RAM tracking

RAM tracking

South Africa is a beautiful country, surrounded by nature, buildings, and cultures. This country is one of the most developed in Africa and is home to many companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs.
Currently, many companies have dared to invest in this country, thanks to its rapid development. Opportunities to grow and expand are presenting themselves more and more often, and large supply chains have also been able to take advantage of this. 
RAM Couriers tracking is a company that already has 41 centers in Africa, a large number of vehicles, and almost 3,000 highly trained and qualified people. RAM is one of the companies in South Africa with the ability to provide logistics and transport solutions that can meet all your strategies.

What is RAM hand-to-hand couriers?

RAM originated in 1988 when South African President Lazarus decided to start a service-oriented family company. It has since grown to become one of the most important logistics and transport services companies in the country and continues its operations under the leadership of two brothers representing two families in the business.
Since then, RAM tracking has been evolving in a big way, to become the company it is today. It has a fleet of 1,500 vehicles and a distribution network covering all of southern Africa. It also has trained and qualified personnel to meet any customer need. 
RAM customers include many large leading companies in the retail sector. As well as industrial communication, cell phones, and even the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. These are the industries that require the most operations.

How do I track my parcel from RAM?

All these industries and also the people who make use of RAM services are entitled to use RAM order tracking. This is the tool that allows the company's users to track their parcels wherever they are and to know if they have had any kind of mishap or if they have already been delivered.
All packages shipped by the company have a RAM Couriers tracking number, which is the one required for tracking. To perform the RAM tracking, just enter the official site of the company, select the Tracking section, and copy the RAM tracking number in the search field.
In an instant, you will be able to see all the detailed information of the package, showing the origin, destination, departure time, and location of the package. In some cases, it may also show the day of delivery to the destination, but this time may not be accurate but rather an estimate.

Is RAM the fastest courier in South Africa?

Yes, RAM is the only logistics and transport services company that can deliver in record time in South Africa. RAM parcel delivery can depend on the type of service the customer chooses:

  • Express Road XR: Express Road is estimated to be delivered within 1-2 days.
  • Or Economy Service: the Economy service can take between 2-4 days after the package has been left at the office.

Both of these services are available for shipments within the country and RAM Couriers tracking can be used for both. 
For international shipments, RAM has established a partnership with DHL Express that allows it to deliver to major cities in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the USA within 2-5 business days. It is important to mention that the RAM order tracking tool is available at all times to monitor packages.

Does RAM couriers deliver on weekends?

Usually, the company does not do RAM Couriers Saturday delivery. Saturdays and weekends are not business days for any type of delivery. However, if a customer requires an urgent delivery and it must be made on a weekend, a surcharge can be paid for the delivery to be made.
But the company is clear in stating that its normal operating days are Monday through Friday. Weekends are not delivery days. The only service available on weekends and holidays is RAM order tracking and all other services offered through the website. 
Similarly, customers can check the status of their package on weekends with RAM Couriers tracking numbers, just to be confident that the package has not gone astray, and that it will not make any updates until business days resume.

How expensive are RAM services?

The prices of RAM shipping and other services are based primarily on weight, but other factors must also be considered, such as whether it is a domestic or international delivery.
If it is an international delivery, another consideration is made for the zone, and if it is domestic, the pick-up point and the point where the product is delivered must be considered. 
However, RAM is known for offering quality services at affordable prices. You can contact RAM Couriers Contact number and request a quote for the service you require. You may have to provide some information, such as the city of origin, destination, weight, and dimensions of the package.
On the website, you can find the RAM Couriers Contact number and get in touch for any price, or you can also request any other information you require.

How do I contact RAM customer service?

There are different means you can use to contact RAM. First of all, you can communicate through the RAM Couriers Contact number which is visible on the homepage of the website, or if you prefer, you can use the contact section available on the same website.
In this customer service section, there is a form to be filled out in case you want to send a message to the company.
On the other hand, there is the RAM Couriers tracking section which you can use to track your package or in case you have lost the RAM Couriers tracking numbers you can call and request it.
Whether you have a question about RAM tracking or want to learn more about the rates and destinations RAM can reach, be sure to type in your details correctly and you will be receiving a response from RAM in no time. RAM is service-oriented, and its customer service is no exception in this case, in fact, it is one of their best tools.

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