Posta Uganda tracking

Posta Uganda tracking

What does Posta Uganda do?

Posta Uganda is the company with the largest and most important postal service network in Uganda. Through more than 300 offices that are distributed throughout the country, Posta Uganda can send packages and mail to more than 76 thousand mailboxes.
Posta Uganda has an important variety of services that are not limited to sending postal mail. Among those services we can mention the following; sending packages, money transfer internationally, Internet service, magazine and newspaper delivery services, telecommunications services, and public transport services through the Post Bus brand.
In recent years, Posta Uganda has made significant leaps in the quality of its services. In 2018, the company committed to improving the services offered to its customers through the application of state-of-the-art logistics and infrastructure methods. The company wishes to expand the catalog of its services and offer new resources or tools that can be useful to its clients and that meet their needs.
The company was founded in 1951 and was before known as Uganda Post Limited. In 1997, after Uganda Post Limited was divided, the company Posta Uganda was created. Currently, the company is valued at more than 30,000 Ush, whose conversion would be more than 6 thousand dollars. It is a state-owned company since the majority of the shares belong to the Ministry of Finance. For this reason, since its foundation, the company has never been privatized.
Posta Uganda has a close relationship with organizations in East African countries. It also has excellent contacts with those countries that belong to the UPU. For this reason, it is considered a company of great importance in the whole African continent. Currently, the company is committed to expanding its services throughout Africa, to offer the best postal services on the continent.
Posta Uganda estimates that by 2024 its telecommunication services will make a significant qualitative leap that will allow it to expand its office and postal service operations in other countries outside Africa.
Today, Posta Uganda and other major companies in Africa want to be at the forefront of sending and delivering parcels and mails. Posta Uganda also wants to become the epicenter of the continent for postal services.

How do I track my Uganda Post parcel?

The Posta Uganda parcel tracking can be done through all the offices that are distributed in all the main cities and towns of Uganda. Besides, users can track parcels in detail through the phone numbers or emails found on the company's official website.
Although Posta Uganda track and trace is a service that is somewhat limited, the Posta Uganda tracking ESM can be done on the online platform that can be found on the official website of Posta Uganda.
With the 13 digits Posta Uganda tracking number users can track their ESM packages in a detailed and accurate way through the website online system.

How do I ship from the US to Uganda?

Posta Uganda shipping from the United States to Uganda can be done through different shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS.
Posta Uganda has many international agreements with different transport companies from the United States and other countries that can ease the transport of packages from the United States to Uganda.
Once the package is approved by the relevant customs regulations and laws, Posta Uganda guarantees the delivery of any package in an efficient and reliable manner.
Besides, Posta Uganda offers delivery or shipping discounts for certain types of services. In those services of money large packages deliveries, the company may offer discounts to user's payment of delivery costs.

Where does Posta Uganda ship?

Posta Uganda shipping is available in all UPU countries. Also among the countries with which the company has the best agreements are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. Also, through Posta Uganda, users can send their postal mail and packages through transport companies such as UPS or DHL, which allows the packages to arrive safely and efficiently to their destinations.
With excellent agreements with countries that belong to the UPU, Uganda can send packages to any country in Africa. Besides, thanks to its telecommunications services, Posta Uganda can send to several countries in Asia such as China or India.

How long does it take to Posta Uganda to deliver?

El Posta Uganda delivery time can change due to several factors. Depending on the type of shipment, the type of service, the size and weight of the package, and the destination country where the package will be sent, the time users must wait for the package to be delivered may change.
Usually Posta Uganda delivery is very fast and efficient. In fact, international deliveries are usually very fast and reliable. In countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, or Germany, the delivery time can be between 3 to 6 working days. For these cases, users usually use express delivery services. Also, the delivery time at the national level is between 1 to 3 days, approximately.

How do I contact Posta Uganda?

The Posta Uganda contact can be made through various means that users can find on the official website of the company. Posta Uganda has different phone numbers and emails for each type of request clients may have.
Whether it is a request for consultation, a complaint about the status of packages, or employee misconduct, users can make their arrangements through the official website of Posta Uganda. Through the official accounts of Facebook or Twitter, users can access all important information about the company and also make certain inquiries about the process of sending and delivering the postal mail.
The company also provides the home addresses of all physical offices that are distributed in all cities and towns of Uganda. In the offices, users can also make all requests or claims for packages or mail that have been sent.
Besides, it is important to mention that on the website users can find a special section where they can give their opinions about the services offered by Posta Uganda.

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