Purolator tracking

Purolator tracking

In Canada, postal logistics services can be provided by several internationally recognized companies. In this particular case, we find Purolator, one of the longest-lived courier companies in the country and which has become a kind of national reference.

What is Purolator?

As mentioned above, Purolator is a privately owned company that handles courier and parcel delivery services. The company was established in 1960 in eastern Canada. However, Purolator Canada is not entirely a private company, as more than 90% of the company is owned by the government.
Although 90% of Purolator Canada is owned by the government, specifically Canada Post, the company has become a national benchmark for postal logistics and parcel delivery services. 
The company currently has more than 170 postal operations offices and 110 logistics and distribution centers. The company has thousands of employees working in all major regions of Canada.
Through a study, it is estimated that annually the company generates more than one billion in profits. This is thanks to the quality of its services, which are valued nationally for their efficiency. Among the most valued services is Purolator International, a few companies that handle international shipments.
Beyond postal services such as Purolator shipping, the company makes an effort to contribute to the social welfare of the country. Since the 2000s, the company has participated in charitable activities to help the neediest people in the country.
Through donations and feeding programs, the company has helped millions of people each year. Like other national companies, Purolator Canada is also dedicated to combating climate change and protecting the environment.

How do I track my Purolator package?

Purolator is one of the leading companies in parcel and mail logistics. This means that they have an extensive operational network to manage and control shipments throughout the national territory. For this reason, the Purolator tracking service has had good reviews from users for some years now.
Users can use the Purolator tracking service through three alternatives:

  • The first is to use the virtual tool found on the company's official website. In this virtual platform, users only have to enter the tracking number of the package or correspondence.
  • As a second alternative, users can also use the Purolator tracking service through the company's mobile application, which can be downloaded from the official website. The mobile app functions for both Android and iPhone and users can track shipments in a more detailed way.
  • Another solution is to use the Ship24 website that works as a universal tracking tool.

It is important to mention that users must obtain the Purolator tracking number to properly use the tracking service. The tracking number is sent by email and text message after the user has completed all the necessary steps.

What do Purolator tracking numbers start with?

As mentioned above, the Purolator tracking number is sent by email and text message once the user completes all the corresponding procedures with the shipping logistics.
Like other companies, the design of this tracking number is unique. The Purolator tracking number is composed of 3 alphabetic characters and 9 numeric characters. The characters are combined randomly, such as "KH934827495G".
On the other hand, tracking numbers are digitally recorded on packages for security purposes. In this way, the customer's data and the package or correspondences are protected. This is one of the reasons why the Purolator tracking Canada service is so highly valued by users.

How long does Purolator take to deliver?

Delivery time may vary depending on the destination and the type of shipment requested by the customer. With the express delivery service, the approximate delivery time is 24 hours. Also, with this service, users can decide whether the package should be delivered in the mornings or afternoons.
On the other hand, with the Purolator Ground service, users can send larger packages that can be delivered within 48 hours. However, packages can be delivered at the customer's preferred times, as well as on Saturdays.

What areas does Purolator deliver?

Users can also enjoy the services of Purolator International. The company can deliver internationally to more than 210 countries. Users can manage their shipments on every continent on the planet.
The Purolator shipping service to other countries is also integrated with the tracking service. In this way, users get details at all times about the shipment of their parcels or correspondence.

Does Purolator ship on weekends?

As mentioned above, the Purolator shipping service can operate on Saturdays, only if users choose the appropriate service type. Users must choose the "Purolator Ground" service to handle weekend shipments.

Are Purolator shipping fees expensive?

Like other companies, nationwide Purolator shipping rates may vary depending on the destination area. On average, the cost of shipping a package is no more than $3. With the "Purolator Ground" service, the approximate cost can exceed $5.00.
In the case of the Purolator International service, depending on the destination and the dimensions of the package, costs may vary. For shipments to the United-States, the approximate shipping cost is US$8. For shipments to South America, the approximate cost is US$10.
For shipments to Asia or Africa, the approximate cost is US$12 to US$14. For shipments to Europe, the approximate shipping cost is US$10. The type of service may also affect the cost of shipping.

How do I arrange my Purolator pick-up?

Users can manage the collection of their packages at any of Purolator offices. They only have to select the delivery method once the type of service has been chosen and all the logistic procedures have been completed.
This must be done through the company's official website. Likewise, users can also use this kind of service on Saturdays. This service is not only available in Canada but also in the United-States.

How do you call Purolator?

To contact customer service, you can call the official telephone (1-888-744-7123) numbers listed on the company's website (https://www.purolator.com/). Customer service is available every day. You can also contact us by email. 
Purolator is a company in continuous operational growth and constantly trying to innovate its services. For this reason, it is not only a reference in Canada, but it is also becoming a good alternative for those who live in the United-States.

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