multiple options which allow them to have more control over the speed of delivery, however these options have varying price tags, with the faster delivery turnaround options generally having a higher price tag. The Saudi Post package delivery options are listed below:

  • Torode Economy: An economical shipping service within the Arab States, it takes an average of 5 business days to deliver packages at the Saudi Post offices.
  • Mail with Priority: This service only makes courier shipments locally and internationally, but being of high priority, it has a delivery time of 5 business days on average.
  • EMS: It is the most efficient and fast service of Saudi Post. It provides postal services for packages, including those greater than 30kg, both domestically and internationally, using the Saudi Post tracking international service. Depending on the destination. Delivery usually takes between 2 to 10 business days.

Please note that various factors can affect delivery time and there are multiple reasons why a package might be delayed. In order to make sure a package is not delayed from your end (if you have purchased Saudi Post mail directly), then make sure you are not sending any prohibited items or any items which are oversized (please check with Saudi Post as well as the final destination country where you are sending goods to make sure the items you are sending are not prohibited from either being sent or entering the country to where you are sending the goods). Furthermore, if you are sending parcels internationally with the Saudi Post via the Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) method, then you may experience expect delays when the package arrives in the destination country. This is because the DDU method means that the outstanding tax on the parcel will need to be paid before it can be delivered.

You will not usually encounter this issue if you are sending a personal parcel, however, eCommerce orders will often be subject to tax upon import. To avoid this problem, you can send Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) by paying the import tax at the point of sale, which is offered by some merchants and in some cases even required (such as under the import one-stop-shop (IOSS) model which came into effect in 2021 in Europe. Under the scheme, all owed VAT is paid and collected by the seller at the point of sale. This means that parcels can be instantly released by European Union (EU) customs and both buyers and sellers can enjoy faster delivery times on eCommerce orders. For more information, check out our dedicated IOSS solutions pages. Please note, IOSS doesn't apply to eCommerce orders outside of the EU.

What is Saudi Post EMS?

The Express Mail Service, or EMS, is a worldwide collaboration between national postal services, which includes some 178 postal operators.

EMS was launched to improve international post and parcel delivery efficiency and today is one of the fastest means by which to access cross-border postal services with a national postal service. It is especially utilized by eCommerce and online marketplace sectors, offering rapid delivery on products purchased overseas.

The collaboration involves national postal services working together to deliver a package. For instance, if a parcel is sent from Saudi Arabia to France, the parcel will be initially handled by the Saudi Post, before being transported by a logistics company by either land, air, or sea, and then once it has landed in France, delivery will be taken over by La Poste (the national post service of France).

Where does Saudi Post deliver?

Saudi Post offers both domestic and international parcel delivery. A popular service is the Saudi Post to UK delivery service, which is competitively priced and offers delivery within as little as 10 days, depending on the size and final destination.

The estimated time of delivery with Saudi Post packages will depend on a number of factors, but mainly on the delivery method, you have chosen. When you purchase Saudi Post parcel delivery services, you should be given an estimated time of arrival, which should specify the date and in some cases the time when your Saudi Post parcel should be delivered.

However, deliveries may be subject to delays, so the best way to keep track of your parcel is with Ship24. Ship24 Saudi Post tracking updates you on every event regarding your parcel, including any change in location and status, meaning you can keep up to date on its progress. This also means that you can better predict the actual delivery day, as when you are following a parcel with Ship24 you will know in as close to real-time as possible whether there is any issue delaying your Saudi Post package delivery.

Is Saudi Post expensive?

Thanks to the Saudi Post being a government-run service, it is no surprise it is a relatively economical service when compared with other private couriers which operate in the country. However, Saudi Post does also offer more premium package delivery services which cost more but will get your parcel delivered faster. If you are unsure about which parcel service is right for you and you have a budget in mind, we recommend you use the parcel calculator on the official Saudi Post website. It is very easy to use and offers full-price and service flexibility. It also includes the parameters and policies the logistics service handles. However, if you have a more specific enquiry, then you should reach out to them directly (such as if your parcel is an abnormal size, the destination is rural, or your request is quite a niche. Reaching out is fully recommended for businesses who are wishing to transport large/bulk shipments).

How do I contact Saudi Arabia Post?

Where is my Saudi Post package? Why can I not track a Saudi Post package? Why do I not have a Saudi Post tracking number? If you need any of these questions, you need to contact the courier directly. Please do so using the following contact routes:

+966 9200 05700

Alternatively you can contact Saudi Post via their website.

Does Saudi Post offer the best parcel updates?

Ship24 is the best way to track Saudi Post parcels as it offers true end-to-end tracking. This is important for as often Saudi Post parcels that are traveling overseas (out of Saudi Arabia), will be handed to another logistics company or courier, such as DHL in Europe or UPS, or FedEx in the US. This could affect your ability to track your parcel with Saudi Post and could mean that you need to switch where you track your parcel (to the new courier). Ship24, however, offers multi-courier tracking, meaning you don't need to switch - ever - and can track all your parcels in one place. Ship24 is the one-stop shop for worldwide tracking.

What do my Saudi Post parcel notifications mean?

When you are tracking a with Ship24 you will receive a range of event updates (or Saudi Post tracking notifications) regarding the progress of your parcel. Most of these are self-explanatory, however, some of the most common ones you may encounter are explained below for your convenience:

  • Pre-Shipment: Saudi Post has received the parcel however they have not yet processed it so it has not be dispatched.
  • Dispatched: The Saudi Post package has been processed and dispatched for delivery
  • Customs Clearance: Package has cleared customs (in the destination country)
  • In Transit: Your package is moving within the Saudi Post network. To track a Saudi Parcel's movement and for the latest updates, always check with Ship24.
  • Out for Delivery: The Saudi Post parcel is out for final delivery (usually it is delivered within the same day)
  • Delivered: You or your recipient have received your parcel!

What do I do if I have an issue with a Saudi Post shipment?

If you have a problem with a Saudi Post shipment, then you need to contact the postal operator directly. Ship24 offers full parcel tracking services but cannot help with parcel issues as they fall under the responsibility of the courier.

However, if you need to contact the Saudi Post then finding out the latest tracking information from Ship24 will most likely help them resolve your issue you faster. If you provide the current location and status of your parcel, then the customer service team at Saudi Post will be better informed to solve any problems regarding your parcel.

Can tracking Saudi Post with Ship24 make my shipment quicker?

Although it is advisable to track a Saudi Post parcel with Ship24 so you can better know the estimated delivery time in advance and if it may change as your parcel travels, tracking a Saudi Post parcel on any platform will not mean it is delivered faster.

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