Saudi Post tracking

The Saudi Post is a postal service network very well known in Saudi Arabia. Also, it is a delivery company that has many services, which are labeled by different functions for their clients. The clients have the possibility to ask questions to the customer service through the company website, about the Saudi Post tracking number checking, and much more.
So, if you are one of their clients, do not stop reading, because we will explain everything you need to know about Saudi Post tracking.

What is Saudi Post?

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, also known as Saudi Post, is a government-operated postal system in Saudi Arabia. Within the kingdom, it is known as a fully efficient postal service network, which can cover all cities and towns in Saudi Arabia. With its more than 470 offices, each year it handles up to 800 million shipments without any problems.
Saudi Post shipping has several services that have different functions. For example, the Wasel service has the function of delivering and receiving postcards and parcels, while the Jamaee service is a free post facility for college students from Saudi Arabia.
On the other hand, other services such as Par Ex, Gulf Ex, and India Par Ex, have the function of sending packages and gifts to the United-Kingdom, the Arab States of the Persia Gulf, and India, at attractive prices. But, that is not all, because you need to know about the Saudi Post tracking, so do not hesitate to read on.

How can I track Saudi Arabia Post?

Tracking a package in Saudi Post is very easy, you just have to access the Track and Trace section on the official Saudi Post tracking online page. You will notice there is a small box with the option to place a tracking number. So you just have to put your tracking number and click on the "Track" button.
In a minute’s time, with the Saudi Post Tracking number checking, all the information about your package you need should appear on the screen. From the exact place where it is, to the possible delays in the shipment on a single page, without the need to register on the website.
As you can see, this company's tracking method is as simple as any other logistics service. So, getting information about the location of your packages should not be difficult, thanks to the Saudi Post tracking online service.

How long does Saudi Post take to deliver?

Saudi Post delivery time depends on where the packages were sent and the service you have chosen. Currently, this shipping and parcel network has a series of shipping methods, all of them with different prices and delivery times. Let's take a look at all these methods:

  • EMS Box: It is the most efficient and fast service of Saudi Post. It offers customers to send packages greater than 30kg within the kingdom and internationally using the Saudi Post tracking international service. Depending on the destination, it may take between 2 to 10 business days.
  • Torode Economy: An economical shipping service within the Arab States, it takes an average of 5 business days to deliver packages at the Saudi Post offices.
  • Mail with Priority: This service only makes courier shipments locally and internationally, but being of high priority, it has a delivery time of 5 business days on average.

Where does Saudi Post deliver?

Saudi Post has full scope for the entire Kingdom, so parcel and courier services are insured for Saudi Arabia with no exceptions. But that does not mean you cannot ship internationally through Saudi Post, as you may have realized since they also have parcel services for other countries.
This brand has private and low-priced services for parcel and courier delivery to the UK and India, so it might seem many countries and places are limited in their services. However, it is possible to reconnect your packages once they have arrived in the UK or India, using the Saudi Post tracking international service.
Depending on the delivery method you have chosen, you will have a delivery time for your package, which you can track using the Saudi Post tracking number checking on the website.

Is Saudi Post expensive?

One of the things that characterize this logistics service is its affordable price, since most of their delivery methods handle minimal fees, even for 30kg packages. And as you may have noticed, it also has an intuitive website for the Saudi Post tracking online.
This is all thanks to the Saudi Post being a government service, so it is no surprise it is such an inexpensive service. On the other hand, as for the specific prices for the package sent, it is something that depends on many things. So we recommend you use the parcel calculator on the official Saudi Post website, so you can know the real price of your shipment.
Although, we assure you it will not be a high price, knowing the parameters and policies this logistics service handles. But, if you want to have more personal attention to the company's prices or ask more specific questions about the Saudi Post tracking, we recommend you continue reading.

How do I contact Saudi Arabia Post?

Where is my package? Why cannot I track it? How much will it cost to send my package? Why I do not have a Saudi Post tracking number? These are all questions that may be difficult for us to answer. For all this and for any questions you may have, regarding Saudi Post services, there is their customer service, which has a specific hotline to address these confusions.
So, if you have any special questions, comments or complaints that you want to make to this company, you just have to dial their phone lines:

  • +966 9200 05700

However, remember it is a phone line from Saudi Arabia, so it is designed to serve customers within the Kingdom. To communicate from another country, perhaps you could use its official website, where you will find much more information about the services of this company and the Saudi Post tracking international:

  • http://www.sp.com.sa/
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