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Is Posta Moldovei reliable? 

Posta Moldovei is the national courier and mail company of Moldavia. It was founded in April of 1993 as a result of the sparing of telecommunication and technology services from the courier services. This is a run-estate company that works under the rules of the government of Moldavia.
Posta Moldovei offers many different services; naturally, all of them mostly related to deliveries, shipments and courier as the essential Posta Moldovei track trace service. They also work with fintech, business solutions, financial services, and some others. The company has many offices spread in all the Moldavian territory.
Posta Moldovei is responsible for printing the official Moldavian stamps. The first number of stamps was released in the year of 1991 celebrating the formal independence of Moldavia. Since the year 2005, the company works under the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, so they manage all the operations and offices, controlling the national and international deliveries.
Posta Moldovei services are supported by many different countries all over the world. They ensure the integrity of the shipment by applying strict security and quality controls in their deliveries. Packages are closely monitored from the arrival moment to the delivery time and confidentiality for the content of every Posta Moldovei package is ensured.
No one different from the sender and receiver, depending on the case, will know what is on the parcel. Besides, the Posta Moldovei shipping fees include the insurance of the parcel in case of accidents, delays, robbery, or some other eventualities.
Posta Moldovei holds the package for two days after the delivery. At that moment, the client gets notified by SMS with a secret code that he can use in order to go and take the package. All the parcels are delivered to one of the company’s official postal offices.

How do I track a package from Posta Moldovei?

When the sender leaves the package in the Posta Moldovei courier office, workers set the Posta Moldovei tracking number for that parcel. It is a process that they carry out for every single shipment, because it allows them to register all the information of the sender and receiver, along with other data like travel route, estimated delivery time, delivery address, fees, type of product, among many others.
The Posta Moldovei tracking and shipping process starts with the registration of the user in the website of Posta Moldovei. After signing up, the receiver registers the source of the shipment, whether it is an online shop or a particular shipment. Hence, the user must set the post-terminal that is closer to him, so he can easily take on his package.
Then, the web page provides the customer with the tracking number, so he can put it on the track and trace Posta Moldovei section in the webpage. There, the platform is going to show all the status of the parcel.

Does Posta Moldovei deliver internationally?

The Posta Moldovei delivery service covers the whole Moldavian territory thanks to its postal offices and its quick transportation system. They send and receive shipments of every single city of the national territory. Of course, Posta Moldovei sets some conditions for the packages. These terms apply for whether national or international deliveries.
Posta Moldovei also offers international shipments, regarding European and continental deliveries. The International EMS services are available for everyone to send and receive packages from the Moldavian territory. Besides, there are some other delivery systems that ensure international shipments. The web page of the Moldavian post provides detailed information about all the terms and conditions that are required in order to work with outlander services.

How long does it take for Posta Moldovei to deliver?

The delivery time for packages sent by the Moldavia courier service is more likely to be quick. The response time is mostly fast, and better than other national courier companies. However, delivery periods are strictly determined by all the elements within the parcel. The weight, the size, the type of product, the destiny area, and some others are the ones that set the price of the shipment.
National deliveries don’t take so much time. The usual period goes up to three working days, but of course, it can be fewer depending again on the characteristics of the parcel. On the other hand, international services usually take from 8 to 21 days to deliver, whether the client is sending or receiving from Moldavia.

What are the Posta Moldovei shipping costs?

The company calculates the Posta Moldovei shipping fees in the same way they make the estimations for shipping time. The company considers all the elements included in the package. As before, they regard the weight, the size, the distance from sender to receiver, the type of service (EMS is more expensive rather than common mail service), and some other elements. 
A national shipment means lower costs because of factors related to distance and taxes. Anyhow, these national deliveries go from $1 or its equivalent in national currency, up to $2.38. Those fees include insurance guarantee in case of any eventuality like accidents, robberies, natural diseases, and some other.
International deliveries are a little bit more expensive than national services. It is because an international shipment means the payment of customs, import, and/or export taxes. The prices can easily reach $200, again, depending on the characteristics of the shipment.
One thing to consider is that the international service divides into European shipments and global destinies, which also influences the final cost of the delivery.

How do I contact Posta Moldovei?

The company’s official web page provides all the Posta Moldovei contact information that the user may require. The email address is available for more formal letters of complaint, claims, doubts, and others.
In addition, there is a quicker contacting method, because the email way can take a time to get a response. The Posta Moldovei call center works 24/7 in order to receive calls from customers. All the workers are willing to effectively solve the client’s concerns.

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